A Good Friday Cookbook: From a Fact Finding Brother

A Good Friday Cookbook: From a Fact Finding Brother

by Rev. Vinson Ballard


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A Good Friday Cookbook: From a Fact Finding Brother by Rev. Vinson Ballard

For most of my life, it has been considered germane to take part in honoring the resurrection of the Risen Savior. As for as I can remember, My Great Aunt was the one who I remember initially put a very humbling time continuously into this awesome belief. She had retired as a nurse or midwife if I am not mistaken many years before I came about. Whatever the scenario may have been or was concerning this issue, she was genuinely dedicated to Resurrection Sunday as we typically call it Easter as my earliest recollection during my youth.

Regarding this thought, John 3:16 of the Holy Bible states that God so loved the world that had gave his only begotten son that whosoever will would have life and have it more abundantly. Before the Savior rose in this historical and acknowledgeable reference, he was crucified for our survival! Good Friday, symbolically, represents the actual humbling ordeal that he encountered before he was raised from the dead or rose. Therefore, Good Friday has to do with work reflecting on the sacrifices that he most humbly made for our benefit so that we could all live on.

With that focus in mind, I thought it fitting to attempt to do something differently regarding those around me in this manner to extend my appreciation of such an awesome and auspicious humanitarian event. Therefore, it seemed logically to allow this very meaningful and genuine day of Good Friday to be acknowledged also through an action that is so necessary to one's survival. That happens to be our association with preparing a meal and further consuming or eating it.

With that in mind, it also seemed fitting to utilize this same momentum in sharing a few original dishes on this very significant date to so many of us. Therefore, this publication will focus on meals that were prepared specifically on this particular Good Friday early in the morning. Perhaps there are other ways to elaborate on this issue, but I can reflect on the passage Matthew 25:40 in the Holy Bible that states if it is done to the least than it is done to the Good Lord also.

Sometimes we allow ourselves to participate in actions that could be overly selfish in many regards which would further suggest that there is possible room for improvement or more humanitarian efforts may need to be pursued in areas very close to us on some instances. On this occasion, I wanted to continue doing something nice for those around me through cooking their (my family's) meal for the entire day like some of those who came up before us use to do sometimes in spite of the unbelievable challenges faced.

I have also attempted to bring this information to the surface by approaching this original publication from the aspect of having an introduction, a conclusion and nine chapters specifically designated to reflect the referenced scenarios that are intended to reach the reader and/ or willing participant in this publication. The referenced areas are as follows:
1. Introduction
2. Breakfast
3. Lunch
4. Dinner
5. Environmental
6. Fact Finding Brother
In that regard, come now as I share the publication - A Good Friday Cookbook from a Fact Finding Brother. I have attempted to include relative beneficial cultural information that may be connected to beneficial areas to some of the dynamics associated with preparing this humbling meal theoretically also.

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