A Human Element

A Human Element

by Donna Galanti
4.3 16


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A Human Element 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
StephOrtiz More than 1 year ago
It's got all the elements! Donna Galanti found just the right mix of the supernatural and humanity to make these characters alive. I fell right into Laura and Ben's world and rooted for them, both individually and as a couple, until the end. A well-rounded page-turner. It's an epic story that sticks with you long after the last word. Lucky for us, there's more to come...A HUMAN ELEMENT isn't the last of its kind. Looking forward to her reviving them in the sequel she's writing now, A HIDDEN ELEMENT.
CSGrimaldi More than 1 year ago
This is a fast-paced, great read from a debut author. The story of Laura and Ben took off from the first page with an explosive beginning. Galanti keeps the cliffhangers coming. This book has a great mix of the paranormal, sci-fi, love, loss, redemption, and horror to ramp up the excitement. A good comparison would be early Dean Koontz with a bit more romance. Galanti is skilled at creating characters to root for as well as pity and fear. As the story reached the final lap I wanted to keep turning the pages – yet not wanting it to end. With an end open for more, I certainly hope there is a sequel in sight – and soon!
marielamba More than 1 year ago
Here's a page-turner filled with fascinating twists and turns! Galanti’s debut novel features Laura Armstrong, an endearing heroine with a mysterious past, a big heart and a future filled with dread and peril. The last third of the novel is a race to the finish, and I was glued to the pages, hoping the characters I’d grown to love would finally find the peace they deserved. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. Galanti’s debut is a thrilling ride full of believable characters, a terrifying villain, an epic battle for survival, and a love worth killing for. Highly recommended!
Jen1984JC More than 1 year ago
This book is absolutely amazing!! The story line was fresh and new, the writers style allowed the book to flow effortlessly. I'd recommend this book!! The story has everything in it, romance, thriller, adventure, and the main characters coming to understand their true selves. A definite must read for anyone looking for a new author and an awesome book.
Randi0 More than 1 year ago
A Human Element is great novel with everything you want from a good read - a likable leading lady, a slightly broken, but intriguing handsome leading man, a really scary bad guy, mystery and even a touch of the supernatural. This is definitely a book I couldn't put down. Right from the start you can relate to Ben, and know that despite his bad luck he is going to turn out to be the kind of guy you can count on later. The characters make this book so enjoyable. Laura is broken in her own ways, but sweet and good with special powers that suit her personality. The man in black who shows up every where and makes you wonder what he is getting out of this whole thing and how is he involved. The sweet-hearted old neighbor who protects Laura when everyone else around her is meeting with horrific deaths. When Ben and Laura get together you just hope that they will defeat whatever "dark cloud" is following them. Add all this to a bit of the supernatural and a terrifying, unexplainable evil - and you've got a story that you hope has a sequel.
Dobsew More than 1 year ago
A Human Element is the story of Laura Armstrong, a female heroine who entered the world as a surprise and destined to save the world from pure evil. We follow Laura as she grows up, discovering that she has special abilities that include saving lives and moving objects around her, as well as watch her deep sorrow as she drastically loses each of her loved ones to horrific deaths. When fate brings Ben Fielding into Laura's world, they start to unravel the truth behind who has killed Laura's friends and family and that the evil that has caused all the sorrow is after Laura as the ultimate kill. This book has it all, as the story develops the reader is brought along a journey full of suspense, horror, violence, romance and friendship that twists at every turn. I really liked how it is not based on one point of view, different characters have their own thoughts and life changing moments that draw them together to the one place where it all began. This is a great debut from Ms Galanti, she has kept the momentum flowing throughout this book and as it reaches the final third the pace picks up making it a real page turner.
TammyArc More than 1 year ago
Donna Galant captured my attention from the first page. I highly recommend A HUMAN ELEMENT to anyone who enjoys a refreshing new story with a perfect combination of paranormal, Sci-Fi, and suspense. Well written with strong characters it's a page turner for sure and so unpredictable I could hardly wait to see what would happen next.
