A Journey Toward the Light: On Waves of Challenges - Spiritual Stories about Often Hard But Mostly Blissful Search for the Truth

A Journey Toward the Light: On Waves of Challenges - Spiritual Stories about Often Hard But Mostly Blissful Search for the Truth

by Andrew Miros Aw Bukraba


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These stories are dedicated to You Dear Reader, You who are an individualized projection of the Oneness, You, who are predestined, by making, before incarnating on Earth, the conscious choice, to have an opportunity to read them. If this statement is at present for You too enigmatic I guarantee that later its meaning will become clearly understandable. I'd like also to add here that these stories are also, maybe even especially, dedicated to those who will not have a chance to read them because they live in a suppression of freedom and often are not even aware that they are having Free will projections of the Oneness. Met on my Path Light Bearers have assured me that those last mentioned will not be ignored but accessed and spiritually elevated in a more subtle way then rest of humanity.

I wish You all to attune to Sat, Chit, Ananda ‒ Truth of Existence, Consciousness and Bliss and realize for now and ever that Tat Twam Asi - Thou Art That!

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ISBN-13: 9781496905291
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 05/20/2014
Pages: 506
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A Journey Toward The Light

By Andrew Miroslaw Bukraba

AuthorHouse LLC

Copyright © 2014 Andrew Miroslaw Bukraba
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4969-0529-1



It all happened once upon a time long, long ago, when television was not yet invented, and even the radio was not commonly used. The children in those days were never bored. It all happened in an auspicious year of a Comet. The black magicians were predicting the end of the world, but for one young boy it was just the beginning—a turn in a very, very interesting life.'

Spring reigned in all its beauty throughout the high country. It was just after the snows had melted, and the milky coffee colored waters had departed to the distant sea through the mighty rivers. The mountains breathed the invigorating spring air and still retained on their tops some white patches of snow. The brown bears had awoken in their caves after their long winter-sleep. They were now rebuilding their strength, eating the easy-to-catch rainbow trout, which were abundant in all the rivers and streams. The wandering white clouds were moving slowly like pilgrims, passing between the peaks, occasionally combed by the dark cones of slim spruce trees. The narrow, long cultivation fields formed gigantic steps descending down the slopes to the green valley. Through the meadow between the boulders flowed a crystal clear, rapid stream. Its green banks were decorated by clusters of yellow marsh marigolds; above all dominated a volcano, many millions of years old, which had died long ago. Spreading out for miles, the chain of mountain ranges covered the land like an enormous octopus. The feeling of serenity was all-pervading.

On the porch of a tiny wooden house situated near the stream sat two people—a boy, maybe ten years old, and an old tattered man with long silver hair and a fluffy beard, who in spite of his advanced age was still full of vitality. An indefinable optimism and warmth radiated from him. The old man smiled all the time through sparkling gray eyes; he was an Old Traveler. The boy and the old man had never met before, but talked like only the best of friends can talk, meeting again after years of separation. The Old Traveler earned his living by fixing aluminum pots. He looked up over a pot, which he was repairing, and smiling softly at the boy said,

"You, my young friend, will become a Traveler like me; ahead of you is a long, very long journey. You will go on a quest to find what you, in fact, already have in its fullness. You will adopt this as a name and be called Traveler. Soon you will forget what I am saying, but your destiny has to be fulfilled in due time. The sun of many countries will burn your face. Your feet will endure the cold of snows and the heat of desert sands. You will cry for Freedom, believing that you are hopelessly bound, but you will not be able to get it a second time, because you are already Free. To understand this will take you more than forty years of intensive, hard searching. The secret of Freedom is in the fearlessness. You cannot be fearless and experience Freedom as long as you believe that your body, which can be harmed, is you, and that you own anything. It will take time, but you will learn to give up everything, and to live as a Witness—to respond rather than to react. You will learn to be Nothing, and to surrender to The Highest. You will attain a state of 'darkness,' as I call it. The waters of events will fall on you but you will never get wet, like a duck in the rain. The praises and abuses of people will not affect you. You will learn to work hard and through free will, not from a feeling of duty. A Free Man is not an idler at all and he has attachment neither to his work nor to the fruits of his actions. You will have an incredibly intensive, fascinating, but also very difficult life. Those who hate the integrity of free people will sometimes try to kill you. But do not worry, you are protected! On the way you will meet a few Light Bearers. Some you will not recognize, some you will. Ultimately, your Eternal Guide will find you and call you. Through Him you will find a way to Silence. You will receive the teachings of Wisdom, inexpressive in the human language. Gradually, you yourself will become a Light Bearer. Look around you! Listen! Words, words, unending empty words! The restless minds have to express themselves externally in cascades of mostly meaningless sounds. There is no exception, no escape from it. It is a chain reaction. Ignorance can only be communicated by words. The deeper the ignorance, the more words are necessary to express it. Wisdom, on the contrary, can only germinate in Silence. Only in Silence can it grow and mature, and only in Silence can it be transmitted to those who are able to stop the chatting of their minds and plunge, with confidence, into the calm waters of Silence.

