A Glimpse Through the Window of My Soul: My Life's Journey Through the Art of Poetry

A Glimpse Through the Window of My Soul: My Life's Journey Through the Art of Poetry

by Precious Miriam Babalola- LaFleur


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A Glimpse Through the Window of My Soul: My Life's Journey Through the Art of Poetry by Precious Miriam Babalola- LaFleur

A Glimpse Through The Window Of My Soul will take you on a journey of love, self worth, to finding peace and happiness within yourself. It looks into the many issues of our world today through Christian eyes, and allows the reader to reevaluate their own lives.

A Glimpse Through the Window Of My Soul encourages readers to stop and think about the roads they have traveled in life. It helps them to understand that the choices they make affects not only them, but society and the world. It also lets them know that it is never too late to change course by looking at some of the life lessons that the author has learned. Read and be blessed as you embark with her on this whimsical journey.

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ISBN-13: 9781491822210
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 10/26/2013
Pages: 52
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.12(d)

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A Glimpse Through The Window Of My Soul

My Life's Journey Through The Art Of Poetry

By Precious Miriam Babalola-Lafleur, David N. Lewis


Copyright © 2013 Precious Miriam Babalola-Lafleur
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4918-2221-0



    The Honorable James David Manning

    The Honorable James David Manning has taught me so many
    Among many, how to speak, walk, and even sing.
    He has instilled in me things I wish I knew as a child.
    So that in the presence of others I won't run wild.

    The Honorable James David Manning is my spiritual father and
    truth seeker.
    May I also add that he is a prolific teacher.
    He is very knowledgeable in every topic known to man.
    If anyone can pray, he can.

    Nothing less than righteousness is what he demands.
    To obey the word of Jesus is what he commands.
    He does not teach what is popular, he teaches what is right.
    He only does what is good in the Lord's sight.

    This is why he often stands alone.
    Your foolish ways he would never condone.
    The Lord is the only one he would ever obey.
    He preaches against wickedness and every false way.

    With the voice of a trumpet he cries out in the wilderness:
    It's through him that the Lord speaks.
    No, he is not weak; it's Jesus that he seeks.

    He has taught me to be the same way.
    No he does not play.
    The world needs to listen to what he has to say ...

    The Wonderful Elizabeth Sarah Manning

    I am the woman that I am today because of The Wonderful
    Elizabeth Sarah Manning.
    She is one of the main reasons why I am still standing.
    She stands proudly by the side of her husband, and always does
    what is right.
    I believe that she is the best woman on Earth in the Lord's sight.

    Elder Manning is very dear to me.
    In a marriage, obedient and humble is what a woman should be.
    Which is one of the many things she has taught me.
    I have also watched her lead faithfully.

    In the worst of circumstances Elder Manning is very warm and
    I believe it is because she has a strong mind.
    She and Honorable Manning make the perfect union.
    Elder Manning is sweet and Hon. Manning is stern there is no

    It is rare to find someone who leads by example and don't have to
    say a word.
    When she does speak her words are true and soothing like that of a
    humming bird.
    In many ways she reminds me of myself, yet she's who I want to
    After speaking to her, she makes me happy to be me!

    Isaiah Solomon Sr.

    Though we got off to a rocky start,
    the Lord told me that you have His heart.
    He spoke these same words to David the king.
    Now I am wearing your ring.
    I just noticed that He gave you the name of His son.
    I am so glad that you are the one ...
    That the Lord has chosen for me.
    In your arms is where I want to be. Sometimes I ponder what my
    life would be without you.
    It would probably turn my skies from bright blue.
    In my future I only see you.
    I know that you feel the same way too.
    The way God brought us together is different from any love story I
    Which is why I'm confident that God said we should be so.
    I'm so glad that you are in my life.
    I strive to be the perfect wife.
    I want to be everything that you need and desire,
    and make sure that our love is hot like fire.
    You encourage me to be all that I can be.
    No, not by joining the army!
    But by being who God has called me to be.
    That is very important to me.
    It feels very good to know that God has called us for one another.
    For He knows us like no other.
    Sometimes I feel as though our marriage was arranged.
    I know it may sound strange.
    God knew what I needed in a husband and He chose you.
    He found what you needed in me too!