Melhay More than 1 year ago
*I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Donna Galanti and Auspicious Apparatus Press. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it. Chase is a new voice for me. In the first chapter I wanted a little more emotion from him, to feel Ben's excitement at looking at the starts and his stunned sorrow at what happened when the meteorite hit. After listening, Chase did do some softer tones with the female characters or deeper tone if noted for a male character. But not a lot of difference between characters other than that. Chase was an okay voice for me. The audio felt clean and no mistakes while I listened. We have two characters we follow through their lives, Laura and Ben. Ben lives a completely different life than Laura, it's a bit darker in growing up and living. We see little things that Laura does to help those she meets and cares for. Ben...I wasn't sure he has any abilities, but he's had a rough life after the meteorite crashed into the cabin his parents were in. We get the answer to why Ben is so important. But Laura has abilities and we see that from the beginning. There is something more to her. I know the beginning is building up our relationship with the main characters, building who they are from main events in their lives. But it felt slow for me. We get glimpses of their lives over the years, moments that are (I guess) to be huge impacts on them. I liked Laura but not Ben as much. I should feel bad for Ben with his upbringing, but I just didn't feel it. Laura makes a vow when her parents die, to never use her powers again. I found this to not connect for me. She wasn't there to try to help them when they died, so that wouldn't connect to her powers. The other two vows, yes they fit and connect. Though I grew to accept this vow as the book progressed. We get most of the story between Laura and Ben. But there are a few moments that we get from others. The other views share input on if that person is really good or bad, or shares about things we don't know yet. These characters are interesting and highly influential to out main characters. Each chapter gives us the year it's happening in. We also get told how old everyone is. It's specifically given, so we don't have to do that math but feels like it's an extra in each chapter. After a while, I got tired of being told. In the chapters there are moments where we reflect on things that happened or how the character came to this moment. Sometimes, with being audio, I would get confused as to when I am in their lives. But then the author would give a solid line that lets me know what I read was a reflective moment and where we are now. There's a lot of reflective moments. I struggled with believing Laura and her reasoning. At times it felt like she was doing what the author wanted, not living her life. That sounds strange as it's written by the author, but her movements didn't feel to have a continuous flow for me all the time, she was going through the actions of the story. I guess it's more I just didn't feel the sympathetic or empathetic feel for the characters. The story felt traditional in the genre it's written. This isn't a bad thing, just didn't wow me either.
readerbynight More than 1 year ago
I have never read a book that was so alive, so twisted and yet so vulnerable. I don't know how to describe this book. It was horror, love, loneliness, connectivity; it will toy with your emotions. It kept me in its grip from beginning to end. I wanted more; I felt this book; I wanted everything to be alright yet not; I wanted to know what would become of humanity and inhumanity. Lucky for me, this was book one of a trilogy. I was held in a death-grip wondering what would come next every step of the way. Just when the worst would be happening, good would appear from what would appear to be nowhere. I was in awe of how Donna Galanti could maneuver my mind in so many ways with her words. She has an amazing array of feelings that she works to a frenzy then calms. I have never read a book that was so alive, so twisted and yet so vulnerable. It is the ultimate in a personal war of good and evil. It is a possibility of whatever, whoever may reside on a dying planet. This is a book I will clearly not forget, because I will have to read the next and the next. There is strength in all of us, we don't always use it, but it is there when we need it. Laura Armstrong has strength and compassion of a very special kind, in fact she is a very special girl. Horrific things have happened in her life, but she is a survivor. Ben Fieldstone has also lived through horrific events, but has come out in need of help, he doesn't feel strength or love. They are connected but neither knows how. Bereaved as children, they've never met. But they are connected, perhaps by the man in black that always seems to be there to calm a crisis. If you want to be thrilled, terrified, enthralled, I know you will enjoy this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just finished reading The Human Element by Donna Galanti and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I could not put it down until I finished it. The characters were very compelling. The plot line was enticing and well written. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys well written dramas with lots of action that hold your interest..
