A Healing Heart

A Healing Heart

by Melissa A. Hanson


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On a bitter cold winter night Bailey Walsh's family was killed in a traffic accident. Two years later as she lives with her aunt and uncle in Southern California, Bailey is still plagued by the nightmares of that terrible night. Everywhere around her are reminders of what she lost. Even her aunt, in a cruel twist of fate, is not just her mom's sister, but her identical twin.

Babysitting Riley, a spunky two-year old, is a sweet distraction and one constant light in her life. One day as she takes Riley to the park she meets Collin McKenna, a senior at her high school and her life is changed forever as he helps her find herself and realize her life is worth living.

As the romance between them grows her broken heart begins to heal. However, still nagging in the back of her conscious is the fear that her newfound happiness could come crashing down and she could lose everything she loves, yet again.

Outside forces begin to tear them apart and Bailey must learn to trust in herself and realize that she is worthy of happiness. That sometimes love and healing comes in unexpected forms.

A Healing Heart, is a story about first love, life's unexpected tragedies, and the miracles that make it possible to move forward.

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ISBN-13: 9780996548502
Publisher: MAH
Publication date: 07/04/2015
Series: Riverview Series , #1
Pages: 270
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.57(d)

About the Author

MELISSA A HANSON lives in Southern California, with her husband and two sons. Growing up in Southern California, inspiration for the city of "Riverview" is based on her hometown. A Healing Heart is her first completed novel a book 1 of the Riverview Series.