"Words, words, words. What can be said by words? Only trivial things! Those who think they know, know nothing, but talk a lot. Only he, who knows that he does not know, knows IT. But most of the time he keeps silent. What can he say? To whom can he speak? Silence, all pervading Silence is shouting in its eloquence the Wisdom of a Single Truth. IT speaks to him who is in Silence, to him who does not want to know any more. On what can he even meditate? What can he gain by another thought? Why should he create another illusion? Silence of Existence is singing the praises of the Eternal One, The Highest. Is it not better to listen to it, just to be? This is the Highest Knowledge, all else is better to ignore and to consider as worthless. Silence, Silence, Silence. In IT the universe disappears, time loses its power. Existence and nonexistence become dreamlike illusions. Pain and pleasure, darkness and light seem to be only a modification of the mind. What is the mind? Is it not only a parade of thoughts? Then, it is unreal and ceases to exist when we stop thinking. The Highest has to manifest the ideas projected by the mind. It is a law of creation. Thoughts are seeds of creation. From thoughts things are born! There is no other way for individuals to live in the illusions, or to stop thinking and transcend them. But for the Witness, the highest Bliss is in the witnessing of Beingness, not in interacting with the illusions of unreality and the endless creations of uncontrolled thinking. The decoration of the stage is not necessary. Why does the Real have to act on the stage of unreal space and time? He is The Real. Is it not better to give up all and be, just be? BE HIM? Is there anything on Earth He can gain? What can make Him more Him? He Is, and this is the Highest Truth. To be in Silence, to live eternally in Peace is the highest achievement a human can aim for. Never think that you are weak or limited. It is a gravest sin. You are the Greatest!

"My boy, now you do not understand much of what I am telling you. Never mind, you are still pure. My words are the seeds, which will slowly grow on this fertile soil. Many years will pass until you understand all of it, many more until you live it in everyday life. You are really a lucky one. You will meet face to face with The Highest, who is going to incarnate on this planet soon. You will be born again. You will have three parents. It doesn't make any sense, does it? Wait, when your hair is silver, as mine is now, you will have grown into the shape SHE preset for you in the beginning of Time. Are you surprised that I am saying She? Wait, the future will show you some surprising things. Then, you will neither ask for anything, nor search any more. You will rest in Peace, working hard, and be totally satisfied with what life will give you. Now, my boy, sit facing our Father Sun and let us be quiet for a while. I am using too many words. Now, let us talk in Silence. When I am traveling through the mountains, the forests and the fields of golden rye, I talk in Silence to the fields, to the trees, and to the animals, and they talk back to me. One day you too will learn this language of Silence, this language of Love Divine. You will understand its whispers in everything you see and meet on your way. You will merge in The Oneness."

The rays of the Sun sinking towards the west warmly caressed their faces. The Old Traveler, externally withdrawn, was abiding in dimensions not accessible to mortals. On his face was painted an expression of Bliss, an expression of union with The Highest. The boy felt a warm river of Love from both the Old Traveler and the Sun, flowing toward him and filling his heart. In this brief experience of Silence, he was initiated by the Silence and he became a Traveler.

The doors of the little wooden house opened and an old lady appeared. She was slim, simply dressed, with a very pale face. Her silver gray hair was neatly combed and tied up at the back of her head. She smiled toward them and stood silently watching the boy, waiting for the Old Traveler to come back from his glide into Eternity. A feeling of serenity and Peace surrounded her. The boy was surprised to see her. It was clearly expressed on his face. He had lived for a few years just two houses away, but had never seen her before. His friends had often said that an old lady, who never buys any food and is rarely seen outside, lives in that small house. He obviously hadn't believed them. He thought the house must be deserted since its window shutters were always closed.

"This is your Older Sister," said the Old Traveler, regaining his normal consciousness.

