A Good Day In Hell - The Flatlining Of Nurses Across America -What Will It Take To Resuscitate Our Health Care System?

A Good Day In Hell - The Flatlining Of Nurses Across America -What Will It Take To Resuscitate Our Health Care System?

by Kellyann Curnayn


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In light of the impending national crisis and shortage of Nurses this book gives a very unadulterated version of the disease processes costing hospitals millions. Consultants continue to place the band-aid on the blown artery while inpatient staff have surrendered to apathy, holding to the belief "the system can not be changed." Increasing operating margins is useless if there are no Nurses to make the hospital function. Who will determine the allocation of inpatient beds? Although written from the perspective of the Nurse no one is safe from being held accountable. Who looks out for the patient? Caring for the patient is secondary to documenting that care and the world wonders why people have become indifferent to the needs around them. I boldly state the system has stolen the joy of serving our patients and we (all hospital employees) must stand up for the truth. This book analyzes complexity and compliance issues, which are the root causes of apathy that has taken hold of bedside care providers and the Nursing profession.

Kellyann Curnayn graduated from the University of South Florida in 1991 with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing while her proud family applauded. A much esteemed profession within her family. She worked in the field of cancer for the first 10 years. Many hours of self-reflection, discussion, and prayer resulted in the efforts that you read about today. With the courage that comes from knowing an omnipotent God she stepped out to esteem health care providers to stand up to a system that has stolen the joy of serving. Created a consulting company that has the front line workers and patients as its point of service.

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Publication date: 10/05/2007
Pages: 156
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