A Forgotten Truth: A Spiritual Vision for Modern Man

A Forgotten Truth: A Spiritual Vision for Modern Man

by D. M. A. Leggett, M. G. Payne


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Peter Leggett also known by his nom de plume D. M. A. Leggett, studied applied mathematics at Trinity College, Cambridge, and subsequently dedicated his career to higher education. His positions included Principal of Battersea College of Technology and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Surrey. He also had a lifelong interest in the paranormal.

In this book the author makes a case for life after death and reincarnation. Using the logic of a mathematician Leggett develops a spiritual framework - a personal philosophy - as he delves into the paranormal, Hindu, Buddhist and Christian scriptures, Hermetic traditions and psychical research. The results are both compelling and convincing.

"So far as we know, Man is the only species that is deliberately creating conditions which could bring about his own extinction. The fossil record shows that life has taken many forms during the thousands of millions of years of its evolving manifestations on this planet. Many of these forms have flourished for a while and then become extinct. It seems as though a life force is experimenting with types of expression appropriate to the conditions here and has made many false starts. Could mankind be yet another?"

"This book gives a provisional answer. That answer is YES -unless he wakes up in time to change course."

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Publication date: 03/14/2016
Pages: 194
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