"You will meet her again in the future. She is crystallizing here to permanently abide in Peace. She is my wife. We met more than sixty years ago and, because we were predestined to get married, we did. At the same time we chose not to start a family but rather to go on a quest in search of the ultimate Truth, to find out what is this secret of Life the philosophers are talking about. She is a Traveler too, but she travels differently than I do. She travels without going out of her house. We live separately but meet again every five years. This is our last meeting. Our time is almost over. Soon we will rest in our Eternal Abode, and give a testimony of our lives to The Highest. She will be born again on Earth, but I will stay and work in the Higher Dimensions of Existence. Now, my friend, you go back home. Your mother is anxious about what has happened to you. She is waiting with your supper."

Years passed. The boy continued his studies and in his free time, during every vacation and on weekends, he explored the villages and small towns near and far. Something was pulling him to go out and travel. He traveled on skis through snowy mountains in winter and on foot across mountain ranges in summer, reaching remote settlements where often there was no electricity or drivable roads. He felt at home everywhere and didn't hesitate to enter any house. Surprisingly, the people were not astonished to see a young boy appear out of the high forests and white, snow-decorated rocky peaks which were full of wolves and bears. They welcomed him as their own along with a dash of curiosity. They accepted him in spite of the fact he used the language of educated people, not at all fluent in a mountaineer's dialect. Evenings were spent sitting and talking, surrounded by men a few times older than him. They listened to him attentively, never interrupting and with a respect usually given only to the elders.

He was talking about mysteries of Existence; about the all-pervading conscious, intelligent and eternal energy, about the oneness in diversity. He was using simple words, trying to express that which cannot be expressed, that Single Truth. Following his words in their minds, the old villagers would effortlessly drift into that state where they experienced a glimpse of their oneness with cattle, pigs, fruit trees, fields and horses. His speech was not introducing anything new, only synthesizing and defining their preconceptions and expectations. They all lived so close to Nature that in fact no clear boundaries existed. They were simple in mind and pure in heart, these folks who greeted strangers and friends humbly but with dignity, saying, "Let Jesus Christ be praised for ages and ages." He was listening to their stories about a powerful, perverse negative spirit, called by the mountain folk Mamoona, who led people weak in character to the dangerous domains of sin, who harmed animals, who threw hail on crops ready for harvest, and who made women crazy and desirous for useless modern things. Though still a boy, he shared their supper breaking dark rye bread with the elders in communion of fellowship and brotherhood in God, as only a man does in this high country with a man. They asked him often for advice in family matters and farm problems, and advice was given. His lack of experience due to his young age was not a hindrance. The Old Traveler's wisdom was speaking through him. He was a channel only—knowing nothing he knew much. The boy and Old Traveler traveled separately, but the boy served as the Old Traveler's assistant and apprentice.

Years again passed by. The little boy became a man. He had almost forgotten all about The Oneness, the Single Truth. He was traveling a lot now, from one end of his country to the other. He was also traveling to other countries, but now he was not talking to people about Existence and Consciousness. He was exploring the fields not accessible to boys. He became interested in the enjoyments of the senses. Often, however, feeling guilty he escaped from himself into the unconsciousness of drunkenness and after awakening felt even guiltier. In trying to balance himself, he often suffered.

More years passed by. He felt all the time that something was missing, that this was not what he really wanted. He finished his studies and, climbing the ladder of his career, became more and more influential, and more and more dissatisfied. Having a position in the government, in one of the ministries, he was subconsciously waiting nonetheless for a call, a signal to go, to leave behind all of it and to meet the

Unknown. Many times he was 'on the chariot', many times under. He was experimenting with life, searching for his limits. A few times he balanced on the edge of death. Strange, but never was he in the paralyzing possession of fear. The words of the Old Traveler shared in his childhood acted like a protecting shield, promising the unavoidable. The people in his country say, "Who is going to be hanged can't be drowned." It is very true, destiny has to be fulfilled. What has to happen will happen and nothing can happen before its time.