    Precious Miriam Babalola-Lafleur

    Zipporah Asenath and Glory Ephratah
    It is weird to think of another being living inside of you.
    Every month that goes by, you learn something new.
    Though at times they cause me stress,
    I will continue to say that I am blessed ...
    to have them in my life.
    They give me so much joy and laughter.
    I pray that a Godly life is what they will seek after.
    As they grow I see more of their personality.
    A godly mother is what I strive to be.

    I strive to be a good role model to my daughters.
    I pray that their lives will not go to the slaughter.
    I pray that they will become beautiful, honorable and respectable
    While displaying a massive amount of discipline.
    I pray that they will know the value of hard work,
    And that they will not end up with some jerk!

    They are very different, yet I love them just the same.
    I am so happy that they came ...
    into my life.
    Zipporah and Glory
    One of the beginning chapters of my life's story.

    Isaiah Solomon II

    You arrived four days soon.
    Yet, you have a smile that would light up any room.
    With your arrival came an unspeakable peace and joy.
    Which is not what I expected from a baby boy.
    Yes, you are very busy and keep me on my toes,
    Having you is something that I would never loath.
    I pray that you would learn from your father and would be a
    righteous man.
    For God's principles and values you will forever stand.
    I understand that I am not raising a boy, but a man.
    I pray that you will carry out God's plan.
    I pray that you will be a representation of ATLAH in every way.
    You will be a leader of your home, church, and community and
    never go astray.
    When others are lost, I pray that you would show them the way.

    I pray that you will work hard, and never expect a handout or take
    the easy way out and show your peers what hard work is about.
    I pray that in tough situations you will remain strong and always
    recognize when you are wrong.
    I pray that you will stand for Jesus and of the truth you will not be
    a slayer.
    Son, for you this is my prayer.

    My Family

    This book was encouraged by the fact that the Lord has set before
    us an open door.
    We must use our gifts like never before.
    Now is the time for us to shine.
    Our gifts and talents from the Lord are divine.
    We must use this opportunity to do His will,
    Far more than anything in this world that we may feel.

    Together we will grow as we march towards the promised land.
    Though on the way trials we will undergo, know that Jesus has our
    Together we will lead this world to ATLAH, that's what God said.
    What a beautiful sight to see a man in every home, tucking their
    children into bed.
    For God's Word is righteous and true,
    It will turn all skies from gray to blue.

    As the chosen of the Lord we must grow in unity,
    In order for us to change our community.
    I am glad to call you my sister and brother.
    We have a special bond that is deeper than any other.
    Together we stand strong and tall,
    Knowing that Jesus will see us through it all.



    My Cross Country Experience

    Utah is a majestic state filled with beautiful mountains, hills and
    I imagine that it would look even more beautiful in the rain.
    The mountains look like portraits, the towns like models; nothing
    seemed real.
    There are no words to describe the things that I feel.
    We went to Mormon Square where we saw The Mormon Temple.
    Even though they are misguided, I learned from their example.
    In their beginning they went from state to state by foot preaching
    what they thought was right.
    After many rejections, in Utah they found that they did not have to
    They built Mormon Temple and Square with their own two hands.
    Some even died in the process, a principle that men today do not

    Nevada has lots of hills, mountains, grasslands, and trees.
    It is one of the most beautiful places you will ever see.
    It is an awesome sight to see the sun shining through the clouds 12
    feet away.
    Wait, there is so much more that I can say ...

    At Lake Tahoe we drove up a winding road through a mountain.
    We were 8,000 ft. above the ground.
    Outside, you did not hear a sound.
    Huge pine trees were on mountain tops.
    The higher we went my ears popped.
    The mountains were close, and houses beautiful and huge.
    It is a lovely place to take refuge.
    It's one of those places where you would have to stop and take it
    all in.
    To think our journey would just begin!

