A Kindle in the Kingdom: Christian Missions Strategy in the Caribbean

A Kindle in the Kingdom: Christian Missions Strategy in the Caribbean

by Randolph Walters

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A Kindle in the Kingdom: Christian Missions Strategy in the Caribbean by Randolph Walters

A Kindle in the Kingdom is a voyage through the journey of Christian missions. Christian Missions are a vital element of the growth of the Church. The history of Christian Missions is filled with challenging, fascinating and inspirational stories. This book is a study in Missions strategy and examines Christian Missions and the Holiness Movement in the Caribbean in the 20th century. It provides an overview of the origins of the Holiness Movement in the United States and in Britain. It examines re-kindling of God’s Kingdom in the Caribbean and posits that these were a consequence of spiritual awakening, renewal and revival in the United States and Britain. The book identifies three laws of missions and discusses the implications of these for Caribbean missions and theological reflection.

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ISBN-13: 9780998985701
Publisher: Randolph Walters & Associates, LLC
Publication date: 05/02/2017
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.41(d)

Table of Contents

Con t e n t s

Dedication xi

Acknowledgements xiii

Foreword xv

Introduction xix

Chapter 1 Barbados: A General Overview 1

Chapter 2 The Development of the Holiness

Movement in the United States 9

Holiness before Wesley’s Time 11

John Wesley: A Brief Sketch 13

The Holiness Revival in American

Methodism 15

The Second Great Awakening 18

The Oberlin Movement and

Charles G. Finney 22

Chapter 3 The Holiness Movement in Britain 31

Chapter 4 The Holiness Movement and

Missions to the Caribbean 37

Chapter 5 The Work of the Methodist

Missionary Society in Barbados 61

Chapter 6 Social Conditions in Barbados 75

Chapter 7 The Growth of the Wesleyan

Holiness Church 83

Early Beginnings 83

The First Mission Hall 87

Splits, Mergers and Expansions 91

Other Individual Churches 96

From Pilgrim Holiness to

Wesleyan Holiness Church 99

The Role of Women in Missions 104

A Working Class Focus 105

Chapter 8 The Relationship between Pentecostalism

and the Holiness Movement in Barbados 109

Pentecostalism and Missions 119

Socio-economic Conditions 123

Chapter 9 A Critical Evaluation: The Church and

Caribbean Missions 129

Growth 129

Relevance and Application 131

The Relationship between Evangelization

and Social Action 132

Three Laws of Missions 135

Colonialism 136

Evangelism and Social Justice 139

Perception of Spiritual Decadence 139

Chapter 10 Implications for Caribbean Missions and

Theological Reflection 145

Bibliography 151

Books 151

Reference Works 164

Articles 165

Magazines 166

Newspapers 166

Unpublished Sources 166

Non-print Sources 169

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