And then this happened when he was forty-six years old. It happened after twelve long years of worldwide wandering; after he had left his office, the acquisitions of his life and even his country. He lived in many places, in several countries, on a few continents. He had worked in so many very different fields that he could no longer keep track of them all. He met his Guru, his Eternal Guide. He met face-to-face, as predicted by the Old Traveler, the Living God. He met the manifestation of The Oneness, the Incarnation of The Highest, the Super Light Bearer. It was a lady from exotic Brazil. He was stunned. There were no thoughts, only Silence. He instantly recognized in Her eyes that well known Golden Light of Divine Love. He had seen it a few times already in the eyes of the Light Bearers whom he had met on his way. But never before had he seen eyes that were an access-gate to Infinity. The search had ended. Four years later he stopped being a Traveler. He became a Dweller in Her abode. In this haven, hidden from the materialistic-minded rabble, he met again many of his relatives, some from the time before this birth: The First Sister, The Older Sister, Hidden Brother, Brother Lyon, and many, many younger ones. Some of them were already Light Bearers, but the Guru did not yet activate their eyes. They were waiting patiently for His command and, in the meantime, they did the same work which they had done before becoming Light Bearers. Some of them wore colorful clothes, some white, but all could recognize each other while others were not aware of their state of unconsciousness. Now he was happy, fulfilled and satisfied. There was nothing to want any more and nothing to search for. The memory of the words he had heard in childhood returned and now he understood what they meant. Now there was no need for more words. He entered the Silence to absorb the final timeless teachings. His son had become a Traveler. Now it was his turn to enter The Path, to go on a quest, to search for what he already possessed in its fullness.


Excerpted from A Journey Toward The Light by Andrew Miroslaw Bukraba. Copyright © 2014 Andrew Miroslaw Bukraba. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


1. Who Is The Author?, vii,
2. Preface, ix,
3. Acknowledgements, xiii,
4. The Light Bearers, 1,
5. The Magic Touch, 9,
6. The Signposts, 12,
7. The Steps, 21,
8. Searching For The Limits, 27,
9. The Lessons, 36,
10. Sadhana On Wheels, 42,
11. Return, 44,
12. Retrospections, 68,
13. Prasad, 73,
14. Rescue, 79,
15. Loops In Time, 82,
16. On A Swing, 85,
17. Letter To My Little Sister, 91,
18. Letter To My Older Sister, 94,
19. Letter To My Indian Brother, 97,
20. Letter To Brother Gilgamesh, 104,
21. Garden, 113,
22. Force Field, 114,
23. Eternal Taj Mahal, 118,
24. Darkness, 121,
25. Closing Circle In Time, 127,
26. A Mistake In Addressing Request, 136,
27. Bluff Or Run, 144,
28. Beyond The Border, 156,
29. Beer And Sanskrit Chants, 161,
30. Ambrosia, 163,
31. A River—No River, 164,
32. A Glimpse, 169,
33. Taipan Wall—Preface, 179,
34. Taipan Wall—A Story, 184,
35. A Dream, 204,
36. A Boat, 207,
37. Who Could Guess, 215,
38. Where All Roads Meet, 228,
39. Watching The Clouds, 265,
40. Void, 275,
41. Visit, 276,
42. Undelivered Letter. 1, 281,
43. Undelivered Letter. 2, 282,
44. Undelivered Letter. 3, 284,
45. Two Love Genes, 287,
46. The Tree, 302,
47. The Illusion, 306,
48. The Minefield, 310,
49. The Man From The Kgb Dungeons, 313,
50. The Christian Bajan, 329,
51. Secret Conversation Of A Small Page, 331,
52. Talks In A Queue To The Bathroom, 367,
53. Stars, 371,
54. A Mantra, 375,
55. Unavoidable, 383,
56. Blackberries, 383,
57. The Eyes, 385,
58. Initiation, 391,
59. Last Darshan, 472,
60. Glossary, 475,
61. Credits Of Photos And Quotations, 486,

