A Fraternity Gunslingers: True Stories of Wild West Gunmen

A Fraternity Gunslingers: True Stories of Wild West Gunmen

by C. R. King

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Gunslingers were born out of the Civil War. They were men who had learned to shoot, to kill other men, and were good at it. The country was in turmoil, many had no home to go back to--their farms and ranches were in ruin--so they took on jobs as hired hands, cow drovers, police officers, and gamblers. These men often crossed the line, at will, between law and crime. This line was so blurred that a professional gunslinger often found himself enforcing the law one month, and breaking the law the next.
The Wild West was really about commerce, making money. The bottom line was to earn a living and get as much as you could for yourself. While the occupation of these men varied--they were miners, hunters, retailers, gamblers, and even leeches (thieves and killers)--they had a common ground: nerves of steel and the ability to handle a weapon. Although they often ran in packs, few lived much beyond their early years. Those that did, such as Bat Masterson and Wyatt Earp, were the most deadly, the most nervy, the most intelligent, and the most lucky.
We have all seen movies about the most famous of the gunslingers, but there were other brave men, and even women, whose deeds are all but forgotten. Their stories need to be told with accuracy--these stories of men who were outlaws, men who crossed over and became lawmen, and men who crossed the line at will.
Each chapter will be dedicated to a gunslinger, describing an incident from his life, such as a shoot out, or providing a synopsis of their career.

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About the Author

C.R.King has worked in the Broadcast industry most of his adult life. A father of two beautiful daughters, now grown and a avid student of American History. He spent most of his life working, raising a family, involved in community affairs putting his one passion aside until a few years back. King has had in several articles published in historical journals and magazines but has had a desire to share his knowledge with the general public in a format that is a pleasing and easy to read with out all of the end notes that his articles normally have but to include as much factual data without the mundane.
His interested in history, started at a young age, researching all aspect of American history. He has honed in on the ‘Wild West’. Television shows such as Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, Tombstone, Wagon Train, Rawhide, and Gunsmoke which captured my attention, but were just the tip of the iceberg. Motion pictures—with stars such as Glenn Ford, John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Randolph Scott, Burt Lancaster, and Clint Eastwood—were also major influences, allowing my imagination to go wild.
But soon television and movies weren’t enough. He developed a thirst for the truth, going to the library to check out biographies on a host of outlaws among these Billy the Kid, Wild Bill Hickok, and Jesse James. However these biographies did not quench my thirst for the truth, as they were more about the legend rather than reality. The story tellers glossed over the truth, and the portrayals of these men were romanticized, not real.

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