A Guide to Gender (2nd Edition): The Social Justice Advocate's Handbook

A Guide to Gender (2nd Edition): The Social Justice Advocate's Handbook

by Sam Killermann

Paperback(Revised with new foreword, new chapters, and conclusion.)

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A Guide to Gender (2nd Edition): The Social Justice Advocate's Handbook by Sam Killermann

The first edition was featured as #1 best-seller in Gender on Amazon, and is being used by gender studies & sociology professors on 3 continents. Now with a new foreword by the author, brand new chapters, fixed tpyos, and more gender!

100% of royalties from this edition go directly to hues, a global justice collective.

Where do we start, when it comes to learning about something that's everywhere, infused into everything, and is often one of the primary lenses through which we see ourselves and others? When it comes to understanding gender, it's best to begin with deep breath, then with section one of this book by social justice advocate Sam Killermann, who uses clear language, helpful examples, and a bit of humor to help the medicine go down.

This book is not overwhelming, it's not overly complicated, and it's not exhausting to read. It is a few hundred pages of gender exploration, social justice how-tos, practical resources, and fun graphics & comics. Sam dissects gender using a comprehensive, non-binary toolkit, with a focus on making this subject accessible and enjoyable. All this to help you understand something that is so commonly misunderstood, but something we all think we get: gender.

A Guide to Gender is broken into four sections:

  • Basic Training (which sets the foundation of knowledge for the book, defining concepts of social justice, oppression, privilege, and more);
  • Breaking through the Binary (beginning with a discussion of gender norms, and working toward a more nuanced understanding of gender identity, gender expression, and sex);
  • Feminism & Gender Equity (how feminism can be a solution to the injustices folks of all genders face); and
  • Social Justice Competence (a series of short, practical lessons that will help readers put the learning from the book to work).

It's written for people who want to learn for themselves, educators who are hoping to better communicate themes of gender to others, and activists who want to add a gender equity lens to their vision of justice.

It's not meant to be the end of one's journey into understanding gender, but a great place to start. Because gender is something we all deserve to understand.

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ISBN-13: 9780989760249
Publisher: Impetus Books
Publication date: 03/15/2017
Edition description: Revised with new foreword, new chapters, and conclusion.
Pages: 314
Sales rank: 237,190
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.”

– Groucho Marx

Foreword by the Author

Basic Training

Learning the things every social justice advocate needs to know, before we get into the gender-specific material.

1. Genderal Address

2. Navigating the Book

3. Defining Social Justice

4. The Cycle of Oppression

5. The Corruption of the Golden Rule

6. Understanding Intersections of Identity

7. Checking your Privilege

Breaking through the Binary

Moving from a traditional, incomplete understanding of gender to an inclusive, cognitively complex understanding of gender diversity.

8. Gender Norms

9. Introduction to the Genderbread Person

10. Genderbread 101: Getting Started

11. Using the “Spectrums” Genderbread Person

12. An Improved Way of Visualizing Gender

13. Using the “-Ness” Genderbread Person

14. Gender Identity Explored

15. Gender Expression Explored

16. Anatomical Sex Explored

17. Attraction and Gender

18. An Assortment of Gender Identities

19. How to Diagnose Someone as Transgender

20. The Dangers of Normalized Binary Gender

21. A “Non-Vital” Medical Procedure

22. Let’s Talk About Bathrooms

23. A Unified Understanding of Gender

Feminism and Gender Equity

Taking a quick look at the most contemporarily prominent gender movement and how it aligns with a more comprehensive cause.

24. The Well-Intentioned Misogynist

25. A Gender-Inclusive Feminist Perspective

26. Why People Believe Feminism Hates Men

Social Justice Competence: Working for Gender Equity

From comprehension to competence, knowledge to action, thinking to doing—this section focuses on preparing you for social justice interventions and education.

27. Why My Approach to Social Justice is Better than Yours

28. Being Well-Intentioned Isn’t Good Enough

29. No Such Thing as a Positive Stereotype

30. Making Forms Gender Inclusive

31. “Partner” and Other Inclusive Language

32. Political Correctness vs. Being Inclusive

33. Responding to Non-Inclusive Language



The more you know, the more you know. Additional bits and pieces that help complete this gender puzzle.

A. Glossary

B. Trans* Asterisk

C. Recommended Reading & Works Referenced

D. Heartfelt Thanks

E. Cut-outs

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A Guide to Gender (2nd Edition): The Social Justice Advocate's Handbook 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Best book I've read about this. Sums up the subject in an accessible way. And is funny! Strongly recommend.