A How to Guide Listen to the Voice Within

A How to Guide Listen to the Voice Within

by Rehel Anderson


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ISBN-13: 9781504354943
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 05/04/2016
Pages: 62
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A How to Guide Listen to the Voice Within

By Rehel Anderson

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Rehel Anderson
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-5494-3


Our Physical Senses

We have five very important senses which are the sense of sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound. We also have our mind and intellect which contribute to our senses, and we have a sixth sense. Our sixth sense is very important to our spirituality. What is our sixth sense?

It is the ability to perceive the unseen world, angels, spirits, guides, and heaven. With our sixth sense we can develop ESP (extrasensory perception), clairvoyance, and premonition. We perceive the unseen world through our five senses, the mind, and our intellect, which is important to connect with the unseen world. We can develop or activate our sixth sense, and when we do, we will experience the unseen world, it is a 'spiritual experience' like no other.

The unseen world or the Universal Mind is all around us and even though we cannot perceive it, it impacts our lives every day. In order to tune into this world, we need to learn how to connect to that world. As our spiritual level grows or our spirituality increases, it opens up to higher realms of connection.

The more we open up to the Universal Mind or the unseen world, with dedication and practice, you will hear that Voice Within.

There are many ways the Voice is speaking to you. It does not mean you always 'hear' a voice. There are many ways 'how' the voice speaks to you. It speaks to you in (gut) feelings, comments heard, seeing, noticing signs, an awareness, a knowingness of a situation, a thought that is not yours, and you wonder, is it your thought or is it the 'thought' talking to me. You will know the difference with dedication and practice.

The more spiritually evolved you become you are able to differentiate whether it is your knowledge or the knowledge received from the Universal Mind or the Spirit World.

We have other aspects that influence our spiritual growth. Each individual possess three important physical characteristics. They are visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Each individual is usually more prominent in one category than the other, but it is best to learn or have a balance in all three.

A Visual individual's learning style is "Show me and I'll understand". They are cognizant or aware of their surroundings. They learn by being 'shown' how to do something. They are more apt to 'see' the coincidences that occur in their lives. They like to see what is going on. They are good in meditation when the unseen world shows them a vision, picture, words, or things.

Example: A visual person goes to buy clothes. They pick the item up, look at it, put it on, look in the mirror and see what they look like in the garment. They like to see it on them before they purchase the item.

Auditory individuals like to 'listen'. They learn more from lectures, better than the visual or kinesthetic person. They learn best when being 'told' how and what to do. They tend to read more, and listen to music. In meditation they are more apt to 'hear' a message first. Sometimes, depending on the personality, they can be withdrawn or spend time alone. Many writers are strong in the auditory category.

Example: An auditory person goes to buy clothes. They look at it and analyze the item. They think about it several times before they try it on and then decide to purchase the item.

Kinesthetic individuals are the 'touchy, feely, and movement people. They like to touch everything. They like activities that move, such as sports, dance or cook. They learn best when the approach is with 'hands-on'. In meditation they are more apt to 'feel' what is being received from the spirit world rather than seeing or hearing it. A kinesthetic person's second trait becomes visual before they are auditory.

Example: A kinesthetic person goes to buy clothes. They pick the item up and they feel the fabric. If they like how it feels, they try it on and as they look in the mirror, they rub and feel the fabric against their body. Depending on how it feels to them, they decide to purchase the item.

These three aspects are important in your development as your spirituality grows. These aspects are connected with the abilities of Clairsentience, Clairvoyance and Clairaudience.

What do these three aspects mean?

Clairsentient: clear 'sensing' – the ability to sense smells projected by the spirit world, particularly smells associated with passed loved ones. It is the ability to send or receive information in an energy form that doesn't arrive as sight or hearing. It comes as a 'knowing'. You simply 'know' something. Everybody has the ability to be clairsentient. This is where you know of a phone call before the phone rings, or someone is thinking about you, or the sudden awareness you need to call someone or an awareness that changes are coming to you, all out of nowhere. Ask the spirit world to help you and to deliver the 'knowingness' so clearly that you will understand.

Clairvoyance: clear 'vision' – This is the ability of precognition which is seeing future events. Retrocognition is seeing past events. Clairvoyance is the ability to see an oncoming event in a picture. The picture is often a scene within. It isn't just a scene with the eyes; it's a scene behind the eyes, a scene in the heart that runs through you. Sometimes you receive 'flashes' that give you clues of coming events. Maybe you will see white pin lights that appear to you and when you turn, they will be gone, or you will even see an actual light. You can see a cloud like mist, which could be spirit, or an entity from the unseen worlds.