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A Journey Toward The Light: On Waves of Challenges - spiritual stories about often hard but mostly Blissful search for the Truth 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
S_Perron More than 1 year ago
If you are the type of reader who enjoys a good soul searching read and/or stories that make you think then you are likely to enjoy A Journey Toward the Light by Andrew Miroslaw Bukraba. Andrew Miroslaw Bukraba was born in the early 1940’s in Lithuania. He earned his Masters Degree in Soil Science in Poland and served in the Polish Army. He has worked and lived in 8 different countries and he has many skills ranging from being an Olympic level marksman to being an experienced Rock Climber. He is known by many names including the Traveler. In A Journey Toward the Light Andrew shares 50 short stories which are inspired by the people that he has met throughout his life. Each short story focuses on the fact that we are all members of the human race in search of the truth and of freedom. Andrews’s experiences can be clearly seen throughout the stories, especially the time that he spent at an Indian Hindu ashram. Each story revolves around a person and their relationship with a Guru, eachother, and/or their search for truth and true freedom. I enjoyed the fact that each short story really showed how we are all connected to each other as well as to the past and the future.
Robin_Perron More than 1 year ago
A Journey Toward The Light by Andrew Miroslaw Bukraba is a book of 50 short stories that are inspired by his travelling and his interactions with the inspirational people that he met along the way. Andrew Miroslaw Bukraba is a well educated man with a wide variety of experiences including time spent in the Polish Army, training with both rifles and as a mountain climber and high mountain skier. He has lived in 8 different countries including Sweden where he went to in order to escape communism. In A Journey Toward The Light Bukraba is known as the traveler whom the book refers often to. Each of the short stories center around the idea of finding freedom and truth as well as the fact that we are all members of the human race. Andrew spent some of his time in India at a Hindu ashram. You can see the influence of this time in each of the stories as they reference a Guru and a life force that we all engage with. I particularly enjoyed the fact that the stories made me think about how we are all interconnected. While I do not necessarily believe in reincarnation, I also do not dismiss the possibility of it existing so the references to it throughout the book provided me with some very interesting things to think about. Anyone who enjoys soul searching is likely to enjoy this book.
Grady1GH More than 1 year ago
'The secret of Freedom is in the fearlessness.' Australian author Andrew Miros¿aw Bukaaba a.k.a. Traveler a.k.a. Raskal a.k.a. Woodpecker - was born in 1944 in Vilnius, Lithuania. Andrew graduated in Poland with a Masters Degree in Soil Science. In the Polish Army he was in a rank of Lieutenant a commander of a tank platoon. After his studies he worked at the University, Polish Academy of Science, and later for the government both Provincial and Central. He worked and lived in eight countries - hot and cold, and visited, on his search for the Truth, many more. He is an experienced rock climber and mountaineer, pistol, rifle and AK-47 machine-gun marksman at Olympic level, but recently only shooting at sport targets. He is also a high mountains skier and martial arts fan; a life-long hobby that has served him very well, when needed, in a few difficult situations. He immigrated illegally to Sweden escaping the clutches of Communism, then moved to England and later got permission to settle in Australia. Throughout his entire life he has been a free and uncompromising seeker of the Truth, and he still is. He is a writer of short stories and poems. He spent a few years in an Indian Hindu ashram, than a few years in South India but driven by the memories of the past went back to Poland and Russia but now again is thinking where to go next. Andrew Miros¿aw, or as is more appropriate for his mission we address him as Traveler, shares over fifty short stories in this illuminating book - stories about finding truth and freedom and being a member of Humanity - inspired by Traveler's wanderings and experiences and contact with great thinkers and teachers. In a remarkable preface he touches his reader with the following words: `These stories are dedicated to You Dear Reader, You who are an individualized projection of All-What-Exists, You, who are predestined, by making, before incarnating on Earth, the conscious choice, to have an opportunity to read them. If this statement is at present for You too enigmatic I guarantee that later its meaning will become clearly understandable. I'd like also to add here that these stories are also, maybe even especially, dedicated to those who will not have a chance to read them because they live in a suppression of freedom and often are not even aware that they are Free projections of All-What-Exists. Siddhas of Arunachala have assured me that those last mentioned will not be ignored but accessed and spiritually elevated in a more subtle way. Those of You who will read my stories, as Beings of Free Will, can take them or reject them. People are usually more comfortable with their old beliefs and concepts, and have an instinctive fear of anything new or unknown. Some of the following stories are on the brink of controversy but are not controversial. My intention is to steer old beliefs and alert Readers to understanding that you, by being strong and fearless have nothing to lose but everything to gain; Freedom, Wisdom and Love. That is why this collection of stories contains many challenging and radical ideas. When reading this we must also be aware that the discussed theories, opinions, beliefs and experiences are not only possible interpretations of discussed topics, facts and evidence. The Truth `has many faces'. Many will not even want to know what I say and will choose to put their heads in the sand like an Australian ostrich does when sensing approaching danger. F. Nietzsche said not without a reason: `People don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed.' But