    On our way to Las Vegas, we drove through a desert seeing large
    groups of cactus and dunes.
    I wished we would not reach our destination soon.
    I saw houses and palm trees when we entered the city at a
    whopping 103 degrees.
    I wanted to shout, "Pastor don't send us back please!!!"
    We toured the strip of Vegas, which is an upscale 42nd
    Their architecture is hard to beat.

    The Grand Canyon was an awesome sight.
    Overcoming my fear of heights to get there was a delight.
    From there we went to colorful Colorado.
    Beautiful landscapes and colorful mountains makes me wish that I
    could return tomorrow.

    At times the sky seemed so low, it looked like we could drive off
    into the clouds.
    This is when I said, "I am proud to be an American."
    In Wyoming we drove through a storm, as the lightning lit up the
    great dark sky,
    All I could do was wonder why,
    People declare that they hate this land.
    There were many places where I wanted to stop and take it all in.
    The negative propaganda you've been spewing about this nation
    should be a sin.
    God gave us this land.
    Why is it so hard for you to understand?

    This land gives me visions, dreams and aspirations.
    Every mountain, hill, and valley gives me inspiration.
    Why would you want to take that all away?
    You run away from the truth while destroying our youth.
    You act as if you have cocaine in your brain.
    Your beliefs are insane and you bring everyone around you pain.
    You'd rather sit and collect a monthly check.
    While those around you work and sweat.
    You, out of all people have a complaint against this great nation?
    This is insanity!

    You seek to destroy what God has blessed.
    You get upset with others cause they can pass a test.
    Like a sign I saw on a highway in Indiana, America should bless
    You have never seen her beauty, therefore your behavior seems
    This land inspires me to be great.
    You haven't seen this land, therefore your heart is filled with hate.
    Your mind and heart are in chains like the prisoners in Attica.
    Why don't you do us all a favor and go back to Africa!


    On the 14th of September 1991 on a day that was fair,
    Honorable Manning was praying in a Chippendale armchair.
    He heard himself say the word "ATLAH."
    The Lord told him that this is the new name for Harlem.
    Unlike Harlem, ATLAH is not poisonous like venom.
    All words of power in the Bible end in "AH" like Hallelujah, and
    Messiah to name a few.
    Let me tell you what this means for you!
    In ATLAH there are 50,000 righteous men living for the Lord.
    It is the best place on Earth that the world has ever heard.
    Men will be leaders of the home, church and community.
    It is the best place that this world would ever see.
    There will be a man in every home.
    Our youth will not be on the streets to roam.
    Men would provide for their families spiritually, emotionally and
    In the home a man's authority is key.
    Men would be leaders in the true church of God.
    They will not spare the rod.
    These men will be owners of banks, newspapers, and corporations.
    To the world they will be an inspiration.
    They will hold high positions on their jobs.
    They are not men who would curse or rob.
    Every woman would be proud to call him her man.
    To do this job ... only God can.
    One day I pray that you would sit down and hear their story.
    Almighty God will get all of the glory!

    "The Saved"

    You say that you're saved yet you voted for evil.
    I wonder what God thinks of you "Christian" people.
    A candidate who shares your beliefs is who you should seek.
    Since when was Jesus a quasi Muslim freak?
    You look to man to help you with your daily needs.
    You need to seek after Jesus and get on your knees.
    Pray that He would forgive you for all that you've done.
    The only way to Heaven is through God's only son.
    Ask Him to get the hatred and racism out of you.
    Your so-called leaders prey on your weakness for fame, their ways
    are diabolical.
    So what does that say about you?

    The Word of God says fornicators will not enter into the kingdom
    of God.
    Yet, you have baby showers for bastards, to me that seems odd.
    I thought that Christians are to live as Jesus would do.
    So everything that He condemns we should too.
    Yet, you sit and compromise, and in your heart you see the truth.
    What messages do you send to our youth?
    As Christians, we should stand up and condemn what God says is
    In churches you all sing the same song,
    "God is good all the time, all the time God is good."
    My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is clearly misunderstood.