Clairaudient: clear 'hearing' – This is the ability to hear voices, or you might just have mental words appear in your head, much as they do when you are thinking. Often you have a sound that is muffled, sometimes in a distance, or often a voice in your head, or even hearing your name called.

These abilities come into play when you begin communicating with Spirit, and they become stronger the more you grow in your levels of spirituality. The spirit will develop a language with you so you will understand what is being communicated. They will also add clairsentient abilities to the clairaudient gift to help you get a much better picture of what is being related to you.


Meditation Types

The most important way to connect to the Universal World, angels, and guides is to meditate. There are many ways to meditate. Search different ways to meditate so you can determine the meditation that resonates with you. There is no right or wrong way to meditate. I will share what works for me and some suggestions you might want to follow. But, meditation is the key.

The four types of meditative states are:

Beta – normal wakefulness

Alpha – meditative state

Theta – deep meditation and learning

BLDΔBLD – deep sleep

When you experiment and find what works for you, your intention is to sit silently and attune to a Higher Consciousness, that unseen world. Slow down your racing thoughts enough so you can hear the voice of spirit. Ask your chatter to step aside. Keep your mind blank so you can hear that thought, feeling, or voice that wants to come through to you from spirit. Your intention is to clear your mind in order to receive those spiritual messages.

You will always be guided. Your intention is to bring spirit to the forefront to feel peace, love and receive guidance. The stronger your intention, the easier it becomes when communicating with spirit. Spirit will never tell you anything bad, they will never tell you anything wrong, they will simply present themselves as love and light, and are eager to be of assistance.

When you meditate, find a place and time you are alone, quiet and uninterrupted. Find a comfortable position for you, preferably not lying down. If you are a beginner it is best to sit with your feet on the floor/ground. It is not necessary to sit in a lotus position.

If I want to meditate to just become relaxed and peaceful, I will listen to soft and soothing music. This is the Alpha state of meditation. However, in deep meditation, the Theta state, I will not use music as it can deter or filter the voice within. At times I like to listen to a guided meditation (Alpha), which brings another type of experience during meditation. Some guided meditations have a purpose. For instance if you want to lose weight, that guided mediation will support you in your goal to lose weight. That type of meditation helps your mind to attune to suggestions and prompting of the intent.

I use the different types of meditation, depending on what my intention is or what I am asking for. If I want to connect to the highest spiritual guidance, which is in Theta meditation, this is how I begin. I prefer night time when I am ready to go bed.

I place myself on my bed in a sitting up position with my legs stretched out with a small pillow under my knees to relieve any stress or tension. I make sure I am comfortable, not too cold or too hot. I have a small dim light to the side of the bed. When I settle down, I take several deep breaths, relax, and begin saying a prayer. I like to say 'Our Father'. But, you can use any prayer you are comfortable with. Each time, I say a prayer with all of the different meditations I use.

A prayer is protection. A prayer is talking to GOD. Meditation is GOD talking to you through and with the Spirit World. That's the importance of meditation. You connect with a higher power.

When I have settled down, I focus my attention on different parts of my body. I repeat the same statement when I focus on the body part I want to relax. I start at the top of my head and say to myself, "I relax my head, then I begin moving down the body saying, I relax my forehead, I relax my cheeks, I relax my jaw, I relax all the way down to the tip of my toes. I take a few deep breaths and continue. I relax my throat, I relax my shoulders, I relax my arms, I relax my chest, I relax all the way down to the tip of my toes. I take another couple of deep breaths and continue. I relax my stomach, I relax my hips, I relax my thighs; I relax all the way down to the tip of my toes. I take more deep breaths. I relax my knees, I relax my calves, I relax my ankles; I relax all the way down to the tip of my toes. At this point, I do feel that I am 'within' my physical body, but I do not focus on the physical body after that.

This type of meditation puts you in a slight hypnotic state where you are able to reach a Theta state of awareness.

In this very relaxed state of being, I sit quietly and listen. I allow my mind to become blank. It is then that I can begin to receive messages, thoughts, ideas, or insights. I am able to connect with a higher consciousness and the unseen world. When I finish this type of meditation, I love to roll over in bed, fall asleep, and many times messages come in my dreams.

Premonitions can come in your dreams. So pay attention. I find it helpful to write down your dreams as soon as you wake up. Keep a journal of your night time dreams and the messages you receive during the day or while in meditation.

