A Journey through Ten Thousand Veils: The Alchemy of Transformation on the Sufi Path

A Journey through Ten Thousand Veils: The Alchemy of Transformation on the Sufi Path

by Sheikha Maryam Kabeer
A Journey through Ten Thousand Veils: The Alchemy of Transformation on the Sufi Path

A Journey through Ten Thousand Veils: The Alchemy of Transformation on the Sufi Path

by Sheikha Maryam Kabeer

Paperback(2nd Edition)

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A Journey Through Ten Thousand Veils is an in-depth account of the journey of the soul on the path of return to its Lord. Sheikha Maryam Kabeer was guided on her journey of profound transformation and illumination to meet and be guided by Awakened Spiritual Masters on the path of awakening, leading to the realization of the deep truth that all lives are interconnected by the Grace and in the Presence of the One Exalted Creator of them all. Born into a liberal Jewish family in Hollywood, she was guided to Berkeley, and then to Afghanistan, India, Nepal, and monasteries in Europe, ultimately to embrace Islam in Hebron (El Khalil), near Jerusalem. In following the example of Abraham (a.s.), Father of all the monotheistic religions, and while praying in the blessed Masjid al Aqsa, in which the spirits of all the Prophets (as) are assembled in eternal prayer and unity, in her spiritual practice, she was guided to penetrate the myth that there must be conflict between the descendants of the great servant of God, who was sent by the Creator, as were all the Prophets (as) to guide humanity to His Path of Truth. This book is a significant and revealing social and spiritual commentary, which dispels, as well, many other myths and stereotypes, such as the proposition that women are oppressed in Islam. On the contrary, it is by entering into the heart of Islam, guided by the Divine Light transmitted through great Spiritual Masters, that she was liberated, elevated, and blessed to serve the Creator and His creation with ever deeper sincerity and illumined faith.Travel with her on her epic journey in order to gain the knowledge that may also set you free.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781597849470
Publisher: Tughra Books
Publication date: 12/22/2021
Edition description: 2nd Edition
Pages: 463
Sales rank: 247,863
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 8.65(h) x 1.32(d)

About the Author

Sheikha Maryam Kabeer is a Sufi master and a frequent speaker on Islam and Sufism.

Table of Contents

Foreword xv

Chapter 1 Impressions Which Formed Me 25

Southern California, 1946-62

Chapter 2 UC Berkeley - Flying into the Open Sky 41

Berkeley, California, 1962-69

Chapter 3 Setting out on the Path 59

Orient Express and Afghanistan, 1969

Chapter 4 Entrance to India 65

Chapter 5 In Search of Maharaj-Ji 71

Crisscrossing India and Nepal, 1970

Chapter 6 An Oasis in the Desert: Meeting With A Mystical Sheikh 85

Discovering Islam in the Holy Cities of Tabriz and Ma shad, Iran, 1970

Chapter 7 Saved by Grace - Iran, Turkey and Bulgaria, 1971 95

Chapter 8 Who Am I? In the City Flowing with Light 101

Amsterdam, 1971

Chapter 9 Life in the Monasteries 111

Chevetogne, Belgium and the French Alps, 1972

Chapter 10 Culture Shock, Longing to Return to Sanctified Land 121

California, Colorado and New Mexico, 1973

Chapter 11 Embracing Islam in El Khali, The Place of Abraham (as) 129

Jerusalem and Hebron, 1974

Chapter 12 Praying in the Dome of the Rock Jerusalem, 1974 139

Chapter 13 Building the Adobe Mosque 149

Watering the Seeds of Islam Planted in the Holy Land | Lama Foundation, Taos, New Mexico, 1975

Chapter 14 Arrival in the Presence of the Awakened One 157

Philadelphia, 1979-1986

Chapter 15 The Resonance of Allah, the Ever-Deepening Experience of Prayer Colombo 173

Sri Lanka & Philadelphia, 1980-2000

Chapter 16 The Vale of Kashmir, Deeply Blessed and Deeply Stressed 195

Srinagar, Kashmir, 1992

Chapter 17 Mecca, Medina and the Mountain of Light 205

Saudi Arabia, 1996

Chapter 18 Return to the Continent of Origin Allahu Wahidun! 225

Senegal, West Africa and the US, 1999-2001

Chapter 19 Walking in the Footsteps of the Friends of God 245

Dakar, Gabon, Lambarene and Mayumba, 2000

Chapter 20 The Therapy of Liberation, a Journey of Consecration 259

Senegal, Mauritania, Morocco and Mauritius, 2003

Chapter 21 Traveling on a Mission of Healing and Peace 275

India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Kashmir, 2003-2004

Chapter 22 In the Time Allotted Before We Must Go | Out of the Context of Time and Space 297

Chapter 23 Surely, with Difficulty Comes Ease 317

Chapter 24 A Prophetic Legacy is Revealed 329

Chapter 25 The Way of Muhammad as Manifested in the Life and Teaching of Sheikh Harun Faye al-Faqir 338

Chapter 26 Guidance on the Inner Journey 355

Sacred Words and Teachings Come to Life

Chapter 27 Transmission of Grace Through the Coalescing Network 365

Chapter 28 Uniting in the Light 375

Chapter 29 The Unending Circle of Praise 387

Chapter 30 The Alchemy of Journeying with the Sheikh 399

Chapter 31 As We Become Sanctuaries of Peace and the Spiral Ascends 409

Chapter 32 Through Doorways of Life and Death, For All Humanity, A Call to Prayer, A Call to Awakening 429

Chapter 33 Lailat'ul Isra Wal Mi"raj The Exalted Night Journey of The Holy Prophet (saw) And Its Significance for Humanity 441

Chapter 34 The Endless End: Eternal Prayer 457

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