A Landscape of the Soul: One Poet's Journey Through Loss, Grief and Transformation

A Landscape of the Soul: One Poet's Journey Through Loss, Grief and Transformation

by Grant Elgin Keller


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Join us in a journey of discovery through a soul forever changed by the devastating power of loss. A Landscape of the Soul chronicles Grant Keller's profound struggle with grief as he faces the bitter anguish of the loss of his only son. Grant is not a psychiatrist, therapist or grief councilor; he is just one of us -tested hard by loss. Grant used the clear, evocative power of poetry to understand the grieving process, learn to accept loss, and embrace the healing powers of grief.

These thoughtful poems are wonderfully accessible and unpretentious. They have the unique ability to pull you into the grief experience so you can share the multifaceted emotions of loss, grief, and transformation from a safe distance. You will join him, not as a voyeur, but as a trusted companion in this celebration of empathy and compassionate sharing.

Travel with Grant as he takes you on a tour through the way stations of loss, grief and recovery. Discover the lessons and insights he gained in his grieving time. Learn to walk these dark paths so you will never lose your way when challenged by your own, inevitable losses. To love is to eventually know loss of one form or another. A candle divides the darkness, only for its time; but time, you will find, is compassion.

Grant's poems capture the intense emotional states of bereavement that stun and change us, but they also explain how the grief process heals us. Share with him the tremendous shock and denial that destroyed his faith and stripped away all trust in his cherished beliefs. Experience his deep soul-searing anger mixed with rage, hatred and a fierce desire for vengeance; the deadening wool of his depression and the abandonment of despair; his battle with the twin poisons of guilt and shame - guilt as a father for failing to protect his son and deep shame for blaming his son for leaving him behind. Visit his tearful wailing agony when he mourns his son's death, and his silent introspection when sorrow drives him deep within to search for answers. He shares all these events and feelings unflinchingly so you can taste them, experience them, and find comfort in knowing they can be survived.

Grief is not all storm and dark sorrow, it also brings healing and recovery. Continue your journey through this changed landscape, going beyond grief and into the commonwealth of transformation. Share Grant's experiences of rebirth and drink in the refreshing emotions of happiness, joy and love. Savor the sweet emotions that elevate us and demonstrate our wonderful resilience to the trials of grief; the quiet moments of peace, humor, and wry observation hidden in the depths of pain. Feel the comfort Grant gained in his growing acceptance of loss; his excitement when he discovered the satisfaction and freedom of his transformed life. Taste the exquisite joy he found when trust and faith were restored and he finally learned how to love himself, and how to share love. His poems sing exaltation of the healing power of love that is our source, our sustenance and our unity.

Grant guides you safely through the pitfalls of grief, revealing landmarks that will lead you surely forward on your own journey to acceptance and beyond. Learn how to unloose the bindings and snares of the past that are hidden in our shadows and emerge from grief with a greater understanding of your true self.

One of the gifts of grief was the elixir Grant found in the depths of sorrow. When overcome by the pain of loss, he softened pain by invoking memories of what he gained by sharing love. Grant learned how to hack the very process of grief and use it to transform his life, find happiness, and love. This is the first of a series of self help books that teach how to hack grief and discover the hidden treasures buried within you. Valuable gifts wait for us when grief is done. There is joy in the heart of sorrow. It is your birthright, a gift of love granted to you by virtue of your existence.

Welcome to the journey of your lifet

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ISBN-13: 9780983988311
Publisher: One Beat Press
Publication date: 12/08/2011
Pages: 166
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