it is sometimes necessary when intending to progress, to be able see Truth, to destroy what is outdated or false. I encourage You, the Reader, not to avoid confrontation with presented ideas, information and their interpretation but to examine them and come to your own conclusions and judgments.' Sensitivity and depth of knowledge and caring such as this demands our attention. Traveler further states, 'Feeling of belonging to the Totality of Existence, feeling of limitless Freedom, Sovereignty as an Immortal Spirit, personal and national Dignity, Respect towards all Humanity and unrestrained Liberty to choose one's own Path are all states of mind. They are independent of external conditions and political forces at play but influence them greatly. If they are not spontaneously experienced by The People then no petty laws, not even magnificent constitutions can make them Free and establish their essence as a substratum of conscious life on this planet." - The Author of belonging to the Totality of Existence, feeling of limitless Freedom, Sovereignty as an Immortal Spirit, personal and national Dignity, Respect towards all Humanity and unrestrained Liberty to choose one's own Path are all states of mind. They are independent of external conditions and political forces at play, but influence them greatly. If they are not spontaneously experienced by The People then no petty laws, nor even magnificent constitutions can make them Free and establish their essence as a substratum of conscious life on this planet." Highly recommended. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"It is rare that a single personal journey, particularly spiritual one, will be just that - only one.  Usually, any journey involves smaller ones that end up making, together, the journey.  So it is with this book-collection of incredible stories.  As with any journey, there are different stages, different stories. This book shares those stories.  Some have happened in physical realm - many have not, because we can travel with our physical bodies  and also with our Astral bodies. Almost all the journeys described within involved chance meetings, logically almost impossible to be mere coincidences,  with beings both of this physical world and from other realms, who shared with the Traveller profound, and often hard-to-believe or accept, facts and advice on how to proceed to the next journey and grow as spiritual being. Some readers may have to alter their preconceptions of how the world is, and even re-evaluate their deep-rooted beliefs, if they are to take full advantage of the wisdom contained in this amazing book. This book is for bold individuals who are not afraid to confront reality as it is and aim only on spiritual development."
VeritasVincit More than 1 year ago
This book was recommended to me by my son, who has often argued with me about spirituality, religion, faith, etc. and wanted me to take a new approach to my own understanding of all that "higher power" stuff. I've never been one to consider myself an "alternative" thinker, but I am certainly open to new things; static and stagnant in my thinking I am not. This book by Mr. Bukraba was certainly an eye-opening experience, perhaps because he writes with such conviction, and offers up some common sense ideas about how we should behave and how we should think, but not in a controlling or condescending way. The author offered ideas or alternatives to the paths most commonly tread, without any strings attached or rules to follow. This was a philosophy of letting go of convention, or recognizing your union with the rest of the universe - it put things in perspective and also urged people to let go of their narrow perspective at the same time. I don't quite understand everything I read, nor do I know if I agree/believe in everything that was shared, but this was certainly a great book to broaden your mind a bit and get a much-needed reminder that life is more than commuting, standing, sitting, kneeling, driving, eating, and sleeping. There is a gift in our existence, and it is our duty to seek it out and share it with the world. I'm glad my son recommended this one to me, and I'm sure that these ideas will continue to stimulate my curiosity and my sense of wonder. An interesting book, to say the least.
JohnJStaughton More than 1 year ago
This is the sort of book that can change a person's life - that should be stated immediately, before any other praise is lavished or recommendations are made. It is not without a bit of hesitation that I approach any book that has such powerful themes that are not only abstract and quicksilver to grasp, but also against the grain of so many other accepted and traditional ways of looking at the world. The Traveler is the ideal guide for this journey into the depths of truth and human experience, and his eyes are the perfect windows to finally see what is so often hidden from view - the possibility of life outside the mainstream, an existence that refuses to bow to any notions of right and wrong, success or failure...this spiritual perspective is one that I have recently been exposed to through my own spiritual journey into the desert of Burning Man, and so many moments within these stories rang out in my mind as reminiscent of a snippet of conversation or an hours-long impassioned discussion between strangers in the dark. Bukraba seeks out a deeper truth about existence than most people are willing to go, and by not only accessing it, but framing it in these 40 or 50 stories, he makes it possible for those without access to spiritual enlightenment to enjoy and benefit. There are so many places in the world where these sorts of ideas are seen as heretical, mad, or simply wrong, and yet they are so difficult to transmit in words and phrases; language often seems a paltry excuse for the passion of speech and experience. Somehow, the Traveler (and the author, obviously) are able to tap into that deep, permanent, and undeniable well of beauty, truth, and existential wonderment to pour out these stories before us. This was one of the most beautifully written and powerful books on spirituality and the power of the human spirit that I have ever read. I'm still moved by it - and will surely be drawn back to these pages many times in the future. Phenomenal.