A Girl Called Malice (Facing the Music, Book 2)

A Girl Called Malice (Facing the Music, Book 2)

by Aurelia B. Rowl

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It’s not easy being the Queen Bee. Alice Taylor should know.You know that girl. The one that the whole school’s social life seems to revolve around. Alice used to be that girl until she decided to quit sixth form college. Suddenly her ‘friends’ aren’t so interested in following her around and her attention-grabbing behaviour is about to get her kicked out of home. With nowhere to go and no one to turn to, her world starts spiralling seriously out of control.Only new friend Zac Newton seems to believe in her. Lifeguard and poolside hottie, Zac is quite literally her lifesaver. But then, he’s never met ‘Malice’, her mean-girl alter ego, and Alice wants to keep it that way. She knows this is her last chance for a fresh start until her past catches up with her at the worst possible moment.As everything Alice has worked towards comes crashing down around her, she realises that the hardest thing of all is being yourself…

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ISBN-13: 9781474007559
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 10/03/2014
Series: Facing the Music , #2
Sold by: HarperCollins Publishers
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 304
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

Aurelia B. Rowl lives on the edge of the Peak District in the UK with her understanding husband, their two fantastic children and their mad rescue mutt. She regularly wows them with her curious, hastily thrown together meals whenever she gets too caught up with her latest writing project… or five!… and has developed the fine art of ignoring the housework.

