A future together

A future together

by Laurent Paul Sueur


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The history of mankind does not exist yet; what is written in your history books is the history of barbarity. At night, I keep closing my eyes to picture the primeval times. I see a man set his hand on a rock face and blow paint; the trace he leaves behind him is the signature of a fearful creature who does not understand he will never own nature, for nature belongs to nature. I see an Egyptian scribe carve a hieroglyph in a stone; he thinks there is no difference between the word and the reality it depicts. Actually, I know that ancient men were not intelligent people. Of course they did not possess the weapons that are turning almost all our teenagers into mass murderers, the apostles of their satanic parents. My eyes that keep looking at our time's agony have almost forgotten the saints they used to crucify. Were their nails more civilized than our knives? I guess no. But time has passed and my books are faded. When I open my eyes, I close the books, but I still see Roman coliseums and dilapidated cities: the bony remains of our ancestors' savagery. Our world does not come from nowhere; it is the result of an everlasting social malfunction. In fact, each generation reinvents the wheel. In other words, the social restlessness relies on the mental features of individuals. The leaders and those who make the rules are neither mature nor reasonable enough to lessen the death drives of the youngsters and immature people. Those individuals often take the lead, which makes us feel that history keeps saying the same thing and keeps showing the same people committing the same crimes. It is time to break the curse and create a new social organization, for if humanity does not become more reasonable, there will be no better future, and no future at all!

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ISBN-13: 9781722805944
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/12/2018
Pages: 46
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