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A Healing Heart 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
BaronessBookTrove More than 1 year ago
All I got to say is WOW! Melissa Hanson just gave us a really good book and one in my opinion that touched at least four gripping things in my mind. There is a car accident/survivor's guilt, romance, friendships, and high school. I am going to be giving this book five butterflies because Melissa A. Hanson knows how to make a story so realistic and well written that you believe that you are there with the characters and are seeing them go through all these different emotions that you can’t help but encourage in your head for the characters to keep going to not give up. The first gripping thing that Melissa incorporated into her novel is the car accident/survivor's guilt. The main character that we get introduced to is Bailey and she has had to deal with the aftermath of the car accident that killed her parents and then slowly killed her younger siblings. Which leads to her having survivor's guilt and not really moving on from the accident. I feel bad for Bailey since she had been dealing with the survivor's guilt for two years before she was able to get over it slowly but surely. The second gripping thing that Melissa incorporated into her novel is the romance. Now this was weaved into it slowly and it was kind of cool to see it blossom for these two throughout the story. The main romance in the story is of Bailey and Collin. Those two throughout the book made me feel so happy for them at least until Collin's friend Savannah came into the picture. That is all I am going to say about that. Collin and Bailey preserved through it and came out stronger than ever by the time Bailey graduated the next year. The third gripping thing that Melissa incorporated into her novel is the friendships. This is a big thing between Bailey, Natasha, and Mia in the beginning because those three have been friends since Bailey first arrived two years ago. Natasha and Mia where friends a little bit longer and when Bailey came to Riverview they took her under their wing. This friendship was the first of many that started to help Bailey recover. Her second friendship happens to be with the little boy that she is babysitting named Riley. Well not only him but his mom. I think the reason for that is because with the help of Bailey Riley's mom was able to recover from losing Riley's mom to the war. Plus it gave Riley someone to play with. The fourth and last gripping thing that Melissa incorporated into her novel is the high school. To me, and I'm only twenty-two, I feel like high school for any teenager especially one dealing with survivor's guilt from being the only one to survive in a car accident, to the romance that you might lose because you are insecure, to the friendships that you have and one that is also a job takes a toll on someone. Even more so when it's your last year of high school and you have just a whole lot of stuff to do. I don't think anyone really realizes the amount of stress you go through with anything during your four years of high school until you go through it. I think that Melissa A. Hanson has done a wonderful job with this book and I can't wait to read the next book and any others that she might put out from the Riverview series. A Healing Heart by Melissa A. Hanson in my opinion deserves having a five butterfly rating. Anyways until the next time enjoy this book review brought to you by Baroness’ Book Trove. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE AUTHOR AND PUBLISHER ASKED ME TO READ AND GIVE AN HONEST REVIEW FOR THIS BOOK!
Heidi_Reads More than 1 year ago
This book has a great premise, but the writing fell flat for me. It started out fine as Bailey is relating her situation to the reader, but as she encounters Collin the narrative turns into a play-by-play of the day and unimportant actions, the dialogue is stilted, including polite greetings and clichés, and the inner thoughts have no depth. It's written in first person from three different perspectives- Bailey, Collin, and Savannah (Colin's childhood friend and Bailey's new competition). I didn't think Savannah's perspective was necessary- it was always short and could have been portrayed through Bailey's observations. I was disappointed the story felt rather two-dimensional, but the themes of grief and finding happiness in the wake of tragedy are ones I relate to. This is a story that I would recommend to young teenage readers. (Thank you to Ebooks For Review for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review)
Marichus-Real More than 1 year ago
I was given a gifted copy by Story Cartel in exchange for an honest review. A beautiful story about how real love can beat distance, betrayal and revenge. Bayley has had a difficult time in her short life. All her family died in an accident and being her the only one who survived, she felt guilty. She has been like a ghost for two years, till she met Collin. He also had some issues as her mother abandoned him, his father and his little sister. A sweet story that makes me smile and cry at the same time, quick to read and easy to enjoy.
BethLee More than 1 year ago
This book was a clean, easy, and fun read. A Healing Heart is about a teenage girl named Bailey. She is living with her aunt and uncle after her parents and siblings were killed in a car accident. When Baily takes the little kid she is babysitting she meets a boy named Collin she falls in love with. Things go smoothly until another girl beomes part of Collin's life. Will everything be okay with their romance? The book is really good. At first I found myself kind of bored with it, but the plot turned out to be really good after all. Just when it was starting to drag, it got more exciting. The plot kept going and also surprised me many times. The characters were one of the best parts in this book. Bailey was a responsible yet realistic teenager. Collin was a dream boy, at least in my opinion. He was caring, responsible, and never rude. All of Bailey's friends are supportive and nice, but they do have their own personalities. There was one villain in this story. Her name was Savannah, and she wanted to date Collin. They had been childhood friends, but now she wants much more. A big part of the story is Bailey's past. As you already know, her parents and siblings were killed in a car accident. Bailey often talks about that moment, and blames herself for being the only one to survive a few times. The romance kept me guessing. It was beautifully described, and I just wanted to be Bailey. The romance started out a bit too quick for my taste. But just like I thought, the romance wouldn't stay that way forever. Savannah is a major setback in their relationship. There was a hospital visit in this book that added to the story as well. Collin gets in a car accident, and that really strengthens the relationship between him and Bailey. This book was wonderfully written overall. I found many descriptive phrases and paragraphs that enhanced the story. Melissa A. Hanson really knows how to write descriptively. In conclusion, this is a great, easy, clean, and fun read that touches on some serious topics! (less)
