A Finder's Fee (Missing Pieces Mystery Series #5)

A Finder's Fee (Missing Pieces Mystery Series #5)

by Joyce Lavene, Jim Lavene
4.6 6

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A Finders Fee 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Justpeachy1 More than 1 year ago
Mayor Dae O'Donnell is once again up to her ears in trouble in the latest Missing Pieces mystery from Joyce and Jim Lavene. This writing duo has produced some great cozy mysteries over the years and A Finder's Fee does not disappoint. Readers will enjoy the psychic abilities of the lead character as well as a ghostly presence in this one. A witch from the 1700's is tapping Dae's ability to find missing things and this time it's not car keys or a missing piece of jewelry. It's her bones! Readers will love the campaign trail with Dae and the gang from Duck, North Carolina as the election looms and her opponent might be the murderer! A Finder's Fee is a great addition to the Missing Pieces mystery series. Husband and wife writing duo, Joyce and Jim Lavene have found a good niche with these psychic related cozies. I like the fact that Dae's abilities are a bit uncommon even in the psychic community. She can find things. Your every day items as well as long lost heirlooms, but this gift usually leads her to murder. The Lavene's use humor and wit to bring A Finder's Fee to life. The townspeople from Duck are quite eccentric and some are even every bit as psychic as Dae herself. The dialogue is always comical and gives a lighthearted feel to the story. This is just one of the ingredients that make this a great series. The addition of witch Maggie Madison to this installment in the series will provide a lot of fun moments for the reader. Maggie seems to take over Dae's personality at the oddest of moments and provides humorous, as well as, frightening moments. I liked the fact that through Maggie and the rescue of her bones, readers are able to learn more about the past of several of Duck's inhabitants, including Dae's opponent for the upcoming election, Mad Dog and Dae's grandfather. The back story in these novels is always interesting and informative. It gives a lot of credibility to the story and engages the readers interest. Finding a skeleton in a race car, might seem a little odd to some readers, but it's typical of this quaint little North Carolina town. Duck is fun place to be and readers will find themselves wishing they were citizens in this very eclectic place. Townspeople like Kevin and Shayla, Dae's friends and partners in crime, have become like old friends to readers of the series and it's always fun to go back and visit them. But new additions to the series are always appearing. The Lavene's know how to keep the readers interested and turning those pages. The mystery aspect of this one was well thought out and planned. Each clue was positioned to take the reader off on a different tangent. Keeping the killer elusive, but right in front the reader as well. I like the fact that Joyce and Jim Lavene tantalize the reader by keeping the murderer just out of site until the end. I had some trouble figuring this one out until the last couple of chapters. I finally settled on who I thought it was and ended up being wrong. LOL! It happens. This is a great addition to the series and readers will be left wanting more.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
In an entertaining but errie case, Dae wars with the spirit inside her while trying to solve a 40 year old murder. Maggie was killed when her home collapsed on her during a stuorm, and more than any thing, she wants to have a decent burial and lay beside her pirate husband. In trying to excavate Maggie's house, Dae and friends discover the corpse of a long dead drag racer in his opponent's car. Now Dae will have to solve the murder while locating Maggie's sweetie's burial plot. Well wtitten and well paced
TessT More than 1 year ago
I cannot give enough praise to Joyce and Jim Lavene regarding this book. Without a doubt it is the best book I have read so far this year. I hated to see it end, and kept hoping for so many thing to happen now, but I finally realized that if they included everything I wanted to know about, there would be no more books.  Reconnecting with Dae and Kevin is always a pleasure, and I am a huge fan of Gramps. Was very glad to meet Shayla's grandmother in this one. I love the way that our senior citizens are woven into the Lavene's books. After reading all the books in this series, I feel as if I know all the townfolk in Duck, and think that I would like to live there and become one of them.  I can't think of enough words to tell you all how I felt about this book, but just a few are amazed, delighted, excited, and always grateful, for having the friendship of the Lavenes, through social networking, and for the chance to review their wonderful books. 
chefdt More than 1 year ago
A Finder's Fee is the fifth book in the A Missing Pieces Mystery series. Another delightful book from the Lavene's The election is just around the corner and Mayor Dae O'Donnell is has been missing for three days. It seems that Dae's father had sent her an amber necklace and when she put it on, she met the original owner, Maggie, who lived during the late 1700's. But for Maggie to rest in peace, she wants to be buried next to her lover and asks Dae's helping in making this happen. The problem that Dae faces is not knowing exacting where Maggie's bones or those of her lover are. Dae soon finds that Maggie house was located where the new Town Hall is being built. With the help of Kevin they begin excavating one evening and before they can find Maggie's bones, they find an old race car with a body in it. Unfortunately the car was her opponents, Mad-Dog, car. He hadn't seen it since the evening of the crash with Lightning Joe. As it turns out the body in the car is Lightning Joe. More disturbing to Dae is that there is the possibility that her grandfather or the current sheriff might have something to do with the burying of the car. Time is definitely of the essence with election coming up soon. Red-Dog's supporters are saying that Dae made this discovery so that she could be assured of being reelected. Most of the characters from previous books are back to help Dae sort through the case Lightning Joe's murder. And Maggie is an enjoyable addition, what with her speaking her mind through Dae's mouth. Definitely looking forward to reading about the next adventure in Duck, NC.
Kuzlin More than 1 year ago
A Finder's Fee is the fifth book in this particular series, involving the residents of Duck, North Carolina, in particular, Mayor Dae O'Donnell, who has a knack for finding lost items. This time, she is seeking the bones of Maggie Madison, long dead, whose spirit is now sharing Dae's body. But while searching for her bones, she discovers a buried wrecked race car, complete with the skeleton of the long missing Lightning Joe Walsh. And the most likely murder suspect turns out to be her rival in the current mayoral campaign. Can she solve this murder mystery before the election and will she ever be able to give Maggie's spirit the peace it needs? I found this to be an enjoyable read with action that quickly moved along. Although I had not read other books in this series, there was enough background description provided to enable me to become familiar with all the regulars. I am looking forward to the next book in this series, especially after the teaser provided at the end of the story. Disclosure: I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for a fair review.