A Fashionable Fiasco (Hot Damned Series, #12)

A Fashionable Fiasco (Hot Damned Series, #12)

by Robyn Peterman

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It's not nice to mess with Mother Nature. Really, it's not.

This is simply not my week. Finding out I can't cook is appalling. My luncheon with the big-boned Immortal socialites went to Hell in a handbasket. I've been hoping to join the Fearsome Five and make it the Psycho Six. However, the chances of that happening now are looking slim. Of course, I could force my way in since I'm Mother freakin' Nature, but I want to be accepted for being me and—because I'm fabulous.

It's bad enough my two sons, God and Satan, are driving me to crazy town while my best friend, Mr. Rogers, is riding in the backseat having a breakdown. It's definitely not a beautiful day in the neighborhood of Purgatory…

God has taken up softball and is impossible to get ahold of just when I need to chat with him about the impending end of the world.

And Satan. Satan has agreed to grocery shop with me so I don't show up at his next poker game in Hell and pole dance. See I'm certain if I find the famous chef Betsy Cocker and learn to cook I can halt the end times. According to the Internet, she resides in aisle three.

What I really want is to be left alone with Bill—the love of my Immortal life. And for the world to not come to a cataclysmic and fiery end because that is unacceptable. God tells me the end times aren't on his schedule, but the strange days afoot and the physical changes in Bill tell me otherwise.

And I would know. Normally, I create all the strange days.

There is no storm strong enough to defeat me. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm Mother Nature. I am the mother humpin' storm.

And it's not over until I say it's over.

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BN ID: 2940163719624
Publisher: Robyn Peterman
Publication date: 08/03/2019
Series: Hot Damned Series , #12
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 506
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A Fashionable Fiasco (Hot Damned Series, #12) 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous 6 days ago
I loved this book. lots of laughs. Awesome series. can never have enough books
Izzybear 9 days ago
It really hasn’t been that long since the last book but I really missed this family. They’re kind of dysfunctional but they are all big hearted, loyal and fun. They’re always there for each other too. From the moment I began reading I was totally captivated by Gigi’s story. I was on the edge of my seat trying to figure out what was coming. I also laughed so much throughout her story. After a long day this was the perfect book to read.
LisaS0 9 days ago
This has got to be the best, funniest and action-filled story that Robyn has ever written. It is so filled with action that it is hard to review it without giving anything away! Mother Nature has a problem to solve and no idea how to do it. Her team consists of her husband Bill (who isn’t who everyone thinks he is), her insane friends, her feuding offspring, Fate, some fiery gnomes and Fred Rogers. Pandemonium ensues and a wonderful time is had by all. That is if they can prevent the world from ending. This is a must-read for Hot Damned fans and anyone who loves Robyn Peterman!
Lit_Litehosue 10 days ago
I got to pick this book up when I needed it most let me tell you. Robyn Peterman is a favorite author of mine and my go to author when I need to read something that will make me laugh and Mother Nature's story has been so long in coming it seems like. I devoured this book and laughed my way through the pages. You couldn't get a more famous cast of characters if you tried, even Mr. Rogers made an appearance :D I loved the silliness and the story was just crazy enough to drag me in too... OMG Jim-Bob Bob Bob.... who else but Ms Peterman would have a character as outrageous as he..
Vicki101370 10 days ago
In book 12 of the Hot Damned series, we finally get Mother Natures story - and it was SO worth the wait! In A Fashionable Fiasco, we get inside the mind of the mother of two of the most powerful beings in existence, God and Satan, and learn more about her mate, the adorably cuddly Sprite, Bill, and their eternal love story. When Gaia is visited in her sleep and learns that the fate of the world rests on her shoulders, she is on a mission that involves both of her sons, trips to the grocery store, kidnapping, and a posse of older than dirt supernaturals whose minds are just as warped as Mother Nature herself. I laughed SO much reading this story. I was completely invested. The dynamics of the relationships of God and Satan were amazing - the epitome of sibling rivalry playing out on the pages in the most hilarious manner. Fashionable Fiasco is a stellar addition to the series. I sure hope we get God's story one day. Just sayin'.
Howard_L 10 days ago
Let me start out in a little unusual way for me about a Robyn Peterman book – I did not like it when I started it. It could be that Gaia is not my favorite character in this series. In fact, she is my least favorite so I started at a disadvantage. Then the initial silliness with her and Bill did absolutely nothing for me. Nada. Zero. You’ve heard the say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” haven’t you? Well there is also one that says “Don’t judge a book by its first chapter or two” or at least there should be. But then you’ve probably figured out that something happened since I gave it 5 stars? Yep, some of the rest of the “characters” got involved and things improved dramatically. And the story line got going. And… well, you get the point. “Fiasco” turned into “just another” Robyn Peterman book and that is to say – a great read. These books are just flat out fun and entertaining and fast reads. The story? What can I say? There’s sex but not porn. There’s violence but mostly funny. There are lots of crazy people here and the Psycho Six enters the picture. I wonder if they’ll be permanent? Probably. And you learn more about previous characters. What’s really here? Laughs! Humor! Adult Humor! And a fun time and even funnier if you’re a regular with this series! All-in-all, a solid 5 stars. Or maybe 6. Definitely not 10 stars. Oh yeah, we only have 5 stars. Well it deserves all 5 of them! Enjoy!
nancywege 11 days ago
Gaia (Mother Nature) finally gets her own story, and it is excellent! All Hell’s breaking loose (sorry Satan), and she is the only one who can fix it. Hopefully it doesn’t involve her cooking skills (or lack thereof)! Astrid, Bill, God, Satan, and Elle all make appearances to help the most fabulous being ever. We meet the Fearsome Five – hopefully soon to be the Psycho Six. We meet Jim Bob Bob-Bob and Betsy Cocker, and Gaia finally acknowledges that she cannot cook anything and have it come out edible. I loved this book! I know I always say the latest one is my favorite, but this one really is incredible. The sheer number of feels is astounding! You go from laughing out loud (and getting strange looks), to the sweetest of heart-melting scenes. I love that we hear what’s going on in Mother Nature’s own voice, and get a peek into her questionable mind. Will Gaia be able to save the world? Or will the end times come ahead of schedule? Most importantly – will she be able to save her heart? It is not essential to read the preceding books in the series, but it definitely helps you understand the paths that have been traveled to reach this point, and to understand where the characters are and how they got there. A trip to the grocery store will never be the same…
fcheavenly 12 days ago
Overall rating: 5 If you follow this series, then you already know to expect your cheeks to ache and your gut to hurt from hysterical adult humor, and I highly emphasize ADULT ( totally not meant for the easily offended reader). Expect poo slinging. Each book can be read as a stand-alone, and each book will make you yearn to read the rest anyways. Mother Nature takes center stage in this book, and believe me when I say, she is not your typical. Eat with caution at her table, and definitely do not get on the bad side of her or her two sons! This author has made me a fan of snarkiness blended with the magical and mysterious! Fantasy doesn’t always have to be heavy and a smattering of comic relief here and there does a reader good! All my reviews are always voluntarily written