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A Journey of Honor

A Journey of Honor

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A Journey of Honor

Commander Jack Stewart, former U.S. Naval Aviator, now a member of the Royal Navy and seconded to MI-6, is back in England after rescuing Erich Von Wollner. The German was Hitler's Executive Assistant for three years and also the most highly placed agent for British Intelligence. Furious with the lapse in security Heinrich Himmler, head of the SS, orders his best "troubleshooter" to go to England and kill Von Wollner. Colonel Karl Dietrich is a legend in the SS. Holder of the Knight's Cross, he has successfully conducted numerous missions behind enemy lines. Dietrich and his younger partner, Wermacht Capt Gerhard Lutjens are landed by submarine and rendezvous with two German agents.
Eva Papenhausen is one of the German agents, but she is also working for British Intelligence (MI-5). She realizes the SS commando she was going to turn in was the boy she grew up with in Cologne. Eva is still in love with him. For a long time Karl Dietrich has had concerns about the course of Germany. Still a loyal member of the SS, he has become particularly disturbed by the treatment of the Jews. After much soul searching he arrives at a personal decision to abort his mission and turn himself into the British.
During the debrief of Von Wollner, Stewart stumbles upon a possible German plan to be implemented if the war is going to be lost. The plan involves using the V-2 rocket system which is about to go operational. Instead of using conventional explosives, these warheads will be loaded with Sarin. The primary target is London. Estimates of casualties are in the tens of thousands. The deadly nerve agent was discovered by German scientists in the late thirties and is now part of their chemical weapons program. Using code breakers at Bletchley Park, Jack and his team determine there is an active program which is about to go operational. The plan is codenamed The Valkyrie Contingency.
The intelligence analysts are able to locate the facility where the Sarin will be mated with the warheads. The facility is run by a brutal SS commander and was built by slave labor. Jack's team puts together a plan to monitor the facility with a team of local partisans. Stewart also decides to approach Dietrich to enlist his help on the mission. Dietrich tells Jack he is willing to take part in the mission. The two parachute into Eastern Germany and join with a group of Polish partisans who had taken part in the rescue of Von Wollner. The partisans are highly suspicious of the former SS officer. The leader of the Poles puts his honor on the line and his men grudgingly agree to cooperate.
Two of the partisans are captured by the Germans, including the fiancé of the leader of the Polish group. Both of the partisans are brutalized by the SS. Jack and Karl, wearing SS uniforms, enter the camp and rescue the two. Unfortunately the Gestapo is now aware that something is happening.
A mission is mounted by RAF Bomber Command to destroy the facility. With the mission in the air, the train delivering the Sarin is delayed on a siding outside the camp. Jack and Karl board the train and are able to drive it into the blazing inferno started by incendiary bombs. Karl is severely injured during this action. He is carried by the Polish partisans to a rendezvous with one of Jack's team members and Dietrich's partner Lutjens. They manage to avoid the German forces which are searching for them and make it to a secluded valley. The Germans do finally stumble on them and following a fierce firefight the commandos are able to get to a Hudson bomber and escape to England.
In England, the decision has been made at the highest level (Churchill) that a new organization will be formed as part of the preparation for the post war world. Jack and his diverse group of commandos are selected to be the initial cadre of this undercover organization. They are to use their skills in clandestine operations and blend that with the growing world of technical intelligence gathering. The intent is for them to be ready to handle the 'dirty jobs' which everyone knows will await a world trying to sort out national interests. A secluded country manor house becomes the headquarters for this new elite organization.
Jack blends the team into a deadly and effective weapon for both Britain and the West as the war winds down. This group of British, American, German and Polish men and women allow nationalities to blur as they fight for what they know is right. This is the prototype of MI-6's 'Double Oh' organization.
The new organization's first major coup is linking up with a shadow group that exists within the German military intelligence services. This group, called "the Network," is led by Reinhard Gehlen, a senior German intelligence officer and future head of West G

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BN ID: 2940012079114
Publisher: Jupiter Pixel
Publication date: 02/09/2011
Series: Jack Steward Trilogy , #2
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About the Author

John Schork graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy and went on to spend 26 years in Naval Aviation. He commanded an A-6 Intruder squadron, VA-95 and Naval Air Station Whidbey Island. Currently he resides with his wife Carole in Sammamish, Washington.

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