ReadersFavorite5 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Faridah Nassozi for Readers' Favorite Bailey's life had been completely shattered two years ago when a car accident claimed her entire family. She was now living with her aunt, and much as Aunt Rachelle really loved her like her own kid, the pain of losing her family could never go away. She still remembered the fateful night and had nightmares every single night. When she met Collin, a senior at her school, she could not believe how lucky she was. Collin changed her life so much and she was happy again; even the nightmares stopped. However, Collin also has family issues of his own, plus he is a handsome young man and a gentleman so Bailey is not the only girl after his heart. Bailey knows that if she ever lost Collin her new-found happiness would go with him and she would not survive that loss.  A Healing Heart by Melissa A. Hanson is a beautiful young adult love story about two teenagers whose love for each other was the healing they both needed to be able to reconcile their painful pasts and move on into the future and the unavoidable challenges that they had to endure. The story is so touching and feels so real that I sometimes needed to have my tissue nearby and at other times I found myself reading with a big grin. Any fan of the YA genre will definitely enjoy reading about the two remarkable teenagers who have endured so much loss in their lives, but somehow have to find a way to move on. It is simply amazing to follow their journey, feel their pain, feel their love, and root for them throughout all the drama.
ReadersFavorite4 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite A Healing Heart by Melissa A. Hanson is a beautiful and endearing story of teen romance. Bailey Walsh loses her family in a tragic road accident. She lives with her uncle and aunt in Southern California. Bailey is still haunted by that tragedy in her life. It is at this juncture she meets Collin McKenna at the park where she takes Riley, a two-year-old whom she is babysitting. Though she finds happiness with Collin, a nagging worry of losing everything still haunts Bailey. Things change when Savannah comes back into Collin's life. It is a story of loss, redemption, love, and healing. This young romance strikes a chord within the heart of readers. The three characters - Bailey, Collin and Savannah - are portrayed effectively. There is sweetness, sadness, love, anger, and many other emotions which makes it an enjoyable read. It is a story of healing and the author explores a lot of other emotions while leading to the healing. One can easily relate to Bailey and Collin and the author has done a good job in portraying the emotions of the teenagers. Savannah's entry is timed perfectly, giving that much needed twist in the plot. The story is simple, yet it manages to capture reader interest and is fast paced. The author has written a story that will also interest those who like reading love stories. Many scenes from the story are reminiscent of your teen years, making it a heartwarming read.
ReadersFavorite3 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Michelle Randall for Readers' Favorite Bailey is young and pretty; she has everything going for her until a drunk driver changes her world. In the blink of an eye she goes from a happy teen to the only survivor of a terrible accident. Why did she survive? How can she go on in life? Will the nightmares ever end?  A Healing Heart is a wonderfully touching story that follows Bailey two years after the crash as she tries to rebuild her life and move on. It will take a chance encounter with another teen who has faced their own struggles for her to come to grips with the pain and move on. Melissa A. Hanson tells a remarkable story of loss, pain, and guilt that is slowly overcome by love and happiness. All this through the eyes of teenagers, making it a moving and inspirational story.  A Healing Heart is a wonderful book for teens, as the main characters are high school teens who have had to face some terrible events in their lives. How they rebound from those events and what happens next will leave you in tears as you journey with them to a healing place. Viewing the story through the eyes of the teen characters sheds a different light on the feelings and emotions they have to deal with. Melissa A. Hanson writes a powerful story of survivor guilt, and how to get past it with the help of friends and family. It is an inspirational story for young adult and teen readers, but at the same time, as an adult, it is a compelling read as well.
ReadersFavorite2 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers' Favorite A Healing Heart by Melissa Hansen is the quintessential teen romance. Two years ago, on the way home, a horrific accident takes her parents and her brother and sister, leaving Bailey the only survivor. She moves to live with her aunt and uncle but is reminded every day of the tragedy that surrounds her, especially as her aunt is her mum’s twin sister.  One day, while in the park with her young charge she meets Colin, a senior from her school. Colin faces his own demons and together they learn to live and to love again. As they fall deeper in love, Bailey wonders if it can possibly last. Events take a turn when friends of Colin’s family come to stay, introducing another woman into the mix, a woman who wants Colin for her own and will stop at nothing to get him. More news awaits the young couple, forcing them to decide whether they can fight to stay together or whether they must accept the inevitable and move on. Melissa Hansen has done a good job with A Healing Heart. I found it a little slow in the middle but it soon picked up speed again. Melissa has clearly taken the time to develop the characters and the plot, drawing the reader neatly in. I thoroughly enjoyed the read; it was easy to follow, not one of these books that requires you to make notes while you are reading just so you understand it! Good book, nice story, and very well stitched together. I would like to see more from Melissa Hansen.
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Valerie Rouse for Readers' Favorite A Healing Heart chronicles the love affair between Bailey and her high school sweetheart Collin. The meeting of the two lovebirds in the park sparked an attraction which came as a welcome distraction for Bailey. She was still haunted by the memories of the fatal car crash which took the lives of her beloved parents and her siblings. Bailey flourished under Collin's avid attention. They instantly became an item. This new romance was threatened when the conniving Savannah visited town. Savannah, an old time school friend of Collin, had intentions of her own. She develops an evil plan to disrupt the budding romance between Collin and Bailey, in hopes of claiming Collin herself. Who will win in the end? Ms. Hanson’s story is a very touching one. I love the way that she relays the plot using the viewpoints of the main characters Collin and Bailey. This creates a more realistic feel. The story comes alive in front of the reader. A Healing Heart is a true love story. It allows the reader to believe in love again and the fact that love has no boundaries. According to Ms. Hanson’s story, love conquers all! Ms. Hanson’s use of simple language allows the reader to understand her work as well as identify with the characters. A Healing Heart is an emotionally gripping tale. It is a refreshing read amidst all the stories perpetuating violence, vampires, and the like that are so prevalent nowadays. This gem of a book stands out as a representation of the age-old values of love and loyalty between lovers or friends. I recommend this book to everyone because it is a lovely story about finding true love.