A Journey of Words: 35 Short Stories

A Journey of Words: 35 Short Stories


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ISBN-13: 9780615934297
Publisher: Scout Media
Publication date: 09/01/2016
Series: Of Words , #2
Pages: 618
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 1.37(d)

Table of Contents

Brian Paone - The Whaler's Dues
2.S.M. - Secrets of Our Grandfathers
3.Marlon S. Hayes - Daddy's Boy
4.J.M. Ames - The Last Ride
5.M.R. Ward - The Open Road
6.Laurie Gardiner - Retribution
7.S.W. Anderson - The Last Human
8.Arielle Williams - Counting Lambs & Lions
9.Lauren Nalls - Loose Ends
10.Tricia DiSandro - Babes in Thailand
11.Christopher Broom - Dream Runners
12.David Williams - Get Your Kicks on Route 66
13.Douglas Esper - Broken Wing
14.K.N. Johnson - Deadhead Mile
15.Travis West - The Errandsman's Folly
16.Amanda Summerbell - Marge
17.Susan Gibbons - 21 Minutes
18.Randy Blazak - Ants of Uranus!
19.Victoria Griffin - Bottom of the River
20.Jacklynn M. Desmond - Six Miles to Suring
21.Dawn Taylor - The Double Nickel Tour
22.William Thatch - The Highway
23.D.T. Sako - Baby-Blue Bug
24.M.L. Rose - Symphony for the Deaf
25.Amy Hunter - Core
26.Dennis Doty - The Flying Tiger
27.Patricia Stover - Creepers
28.Carl D. Jenkins - Jurassic Station
29.E.C. Rohm - Secondhand Doll
30.Kate Sullivan - To Teddy
31.Rebecca R. Pierce - Shambles
32.Uni Brown - The Healers
33.Siân Davies - 164 from Stoke
34.Harry Novak - An Unfortunate Lift
35.Andrea Barrios - Conversations with the Serpent

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