A History of the Ancient World

A History of the Ancient World

by William Scott Ferguson George Stephen Goodspeed
4.8 5

NOOK BookDigitized from 1912 volume (eBook - Digitized from 1912 volume)

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A History of the Ancient World 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
[ A/N: All of the characters will appear at some point, most likely in a battle or something. ] <p> I shivered as Ivy crouched over me and slipped a knotted vine over my neck and around my chest, creating a harness. <br> "Tie it to this root." Evangeline ordered, flicking her tail at a root that stuck from the den wall. <br> My ears flattened as the brown she-cat tugged me roughly forward and fastened the vine to the root, giving it a dubious glance. <br> Ivy slipped out of the den and Eagle appeared in her wake. He shot me his signiture sneer and turned to Evangeline. <br> "The trap has been set, my dove." He smiled cruelly. "Burns!" <br> A towering ginger-brown tom trudged in, disgrunting dragging a panic-stricken cat after him. He unceremoniously dumped the cat on the den floor and padded out. <br> Evangeline rolled her eyes at her father. "Really, Eagle, you should punish your lackies more." <br> Eagle growled softly but quickly cut it off. "This is the SunClan apprentice wimp." He said sharply, flicking his tail to the trembling dappled mound of fur on the floor. <br> His daughter nodded. "Bring some water for both of them. This one reeks of SunClan, and," she gave me a pitying look, "my pet is coated in icky blood." <br> Eagle gritted his teeth and muttered a reply, stomping out. <br> Evangeline haughtily kicked the apprentice over to me and curled up in her nest, murmuring about her father and muddy kits. <br> I cast the SunClan cat a sympathetic glance and cautiously bent down to their eye level. <br> Baleful amber orbs shone fearfully back at me. <br> "Hello?" I spoke in a hoarse whisper. <br> "H-hello." The apprentice squeaked back, nearly choking on the words. <br> "I'm Windpaw." I lay down, the vine harness cutting painfully into me skin. <br> "Mousepaw." <br> I reached forward shakily and rasped my tongue over his dirty forehead. <br> He shrank back slightly before relaxing. <br> Slowly, I washed the debris from his mottled ginger, brown, and white pelt. <br> "You're from MossClan?" He asked uncertainly. <br> I nodded hesitantly. <br> "I--Thank you." He muttered, seeming to run out of words. <br> I opened my jaws to speak, but as I did so, Eagle returned, a sopping clump of wet moss clamped in his jaws. <br> I cringed as he roughly grabbed Mousepaw and dragged him over. He forceably scrubbed the moss through his tangled pelt, bit of it sticking out here and there. <br> The apprentice released muffled cries of pain, his eyes full of fear and agony. <br> "Hurry u-u-u-u-up." Evangeline's voice droned out. <br> Eagle gave a hiss of annoyance and tossed Mousepaw aside. His paw stretched out and hooked my harness, pulling over. <br> He removed it slowly, sending his daughter spiteful glances. <br> My eyes roved from Mousepaw to the entrance. A look of understanding sparked in Mousepaw's and I knew what to do. I made a silent promise. <br> As Eagle reached for the remaining moss, I shot off; Evangeline let out a cry of alarm and her father's claws scored at my tail, but I was too fast, adrenaline pumping through me. <br> I rocketed away from the camp, my sore paws thrumming the earth, not really caring where I was going at the moment. <br> All I cared about was getting away from that dreadful camp. <p> [ Big battle coming soon! ~ NRM &#22767 ]