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Michelle Robertson for Readers' Favorite A Healing Heart by Melissa A. Hanson is much more than a typical high school, teenager-themed romance novel. The book introduces readers to the realistic scenarios of love, friendship, loss, happiness, and hardship. Bailey endured a horrific accident, leading to the death of her entire family. No teenager should ever have to experience such hardship. Bailey goes to live with her aunt Rachelle in Southern California, her mother's identical twin. Bailey has been with her aunt and uncle for 2 years and is still having nightmares, trouble sleeping, and often does not look healthy. Things begin to shift from bad to great when Collin comes into Bailey's life. Bailey believes Collin is the only reason for her strength, happiness, and will to go on in life as she begins to live a normal teenage life again. Then it all seems to be taken away from her at a high speed as she enters her Spring Break junior year which leads into her senior year of high school. Will Bailey survive the events that tear her life apart once again? Is it truly Collin that gives her the strength to go on?   Melissa A. Hanson skillfully entertains and captures the hearts of her readers right from the prologue as she sets the scene and mood for the story with a detailed description of a tragic accident. There are three main characters speaking throughout the book - Bailey, Collin, and Savannah. As you turn each page you will find the story unfolds as if the reader is reading a diary of the character or speaking directly to them at times. Through the dramatic jealous tendencies, love-struck hormones, and light romance, readers connect with each character by relating them with their own personal teenage life and experiences. The book was a great, light hearted, compassionate, and at times heartbreaking read. This book would be acceptable for readers from tweens (11+) age through adulthood to read and enjoy.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The book was well-written and the story was immediately engaging. I couldn't finish it, however, because I have a hard time reading books where small children die or are hurt.
CleanTeenFiction More than 1 year ago
This book was so great! I love when a book opens my heart and emotions. Bailey had suffered so much in her young life. She was the sole survivor of a car crash that killed her parents and two siblings. I couldn't imagine that! The author explores all those emotions involved in that healing process. Bailey goes to live with her aunt and uncle who's two kids are off to college. Obviously Bailey had some difficult moments, but babysitting little Riley was the sunshine in her life. The Point of View switched from Bailey to Collin. A few times one particular side character/ villain narrated which was interesting. Sometimes there was too much irrelevant details like what they ordered on the menu that slowed down the story. But the story was so beautiful that it didn't bother me too much. This was the sweetest love story! A Healing Heart will pull at your heart strings. Content Ratings: sexual: mild language: very mild violence: none
suzebomb54 More than 1 year ago
This book grabbed me from the prologue, the first 2 pages of the book. The prologue sets up the basis of the story and recreates the car accident that wipes out Bailey's whole family. Her mom, dad, brother and sister, all gone. Just like that! How intense! Bailey then goes to live with her aunt, her mom's identical twin sister. Oh my, that must have been heartbreaking. To 'see' your mom everyday, but it's really not your mom. Just a reminder that she is not there anymore. One day at school Bailey runs into Colin. Literally. She runs into him in her hurry to get to class. And after that her life starts to change. That encounter starts a friendship that helps Bailey get through her dark days. Colin has his own demons and together they find happiness. But .... as in every relationship, they have their ups and downs. Oops! I really loved A Healing Heart. Melissa does a wonderful job of portraying a teenager's life and the issues that they have to go through, complete with all the self-doubt and romance angst that everyone has suffered. And did you notice the lovely necklace on the cover? I know I didn't until I was reading the story. It is so symbolic to what is happening to Bailey and Colin and it is such a gorgeous piece of jewelry. I want one! All in all, this is a beautiful story of 2 teenagers who find out that the other one is just what they need to heal their heart. How can you not love a story like that? I know I did! I received a copy of A Healing Heart from the author for my honest review.
Valca85 More than 1 year ago
This is a different kind of young adult book. With the surplus of books on the paranormal, it was refreshing to read something a bit more literary. The book’s premise is good. It captivates the reader from the beginning, and since the novel is fast-paced, we stay interested all the way through. The main character, Bailey, is dealing with the loss of her entire family, and we get to see her change throughout the book, making her a well-rounded character. The rest of them are fine, not memorable, but Bailey is enough to keep our interest up. The issue I had with the book had more to do with the writing style itself. I found that the author “told” more than “showed”. There were many instances of this that distracted me from the story itself. I think with another round of editing, this novel would have been an even better one. It was entertaining, so I do recommend it, especially for young adult readers who like a nice romance with a bit of psychological tension.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
itsJUSTme-wendy More than 1 year ago
This was a beautiful book. A real nice teen romance. This book started out with a bang. Then it kinda slacked off for a little bit then got really good again. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 was that it was a little slow in parts. But I understand Melissa's thinking. During this time there was the building of the relationship and development of the characters - Bailey and Collin, which was vital to the story. The character development was great. The story switches back and forth between Bailey and Collin, each being told in first person. This is done very well. Its nice to see both points of view and get their side of the story. I love books that do this. I love the way Melissa threw in the "other woman" to keep it interesting. And after a few "Awww's" and a couple of "Oh my gosh!'s" this story had a very good ending. This was a very sweet story with a few twist and surprises. It was very clean, THANK YOU Melissa! This shows you that you can have a great teen romance without all the smut! No sex, no swearing, Yay! So would be appropriate for any age.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is great. I loved it! Its oneof my favorites. It made me laugh and cry. And that makes it one of the best.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Lol I am the first person to comment. Oh, and this book was writen by the mom of my freind.