A Journal of the Crazy Year

A Journal of the Crazy Year

by Forrest Carr




A motorist snaps a horrendous photo of a jetliner plunging from the sky. It's last day of full sanity on planet Earth. For John Cruz, the horror began the previous day when he awakened to find himself in unfamiliar surroundings. He learns that he's been in a mental hospital for nearly three years - confined there for a crime he does not remember, a crime the hospital staff refuses to discuss with him. But then he discovers something even more bizarre. While he and other mental patients like him have been mysteriously recovering, the rest of the world has begun a descent into madness, thanks to a mysterious disease that causes many of its victims to go violently insane. Meanwhile, overhead a spectacular apparition splits the skies, as the largest comet in recorded history makes a close approach to the planet Earth. And some believe there's a connection. Now John has just one goal: to protect the woman he loves from the growing chaos.

If you think all this sounds too far-fetched to be anything other than fiction-guess again. The plague at the heart of A Journal of the Crazy Year was inspired by a real pandemic-one that struck early in the 20th century, afflicting hundreds of thousands, before disappearing as mysteriously as it had arrived, with no cause and no cure ever having been found. What would happen if it comes back again in an even more virulent form?

A Journal of the Crazy Year is as relevant as this morning's headlines. Find out why readers and critics alike agree: you've never read an apocalyptic or "zombie" novel quite like this one.

"Fresh thinking and feeling animate this heartfelt postapocalyptic novel.... The book is stuffed with untrimmable, character-driven, cogent dialogue, and Carr's sincere investment in the concept of people groping their way through hell on Earth makes his story a fascinating read all the way to its chilly, barely hopeful conclusion.
--Publisher's Weekly

"A pandemic helps humanity destroy itself in this wry apocalyptic thriller.... Author Carr (Messages, 2013) does an exemplary job portraying the media circus surrounding the comet and the possibility of flesh-eating mobs.... Early on, Carr employs jet-black humor reminiscent of Vonnegut.... A truly unconventional ending makes for a worthy trip. A great case made for the idea that the end isn't nigh-it's already here."
--Kirkus Reviews

"Carr's impressive scientific and historical details elaborately frame the danger of the unknown. The origins of the comets and some cool references to Atlantis and the Genesis flood, interestingly make a point that history is about to repeat itself. There's education and mystification in the midst of the thrilling narrative, and they fit well.... There's a World War Z-feel to this journalistic approach, and Carr-a journalist himself-makes his voice sound introspective and personal."

"I don't usually like a lot of the Sci-Fi horror zombie type books that come across my desk.... This one surprised me. I loved it.... Will look forward to more from this author."
--The Voracious Reader Blog

"This was magnificent. I know this will stay with me for a while."
"Bee" 5-Star Amazon.com reader review

"This is a unique take on a "zombie" type of book which made it fun and interesting! ....The twists and turns make it hard to put down (thanks for no sleep that night when I found myself finishing it up at 4 am on a work night!) and the ending was just so unexpectedly PERFECT."
"RandiTS" 5-Star Amazon.com reader review

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ISBN-13: 9781500300951
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/05/2015
Pages: 284
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Forrest Carr graduated from the University of Memphis with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications in May of 1980. He spent 33 years in the television news industry, and was a news director in the Tampa, Fort Myers, Albuquerque, and Tucson television markets. Carr has received or shared credit in more than 90 professional awards, including a Suncoast Regional Emmy for investigative reporting, two regional Edward R. Murrow awards for investigative reporting, a Walter Cronkite large-market station award for excellence in television political journalism, and most recently, a national Edward R. Murrow station award for best website. Carr is the author of Messages, a "buddy journalist" crime novel and journalism exposé set in a 1980's newsroom, and is a co-author of Broadcast News Handbook, a college textbook published by McGraw-Hill, now in its fifth edition. He writes a blog entitled The Bashful Bloviator, and recently went on the air as a talk radio host and journalist. Carr is a long-time fan of old school science fiction, particularly the works of Robert Heinlein. He resides with his wife Deborah and their two cats Ellis and Mina, a.k.a. Butthead 1 and Butthead Also, in Tucson, Arizona.

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