A Journey to the Heart of Jesus: Guideposts Along the Way

A Journey to the Heart of Jesus: Guideposts Along the Way

by J. Peter Sartain


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ISBN-13: 9781612787688
Publisher: Our Sunday Visitor, Publishing Division
Publication date: 02/05/2014
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments 7

Introduction 8

Chapter 1 Discipleship is a Pilgrimage 11

A Pilgrimage, Not a Freeway 11

Christ Is the Way and Destination 15

Learning the Art of Seeking God's Will 18

Christian Stewardship Is a Response to God's Generosity 21

Signs That We Belong to Christ 24

Searching Beyond the Best 27

Surrendering to Jesus' Teaching 30

Defined by God's Desires 33

Am I an Admirer or a Follower? 36

Each of Our Days Is in God's Hands 39

Chapter 2 Keeping Our Perspective Along the Way 43

Grounded in God's Strength 43

God Wants Us to Soar 47

Love Places Those Dear to Us in God's Heart 51

God Can Use Both Weeds and Wheat 55

Our Patron Saints Choose Us 58

Using Words to Build Up (Not to Tear Down) 61

More on the Power of Words 64

Our Daily Sustenance Comes From God 67

The Gift of Fear: Fruit of a Filial Love 70

Offering Encouragement and Sharing the Strength of Christ 73

True Wisdom Comes Through a Relationship With Jesus 76

Chapter 3 Removing Stumbling Blocks 79

Jesus Heals Spiritual Blindness 79

Transforming Rocks Into Seeds 82

Examining Myself in Light of My Pet Peeves 85

God's Love Brings Order to Our Souls 88

Speaking the Truth in Love 91

God Accepts Us Even in Our Humiliations 94

Removing the Risk: Giving Our Hearts to What Satisfies 97

Letting Go of Grudges 100

Simple Steps to Growth in God's Friendship 103

Letter to a Friend on Forgiveness 106

Chapter 4 Encountering God in Prayer 109

Allowing God to Teach Us to Pray 109

The Present Is Full of God's Presence 112

Intercession: Sharing in the Prayer of Jesus 115

Giving Ourselves to God More and More 118

Sigh of Sadness - Prayer of Surrender 121

God Turns His Face Toward Us 124

Called to Intimate Love 127

Responding to the God Who Has Chosen Me 130

Chapter 5 Sharing in the Fruit of the Cross 133

Deeply Rooted - Supported by Love 133

Pain Is Healed in Works of Self-Giving 137

Handing Ourselves Over to God 140

Bringing Comfort and Peace to Those in Fear 144

In Stress and Frustration, God's Grace Is Sufficient 147

Leaning on Jesus in Time of Temptation 150

Never Stop Seeking God 153

Experiencing Life's Sufferings in Company With Christ 156

Aunt Merles Lesson on Pain 159

Chapter 6 Alive for God in Christ Jesus 163

The Wonder of Being Human 163

Our Freedom as Children of God 166

Building a World Sensitive to Human Dignity 169

Reading Life Through God's Lenses 172

Instruments of God's Goodness 175

"The Name of That Boat Was Love" 178

Lifted High, Pulled Deep Into His Heart 181

Chapter 7 god's surprise choice: a witness for our time 185

St. John Paul II: We Were Drawn to Christ by Christ 185

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