    They do not know the God who commanded David and Elijah to
    These men were after God's own will.
    These "Christians" don't know the God who turned over tables in
    the temple and called people whited sepulchres and snakes.
    You "Christians" today are a bunch of fakes.
    Don't be surprised if you are cast into the lake of fire.
    It would be because of your hearts true desire.

    We Have No Men

    We live in a time when we have no men.
    The way that parents raise their little boys should be a sin.
    They don't raise them to be leaders full of honesty and integrity.
    Instead it seems they seek to be the worst that they could be.
    They walk around with their pants hanging off their butts.
    Whispering to young girls who are dressed like sluts.
    Grown men are being sheltered and fed by their mothers.
    At night they go around stealing from their brothers.
    They have no one to tell them how to live right.
    Except for Hon. Manning, but when they hear him they want to
    curse and fight.
    We live in a time where men are wimpy, they don't stand for what
    is right.
    Instead they compromise, which is what God despise.
    If they have wives, their wives bring home the bacon and fry it too.
    Men what is wrong with you?
    If no one supplies you with shelter you will have no where to live.
    To provide for your children you have nothing to give.
    The Chris Gardner story is an example of a real man.
    If a man has nothing he does not wait for handouts. Do you
    This was never God's plan.
    If a man has nothing, he has to work.
    He would not make excuses for himself like some jerk.
    God said, "If a man doesn't work, he doesn't eat."
    If this was put into action today, men would not sit in defeat.
    They would get up, work, and be the best that they can be.
    A leader in the home, church, and community.
    They would not blame others for the wrong in their lives.
    They will provide for their children and wives.
    They will teach their families the Word of God, and tell young
    boys to pull up their pants.
    And never to say the word can't.
    They will tell boys to take the earrings out of their ears.
    They will also tell them to cut their hair.
    I used to hear stories that started with "I remember when ..."
    Oh, if only there were men.


    Love is patient love is kind.
    Love is being glad that you are mine.
    Love lets us know when we are wrong.
    It is love that makes you strong.
    Love is truth.
    It is hard to find in your youth.
    Love is warm and gentle.
    It is a song that is instrumental.
    Love is a decision that you make ...
    To be together every step you take.
    Love is thinking of others first.
    Love is so powerful, you may burst.
    Love is hearing birds singing and bells ringing through a storm.
    Love will keep you safe and warm.
    Love is sweet and divine.
    Real love is hard to find.

    You may find love in the strangest ways and places.
    Real love does not come with looking at faces, but at the heart.
    If you find a love like this you will never part.


Excerpted from A Glimpse Through The Window Of My Soul by Precious Miriam Babalola-Lafleur, David N. Lewis. Copyright © 2013 Precious Miriam Babalola-Lafleur. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


My Spiritual Journey, 1,


The Honorable James David Manning, 5,

The Wonderful Elizabeth Sarah Manning, 6,

Isaiah Solomon Sr., 7,

Zipporah Asenath and Glory Ephratah, 8,

Isaiah Solomon II., 9,

My Family, 10,

II. The World Through my Eyes, 11,

My Cross Country Experience, 13,

ATLAH, 16,

"The Saved", 17,

We Have No Men, 18,

LOVE, 20,

Celebrate Jesus, 21,

Celebrate Life, 22,

Who Can Find A Leader?, 23,

I Believe, 24,

Moral Pollution, 25,

The C.I.A. Columbia Obama Sedition and Treason Trial, 26,


I Should Be Better, 31,

Lately, 32,

Happiness, 33,

Untitled, 34,

My Past, 36,

God is Real, 37,

These are Mine, 38,

I Live, 39,

Right Now, 40,

Through the Storm, 41,

Strumming My Guitar, 42,

My Sanctuary, 43,

Thank You Lord, 44,

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