A Krinar World Novel

A Krinar World Novel

by Josie Walker

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When the aliens dropped out of the sky and took over the earth I was just a kid, but the course of my life was forever altered. Thanks to my mother's horrible choice in men, I was forced to grow up in an extremist cult dedicated to one day ridding the world of their inhuman enemy. Why is it I'm the only one who understands how crazy these people are?

But somehow I managed to escape before they married me off to start pumping out babies to fight the enemy. I'm working hard to build a new life for myself, one that's not full of hate, one where I'm actually worth something. I've been brought up to believe the aliens are the devil and the taxman all rolled into one, so I should know better than to fall for him. But what's that saying... the enemy of my enemy is a smoking hot alien. What have I gotten myself into?

***This Krinar World story was inspired by Anna Zaires' Krinar Worlds Series and is a full length novel of 60K+ words.

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BN ID: 2940161902462
Publisher: Lomelino Publishing
Publication date: 07/24/2018
Series: A Hot Alien SciFi Romance , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 221,473
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Juggling three small kids and a home business, Josie knows what it's like to fight for love . . . or five minutes alone with her hunky husband for that matter. So, during the day she spends her time penning the romantic tales of her feminine alter egos. She does her best to make sure that her heroes are irresistible, that the passion is sizzling, and that true love triumphs in the end. In Josie's world the supernatural reigns supreme, because even ghosts, shifters, witches, and aliens need love. You can connect with Josie on Facebook: www.facebook.com/josiewalkerbooks

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A Krinar World Novel 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
ScaroletEllis 7 months ago
Alien Entanglement by Josie Walker is an awesome story that I have read and really enjoyed reading it. This is book number one in this awesome start to a brand new series that I have read. I highly recommend this story to everyone who loves reading about Sci-Fi and paranormal romances in their stories. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
AMHolden2018 7 months ago
I really enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading the next in the series. I liked Sarah and thought the author did a good job of sharing her thoughts and why she was so hesitant to accept help. Vorek was a pretty simple guy. My only criticism of this story was the preachy veganism aspect and the environmental stuff. I don’t need this in a sci-fi romance novel. One mention would have been just fine. I received a free copy of this book and I am voluntarily leaving my honest review.
Hooked-on-Reading 7 months ago
Alien Infatuation by Josie Walker is an alien human romance set on Earth after a group of aliens called Krinar have come to save the planet from the humans destructive behavior. This book has a compelling story that had me turning each page as fast as I could read it. The characters are enchantingly believable and I fell in love with the main male character Vorek as deeply as Sarah does in this story. Vorek is the perfect example of a handsome, rich, alien, prince charming, who is so perfect that you can’t help but fall in love with him. This 5++ star Cinderella story that has been added to the list of best romances I have ever read.
Barj60 7 months ago
A new series, Hot Alien book one and I want to read the next book, I would say read these books in order. Sarah and Vorek's story kept me turning pages, there is suspense, drama, danger, a cult, evil men, and romance. I enjoyed reading. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
EmilyP23 7 months ago
Sarah was a teenager when the Krinar took over Earth. Unfortunately, her mom had been dating a cultist at the time and Sarah, her sister Amy, and her mother were moved into the Covenant of Man compound where men had all the power. Despite their attempts, they never succeeded in brainwashing Sarah to follow the cult’s teachings. She saw pretty quickly that the women were used solely for making babies, one right after the other, to provide soldiers when they attacked the aliens. The only thing keeping her there was fear for her younger sister – until the day her mom burst excitedly into her room to tell Sarah she was being married off to the leader’s son, Cain. It was time for her to run. She had to leave her sister because, at her age, the cops would have been brought in. But they had a plan. Called to the Financial Aid office, Sarah notices a group of well-dressed business men and women have entered the lobby. One of the men is gorgeous and everyone is staring at him. Looking up, their eyes meet and she feels almost an electric shock run through her. She keeps her head down after that. She was in line so long at Financial Aid that she missed the rest of class and was now late for work. Can’t she ever get a break, she thought? Worse yet, her boss makes her work the extra 2 hours so she missed the extra credit lecture. She took the bus to the empty lecture hall and searched for a program to turn in for the extra credit. The handsome man she saw earlier asked why she was crawling under the bleachers? Irritated, she told him what she was doing, so he handed her a new program and his lecture notes so she could answer the verification question for the extra credit. Embarrassed, she quickly left. Vorek found that he couldn’t sleep because he kept thinking of the young woman. He was drawn to her feisty spirit. But he needed to forget her, even though he had kept her schedule when her backpack ripped and he helped pick up her belongings. He showed up after her class and asked her to lunch. When she said no, he kept walking with her and asking until she finally said yes if he then left her alone. He tried asking her to dinner, but she turned him down. He couldn’t believe it! Women loved him! As insulted as he felt, he still could not stop thinking of her. He left her alone for a month, then went to the awful restaurant where she worked. She recommended a meal which as the worst on the menu, so he accepted her coldness and left. But he didn’t leave. He waited while she closed the restaurant. He wanted her to let him drive her and not take the bus this late. He saw her exit into the alley, so he drove around to the back and found 10 thugs attacking her as they tried to break into the restaurant. Getting Sarah to lock herself in his car, he proceeds to teach the thugs a lesson. He throws one so hard the guy lands on the room. He throws the leader 15 feet into the dumpster, then adds 3 more thugs and closes the lid so the police will find them with the cash bag. He jumps back in his car and takes Sarah to his expensive home. By now, she realizes something she didn’t know before as she weakly says, “You’re an alien!” and then faints. Would this be the end of their attraction? Would she get away from him as quickly as she could? All he wants to do is take care of her… I loved the story and the interaction between Sarah and Vorek was perfect! He tried so hard to get her interested and she was equally determin
mima48 8 months ago