In this state of theta meditation, you can hear 'the voice' within. And, as I stated before, it is not always audible to the ears. You will know or sense the information that is given to you. This is being clairsentient.

I must remind you it takes time, dedication and practice to reach higher spiritual levels. With practice you develop all of your sixth sense possibilities.

It depends on my intention. But, I always start each meditation the same way by saying a prayer.

I mentioned I had different ways to meditate. Some simpler meditation is Beta. I use it while I am cleaning house, working in the yard, driving, or just in a day-dream state. I also call it, going within or into my inner-world, to talk to spirit, angels or guides. I ask them for help when I've lost an item, when I need something or just asking what can I do in any given situation. I ask for help in anything that I am trying to figure out. They are there to answer your questions, so don't be afraid to ask!

Keep a dialogue with spirit as if you are speaking to a friend. Spirit hears you.

What does 'going within.' mean?

It does not mean escaping, hiding, or retreating.

Some people think this means going within the body, to the center of our physical body and to pay attention. There is no need to focus on the body as it limits our consciousness (unless you are focusing on the parts of your body to go deeper into Theta mediation as I do). Let the physical body go. Don't focus on the body after you reach a deep relaxation point.

'Going Within.' means going within states of consciousness, where you reach the 'real you' ... the 'I AM' of one self.

With deep meditation you can open yourself up to higher levels of creativity, insight, inspiration, guidance, dreams, and wisdom.

When you use the different types of meditation the answers are available, but they may or may not come to you right away. But they will always come when you ask with intent, and have faith your questions are heard. Not always will you 'hear' the answers or have a 'thought' that gives you the answer. You may receive your answers by a coincidence, noticing things, something catches your attention, or you heard someone's comments, and there you find your answers. This is where all of your sixth senses come into play.

Don't try to make it happen, but allow it to happen. Surrender to the universe and have faith. Our intent is to become aware and know the voice within.

You may find another way to meditate which is best for you. Be diligent, dedicated and practice to attune to your sixth sense and connect with that voice of the unseen world.

When you master your meditation, you are taking the conscious mind to a higher level where it connects and accesses limitless possibilities. You connect to the Super-Conscious, the Universal Mind, Source, a higher power, guardian angels, and guides, all from the unseen world.

When you focus on the material world, it's easy to rely on the five physical senses for guidance, and this can lead you astray. Your intuition is your most reliable source. Your higher self and intuition guides you, and through meditation you can connect with all your helpers.

By meditating you will achieve a different state of consciousness than your normal waking state. When you connect with the Super conscious, it is all awareness and all knowing. You are tapping into Source and the unseen world.


Spiritual Levels

There are many stages of awareness as you grow in your spirituality. We are all different and we will have different experiences. You cannot compare yourself to another person's experience or spiritual growth.

As you gain greater levels of spirituality, many gifts will be presented to you. And, you will know what these gifts are. Are they the gifts of clairsentience, clairvoyance, or clairaudience? Are you a medium, a channel, or a healer?

With the multitude of spiritual individuals that have become known in the last few decades, you will notice some are mediums, channels, healers, and teachers of many subjects pertaining to a spiritual path that we are seeking. Each one has a different style and yet have similar messages they are sharing from the higher power/higher force, and the unseen world.

If you notice the differences of spiritual gifts, some might only have one special gift while others possess several gifts. If you know of John Edward, his gift is to communicate with our loved ones from the other side. The same goes for the 'Long Island Medium'. Edgar Cayce was a healer who connected with the higher powers in order to heal while he was in a trance state. Esther Hicks is a wonderful channel that channels an entity called 'Abraham'. Neil Donald Walsh received messages from GOD whereby he wrote the book 'Conversations with God'.


Excerpted from A How to Guide Listen to the Voice Within by Rehel Anderson. Copyright © 2016 Rehel Anderson. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
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Table of Contents


Dedication, v,
Introduction – About Rehel Anderson, viii,
Chapter 1 – Our Physical Senses, 1,
Chapter 2 – Meditation Types, 7,
Chapter 3 – Spiritual Levels, 15,
Chapter 4 – Intuition, 17,
Chapter 5 – Life Path, 21,
Chapter 6 – Meditation, 23,
Chapter 7 – I AM, 25,
Chapter 8 – How to Ask the Spirit World, 29,
Chapter 9 – Spirit Instructions & Guidance, 33,
Chapter 10 – Dialogue with Spirit, 43,
Chapter 11 – Conclusion, 49,

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