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A Girl Called Malice (Facing the Music, Book 2) 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
CharlotteLynnsReviews More than 1 year ago
Everyone knows that girl.  The one who everyone loves to hate.  Everyone wants to be friends with, even if they only want to be friends so they are safe from her claws.    Even when I didn’t agree with what she did or how she reacted to something, I could understand her twisted logic and hope that it worked out for her.   I enjoyed watching her realize that who she was is not who she wants to be.    When she met Zac, her eyes were snapped wide open and she knew she had to change.    I love Zac.  He knew who Alice was and how she was.    He also knew that she could be a  better person than she was.   His patience and understand was beyond that of any normal man.   He knew that if he rushed her or pushed her she would fall back into Malice and he would lose her forever.    I did not read the first book in this series but did not feel that I was missing out on anything.   The story was fun to read and relatable.   While not everyone wants to change who they are,  it shows that it is possible.    I will recommend this book.  This is not the story of young love and happy ever afters.  This is the story of a young woman working to become a better person and finding the person who can make her better.  
naturalbri More than 1 year ago
The Story: Not all people are exactly as they seem. Alice, otherwise known as Malice, is a prime example of this.  She has spent her whole school life convincing others that she was the Queen Bee, thus earning her (well-deserved) nickname. She has terrorised the school, pupils and teachers alike - has hopped from private school to private school, finally landing in her last - where she dropped out of college.  Alice just doesn't seem to have a lot going for her, but she is top of the school food chain. Now one questions Alice, especially after what she did to 'Virginia' last term. Soon, Alice starts to see just how true her friends are to her, after a jig and a few happy squeals, not meant for her to see. She wonders if she's just caused another train-wreck in the pile-up that is her life.  Finally, after learning to hate her, for the bully to appears to be, we see Malice drop the mask, and become Alice - the real Alice.  Life is not always what it seems.  Can Alice stick to her real self, or will Malice come out to play - to hide her real feelings.  It's hard not to don a mask, when your life is crumbling round you. Perhaps and old enemy can help bring her to the light. Maybe Alice can make a split from Malice. Or maybe some masks are just meant to stay in place.  Let's hope Alice can learn to stop switching her blue eyes on.  My Thoughts: This book was very emotional for me. I was genuinely hooked from the first page. As with another book I have reviewed, The Death of a Poet by N Quentin Woolf, this book delves into the life of a young girl, the kind of life no one would ever want to live. I found it heart-wrenching and emotional because I know first-hand that a life can be lived this way - always donning a mask to convince others you are better than you are (or in Alice's case to become what she believed was stronger) and to keep people at so far a distance they can never hurt you.  Just as Alice started to recognise, the mask may be a great way to hide your inner turmoil from others, but it definitely doesn't keep you from getting hurt. On the contrary, you find yourself completely alone and hurting more than ever. However, just like Alice, sometimes the mask is the only thing you know. It is the survival instinct you have been given (perhaps not one you even want to do, but are forced to) and you have to stick to it.  Just like Alice, a lot of people, especially young people, in this situation feel trapped. when someone does get close enough to find out who they really are, to see into their real lives, they often either don't believe, blame the victim or think the victim is crazy/deluded/depressed for no reason. They don't stop to take into account what is really happening around them and the victim is made out to be the predator.  Very similar to the situation I know, the parents were the cause for the turmoil. Just like Alice, they had ripped apart and ruined any semblance of a life the poor girl could ever wish to have. She is left alone, no longer able to trust, no longer able to love and afraid to show anyone who she really is. This makes it very hard for the person to make friends, making the pain even worse. Just like Alice, the person tends to blame themselves for all the problems, believing that they have brought it on themselves.  I was very glad to see Alice had the strength to persevere.  She was on a destructive path, but she continued to fight for her life. She knew she was being destructive and wanted to change it. She was so lucky to have met and understanding and caring friend, who could help her through it all.  Seeing Alice open up to friendship, herself and love was amazing. She grew tenfold, as a girl/woman, the moment she left her bad situation and started her life fresh. (I think this happens to a lot of people in this situation, who manage to get out. They need to get out and start fresh, often somewhere new)  I know Alice was the bully, but I love that this story opens us up to idea that not all bullies really want to be what they are. Not all of them actually enjoy bullying others. I don't condone bullying at all, but this book really opens the eyes to seeing what is really inside someone. Perhaps, just like Alice, it can lead to a friendship that was never expected, just like her and 'Virginia.'  I loved everything about this story. It had the turmoil, emotion and gritty sense of self-destruction that I have seen in cases just like this. It has the emotional roller coaster of a self-exploration and sudden rebirth. It hits every emotion to a T and really does make you feel the emotion with Alice. I found myself, on more than one occasion, either tearful or ready to spit fire with my anger. I thought the characters had depth and they responded to situations in ways that I would expect from the characters. The pace of the book was perfect, as it was a slightly slower pace - allowing the full detail and emotion of each event to really hit home, without them the story would have been lost.  OVERALL: I HIGHLY recommend this book. Though, I admit, that my falling head over heals for this book may be linked to my personal experience with similar situations, it is a book that, if you open up to it and the emotion/turmoil within, you can really feel what it is like to be an outcast, to not love yourself and have to start over. It is heart-wrenching, heart-warming and blood boiling, all the way until the last page.  Do to the nature and content of the book, I would say it is only appropriate for upper aged YA and adults, but it is a book that you need to stick with until that last page, even if you don't understand where Alice is coming from. It really is an absolutely brilliant read. 
iheartyabooks More than 1 year ago
I met Alice in the first book Popping the Cherry, which is Lena and Jake's story. Alice is the girl I and readers love to hate. Alice was the thorn in Lena's side, the mean girl of the school, and she had her mean girl sights on destroying Lena. But now we get to discover the truth behind Alice's mean girl persona...and it's not a pretty one. As much as I disliked Alice in the first book, I loved her in this one. To finally see the reason why Alice is so mean and who's the thorn in Alice's side. Even though Alice is wild and promiscuous, she is tough! I really do love a strong heroine and malice Alice is definitely my kind of bad girl heroine. Especially for what she has endure in her life. I loved getting inside Alice's head and being able to understand how she worked. Alice is also at a point in her life that she’s tired of being fake. She’s had to protect herself by being heartless, and uses the mean girl act to shield her heart from the hurt that turned her into somebody she does not want to be any longer. Now, she’s ready to become the real Alice. But can she? I also met Zac in the first book. OMG, how I love this guy. He's gorgeous, swoon worthy and has the most beautiful and caring heart ever. And yes, it’s going to take a wonderful guy like Zac to see the good in Alice the malice. I will admit that the first book broke my heart for Zac. But now I get see my good guy Zac finish first. And truly, Alice is the right girl for Zac. A Girl Called Malice is a companion book to Popping the Cherry, so it can be read as a standalone, but I would recommend you read the first book so you’ll get all of Alice and Zac's story. I do have to mention Alice and Zac's romance, it's intense, sizzling hot and a beautiful swoon worthy, happily ever after that had me saying, Oh, heck yeah, it's time Zac gets the girl. I highly recommend A Girl Called Malice in the Popping the Cherry series as a must read.
bouncyberthaCR More than 1 year ago
4 - For one night only, could the real Alice Taylor please step forward. Stars. It has taken me a while to read this book, and that is not due to it being poorly written, far from it. I have struggled with the storyline itself. Having read and loved Popping the Cherry I was interested to see how Aurelia would tell Alice’s story, and it is a much darker and emotive tale. In PtC, she was the character you hated, the bully, the belittler, the ring-leader, I didn’t have much sympathy for her when she got her comeuppance, and seeing behind the mask of a bully, usually turns out to be enlightening. Putting other people down gave me a back-handed boost. This is one of those books you need to persevere with, Alice for the first 40-50% seems to bumble from one car crash too the next. The glimmers of the person she could be only really shine through when she is spending time with a little boy called Charlie (can’t say too much as it would be a bit spoilery), the rest of the time she is still pretty abhorrent, there is an underlying reason for it though, and it becomes more and more apparent as the book progresses. From the person she portrays to her peers, to the person she actually is and wants to be, there are glaring differences, and I loved Zac, he definitely bought out the best in Alice, and even when she was at her worst her tried to do right by her. This isn’t an easy book to read some of the time, Alice’s current and early life isn’t a pretty one, but Aurelia has written the story so well, that you get involved, even when you hate something she does, you can see her twisted reasoning behind it. She is a product of her upbringing in a way, and although certainly abhorrent in a lot of her actions, she is also an underdog, and we all like to root for one of those now don’t we. Stick with this one, you will find it is worth it in the end. ARC generously provided via Netgalley in exchange for the above honest review.
MHUTCHINSON More than 1 year ago
Where do I even begin??? This book is so well written and I absolutely loved it!! I could not put it down once I got started on it!! I love how we get to see Alice go through all the different stages that some young girls fight with on a daily basis. To see Alice overcome her obstacle and to have such a good guy stand by her and never give up on her was such a warm fuzzy feeling. I love the HEA that this book ends with. I was honestly sad to see this book end!! Hope that there are going to be more in this series!! Thanks for another great read Aurelia!! I am hooked!! Why