A Grammar of Justice: The Legacy of Ignacio Ellacuria

A Grammar of Justice: The Legacy of Ignacio Ellacuria


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November 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of the massacre of the Jesuit community of the University of Central America in San Salvador and the death of the rector, Fr. Ignacio Ellacuría. This volume, drawing on a team of international scholars, focuses on the work of Ellacuría and its relevance for the future. As the editors note, Ellacuría “has achieved an international reputation not only in Latin America but throughout the world as one of the most brilliant contributors to Latin American liberation theology and one of the most important Jesuits in the post-conciliar Society and Church.” The title refers to Cardinal Newman’s “grammar of assent,” his argument for the role of faith in countering the “debilitating rationalism” of his age. In a similar way, Ellacuría envisions a “grammar of justice” as a response to the postmodern apathy of today.

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ISBN-13: 9781626980860
Publisher: Orbis Books
Publication date: 11/10/2014
Pages: 224
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About the Author

J. Matthew Ashley is the author of Ignatius and the Theologians. Kevin F. Burke, S.J., is the coeditor of Love that Produces Hope and author of The Ground Beneath the Cross. Rodolfo Cardenal, S.J., is the former vice-rector of the University of Central American in San Salvador.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Memory, Martyrdom, Hope The Gift of Ignacio Ellacuría Kevin F. Burke ix

Part I The Prophetic, Liberating Praxis of Faith

1 Letter from Ignacio Ellacuria to Monseñor Oscar Romero 3

2 Utopia and Propheticism from Latin America A Concrete Essay in Historical Soteriology Ignacio Ellacuría 7

3 Monseñor Romero's Impact on Ignacio Ellacuria Jon Sobrino 57

4 The Cost of Discipleship Gustavo Gutiérrez 77

Part II Ellacuría and the Dynamism of a New Theological Method

5 The Praxical Character of Theology Francisco De Aquino Júnior 89

6 Respectivity and a Theology of Signs Thomas Fornet-Ponse 103

7 Ignacio Ellacuría and Enrique Dussel On the Contributions of Phenomenology to Liberation Theology Andrew Prevot 119

8 Twelve Theses Regarding a New Method of Theology in the School of Thought of Ignacio Ellacuria José Sols Lucia 135

Part III The Publics of Church and Academy in the Theology of Ellacuría

9 The Church of the Crucified People The Eschatology of Ignacio Ellacuria Rodolfo Cardenal 147

10 A Different Kind of University Within the University Ellacuría's Model in the Context of the United States David Ignatius Gandolfo 161

11 The Christian University for a Globalized World Ignacio Ellacuría's Vatican II Advance on Cardinal Newman's Classic Statement Robert Lassalle-Klein 173

12 Toward a New, Historical Evangelization Michael E. Lee 189

Part IV Ellacuría and Justice in an Unjust World

13 The Concept of Common Evil and the Critique of a Civilization of Capital Héctor Samour 205

14 Socioeconomic Thoughts on Historical Mediations Toward the "Civilization of Poverty" Jonas Hagedorn 215

15 The Civilization of Poverty and Today's Global Challenges Martin Majer 227

16 The Crucified People as a Historical Subject? Contemporary Relevance of Two Concepts of Ignacio Ellacuría's Philosophy and Theology Sebastian Pittl 241

Conclusion: Ignacio Ellacuria Spirituality, Discernment, and Good News J. Matthew Ashley 255

Contributors 269

Index 275

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