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A Growing Cosmos According to Kepler?s Tables

A Growing Cosmos According to Kepler?s Tables

by Peet (P.S.J.) Schutte


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If you think science is truth you are in for a surprise. In this book I show how the Universe really forms according to nature and not according to Newton. What you are about to read is the mother of all the conspiracies in science. You will read about how science applies mind control by thought processing. Every conspiracy in Science ever thought such as the Critical Density or Dark Energy Conspiracy, or any conspiracy connected to science is there to protect this so that those teaching science hides this from becoming known. The Mother Conspiracy is there to brainwashed students by the sanctioning of mind control on students. I prove and reveal that the Mother Conspiracy is in place. I show how every student has been brainwashed to believe science is true and to believe in science. I prove the Universe formed as singularity and is only singularity in many forms.
This is one of four books aiming to inform the public on changes coming about from changing the approach to science but in this event using nature to approach science. As said this is one of four books but for the length, cost and detailed information in the books. The pages supplying the information also indicate the degree of difficulty every book holds. The more the pages the more complex will the information be and also the pricier be. I offer this to give whoever wishes to read how science cheats an opportunity to read at whatever level such a person feels competent. I introduce the gravity that nature applies, which is not remotely the same as what Newton and science says what applies. If you don't believe what I say then yes I wrote this book with especially you in mind. What's the difference between how I see gravity works and how Newton's gravity work? Newton says objects pull while I say space compresses thereby collapses by getting reduced and everything in that space condenses. I say space reduces and Newton said objects in space pull each other. While I prove nature, Newtonian science cheats, corrupts and manipulate nature to make science work in ways nature doesn't work. I say there is no pulling but it is space that compresses by objects producing material movement in rotating of or as gravity. The difference between my approach and Newtonian's is one Universe away from each other. I show a functional Universe and Newton show mysteries of science. I prove everything that Newtonian science this far couldn't. I prove the Universe applies four keys by which gravity works instead of unexplainable magical forces. I show how nature works with the 4 keys while I show how science falsifies facts to make science seems to work by magical forces pulling. Read any of these books and find out the difference there is between how science perceives the Universe and how nature truly builds the Universe. What is nature is out there in nature applying the four cosmic laws and what is Newton is only in the imagination of physicists hiding the incompetence of Newton's concepts with a conspiracy never to doubt Newton. Read this and get wise to how science cheats to put up this façade to pretend they know all and they are correct about everything we know. it is about time we re-examine the senseless theories carried on for three hundred years and which promotes magic as science.

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