Kiribear13 More than 1 year ago
A Human Element is written by Donna Galenti and is the first book in the Element Trilogy. The book revolves around 3 main characters, Laura Armstrong an adopted girl who exhibits amazing healing abilities, Ben Fieldstone, a boy whose past links to the site of her birth, and X-10 or Charlie who has a darkness within and has been fueled to anger and an obsession with Laura that has turned to black hatred as he is forced to watch her from afar. A Human Element covers a span of time periods as we watch the characters grow and develop into whom they are, shaped by forces around them. Each of these characters knows loss in a painful way. Donna was not afraid to face painful and REAL issues head on. There are definitely some areas that graphically deal with encounters such as rape, addiction/depression and death that seem to follow each character. If you are overly sensitive to any of these issues you may find some parts are painful to read. Galenti did an amazing job of bringing each character to life, whether ancillary or main, they will all be as if before your eyes. I also must commend her on adding in the realism and “humanity” aspect so that no character is 100% perfect or 100% evil. This book is one of many dark twists and turns and leaving you with many questions that cause you to pass through the pages wanting to know more. Galenti is a superb storyteller and is one that we will see more from in the future. She has the gift of bringing her story to live, the visualization and attention to detail in both character and setting make her rise above many other independent authors that do not devote the time to show a true love for their story as it is transformed into the written form. Overall, I award this book 4/5 stars. This is an amazing story in the stages of development, although it could definitely be cleaned up a bit (at least on the Kindle copy that I read). This would help eliminate any break in flow. Otherwise, the story was really great and definitely worth the read. This is definitely a story unlike any you have read before. If you are into sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, suspense, romance, fiction, young adult, etc you will definitely want to check this one out! *I received this book for free in exchange for a fair and honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you like poor grammar, gore for the sake of gore, exposition and boring characters this is your book. By page 200 absolutely nothing had happened that was interesting and it was time to quit. Just couldn’t go through one more boring dream or slimy nonsensical murder.
WordKatt More than 1 year ago
Absolutely one of my favorite books  in a long while. Parananormal suspense- what a genre! This book has it all, and Galanti is a master story teller. The story begins with a young Ben experiencing what appears to me a meteorite hit a small lakeside community, forever changing his life. Nine months after that fateful night, Laura is born. Laura's life is one of loss; it seems every time she gets close to someone, they wind up dead, beginning with her mother. Years later, we follow Ben, as he retraces his steps back to that same small town, trying to get answers about his parents' deaths. Ben's life intersects with Laura, who is also back in that same small town trying to get answers herself about herself, her mother, and ultimately, why she is the way she is- and why everyone she gets close to dies.  Galanti weaves a fantastic story of suspense and real characters. Being normal and 'human' is something we all struggle with on various levels; for Laura it's more than just an expression. For her nemesis it's merely a dream and drives his anger.  At the end, when it is all coming out in the open- I love that Laura still has a profound sense of hope for her nemesis and doesn't give up. Laura is a strong female lead in this story and I love it! She is nurturing and caring to her elderly friend at the lake, as well as sensitive and able to love, even after years of strife. One of my favorites aspects of this book is hope. Galanti gives us hope in Laura, that things will all work out okay; hope for Ben, that he can wrestle his inner demons, and hope for the 'evil' that there is a glimmer of a human side to him that might allow Laura to rescue him from himself. Galanti does a great job at not only telling a fantastic story, but really drawing us into the various plot lines and feeling for the characters as they each battle their own demons. The pace is perfect and natural as breathing. It kept me coming back to see what happened next. I'm a sucker for a tragic character and the evil antagonist is perfectly tragic.  Definitely going on my Goodreads 'Favorites' Shelf!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
WolfFaerie17 More than 1 year ago
Imagine the worst disaster you can think of happening so suddenly~there is no warning. We follow this tale thru the eyes of Ben Fieldstone and Laura Armstrong. Neither of them is a stranger to tragedy which makes Ben feel unworthy and Laura always knowing love. Ben is haunted by his parent's death at age 9 and continually moved from one foster home to the next. Escapes the life his foster dad had planned for him until he could join the Navy. Laura continues to grow and discovers that she can do things that no else can like moving objects and simple healing. Laura befriends Jim Barrens whom she affectionately calls Mr. B which has a lasting impact on her life. Meanwhile far away a man is caged and kept secret from everyone. He has an unreasoning hate towards Laura. He loves to torment Laura with what he's done. A ghost-like man keeps appearing to Laura and Ben usually when something terrible happens. Who is ghost-like man? What does ghost-like man really want? Can Laura trust Mr.B's friendship? What is haunting Ben? What is Ben hiding from? What can the caged man really do? Your answers await you in A Human Element.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago