A Happy You: Your Ultimate Prescription for Happiness

A Happy You: Your Ultimate Prescription for Happiness

by Elizabeth Lombardo


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ISBN-13: 9781600375323
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication date: 11/10/2009
Pages: 200
Sales rank: 690,957
Product dimensions: 5.80(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph.D, M.S., P.T. is a clinical psychologist and physical therapist who helps people around the world have less stress, improved self-confidence and more happiness. She has been quoted by CNN, MSNBC, Newsweek, Glamour, Self, Redbook and Woman’s Day.

Table of Contents

Introduction xv

Your Happiness Prescription xvii

Happiness Doesn't Mean Always Being Happy xviii

Happiness Is Like Playing Golf xix

How To Use Your Happiness Prescription xix

Your Happiness Assessment xx

Your Happiness Score xxii

A Appreciation: Appreciate and Be Grateful for What You Have 1

The Diagnosis: Wearing negativity blinders 2

Your Prescription: Be thankful 4

B Belief: Believe in Yourself 7

The Diagnosis: Low Self-Esteem 8

Your Prescription: Enhance your self-confidence 10

C Creativity: Using Creativity to Bring Contentment 15

The Diagnosis: Stuck in a rut 16

Your Prescription: Flex your creative muscles 18

D Definitions: Optimize How You Define Happiness 21

The Diagnosis: Not being realistic 23

Your Prescription: Redefine yourself 24

E Exercise: Exercise Your Way to Happiness 29

The Diagnosis: Inactivity 31

Your Prescription: Get started and stay motivated 31

F Forgiveness: Forgive Yourself and Others 35

The Diagnosis: Holding a grudge 36

Your Prescription: Find the strength to forgive 39

G Goals: Establish Goals to Prioritize and Achieve Happiness 43

The Diagnosis: Lack of purpose 44

Your Prescription: Set and achieve goals 46

H Humor: Get More Laughter and Fun into Your Life 49

The Diagnosis: Being too serious 50

Your Prescription: Learn to laugh again 51

I Inspiration: Be Inspired to Make the Best out of Every Situation 57

The Diagnosis: Lack of inspiration 59

Your Prescription: Find your own inspiring voice 61

J Journaling: Write Out Your Experiences 65

The Diagnosis: No self-reflection 66

Your Prescription: Writing to change your life 68

K Kindness: Be Kind to others and Reap the Benefits Yourself 71

The Diagnosis: A need for more kind acts 73

Your Prescription: Give the gift of unconditional kindness 74

L Love: Love Your Friends and Family 77

The Diagnosis: Insufficient social support 78

Your Prescription: Cultivate a loving support network 79

M Mindfulness: Enjoy What's Happening Right Now 83

The Diagnosis: Faulty focus 85

Your Prescription: Live in the present 86

N Nutrition: Eat Your Way to Happiness 91

The Diagnosis: Poor eating habits 92

Your Prescription: Eat the right foods 93

O Optimism: Be Optimistic and Realistic 99

The Diagnosis: Pessimistic lenses 101

Your Prescription; Learn to see the glass as realistically half-full 103

P Problem Solving: Address Problems Head-On 107

The Diagnosis: Avoiding the issues 108

Your Prescription: Tackle the issues 109

Q Questions: Spend Time Questioning Your Thoughts 113

The Diagnosis: Unhelpful automatic thoughts 115

Your Prescription: Learn to question your thoughts 116

R Relaxation: Relax Your Way to Happiness 123

The Diagnosis: Being stressed out 125

Your Prescription: Prioritize daily relaxation 126

S Songs: Use Music to Make Yourself Happy 131

The Diagnosis: No rhythm 131

Your Prescription: Rejoice in music 133

T Talking: Talk Your Way to Satisfaction 137

The Diagnosis: Being passive or aggressive 138

Your Prescription: Be assertive 139

U Understanding: Understand, Accept and Embrace Change 145

The Diagnosis: Resisting change 145

Your Prescription: Accept and embrace change 146

V Values: Apply Your Values and Leverage Your Strengths 155

The Diagnosis: Forgetting your values and not leveraging your strengths 157

Your Prescription: Use your gifts 157

W Win-Wins: Find Win-Win Solutions in Every Situation 163

The Diagnosis: Being overly competitive 164

Your Prescription: Find balance with win-wins 165

X eXamine Your Soul: Use Spirituality to Find Hope and Happiness 169

The Diagnosis: Emptiness from a lack of spirituality 170

Your Prescription: Invoke healthy spirituality for a happier life 172

Y You Time: Prioritize Time to Take Care of You 177

The Diagnosis: Self neglect 178

Your Prescription: Find more "you time" 179

Z ZZZ: Get Your Sleep 183

The Diagnosis: Sleep walking through the day 184

Your Prescription: Find your "zzzs" 186

Your Ultimate Happiness Rx 189

Take the Happiness Challenge 189

Share the Wealth 191

Endnotes 193

Bonus 205

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