A Home For Christmas

A Home For Christmas

by Paul A. Lynch

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A Home For Christmas written by Paul A. Lynch tells the story of a man thirty-five years of age Jimmy Hendricks who lives with his wife Kathrine and eleven-year-old daughter Jessica in the fictional town of Hopeville. However, this town isn't what the name suggests. In truth, Hopeville isn't filled with hope, but just despair, trouble, and disappointment. Jimmy's dream is to get a home for Christmas, however, he fears within himself that his dream will not be made into reality because he earns a little money and he has a lot of bills to pay. Jimmy has been working at a toy factory for several years, but he is disappointed when the company goes bankrupt and has to be closed. Jimmy doesn't give up, though, as he looks for work around town. Kathrine also gets a job at a shelter on the opposite side of the town they live as a social worker. Jimmy meets upon his long time high school friend Bobby Daniels begging on the streets of the town in ragged clothes and shoes. Jimmy is somewhat surprised since Bobby was a brilliant kid. Bobby explains to Jimmy the reasons he has been on the streets. Jimmy helps his friend to a burger and some coffee at a restaurant downtown. Bobby and Jimmy ride on the bus where they meet an old woman who asked them if they know any plumber or gardener around. Both men are surprised as they get a perfect opportunity to do some work. The woman identifies herself as Miss Peterson an African American woman who lives in a huge apartment complex. In the end, Jimmy overcomes the challenges in his life and he didn't have to buy a house because the mayor of his town gave him one for solving the mystery of the missing Nativity Scene. This is a suitable read for teenagers, young adults, and adults throughout the world.

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ISBN-13: 9783961425303
Publisher: XinXii-GD Publishing
Publication date: 03/28/2017
Sold by: Xinxii Publishing
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 93
File size: 157 KB

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