A Language of Healing for a Polarized Nation: Creating safe environments for conversations about race, politics, sexuality, and religion

A Language of Healing for a Polarized Nation: Creating safe environments for conversations about race, politics, sexuality, and religion


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Are you tired of all the animosity and vitriol that fill our society at every mention of politics or religion dividing us into two hostile camps on every possible side?  
So are we! We’re looking for others who want to change the dialogue from the rhetoric of polarizing animosity that is destroying the social fabric of our nation to a language of healing, where honest differences don’t have to destroy friendships. Then we can seek a broader common ground through mutual respect and compassion.
The Language of Healing will help you learn how to . . .
  • See disagreement as an opportunity for growth and discovery.
  • Change the temper of a hostile engagement or walk away.
  • Share mutual respect even beyond our deepest differences.
  • Become a peacemaker in your network of friends and family.

The book is divided into three main sections:
  • An Opportune Moment. Why is this a particularly propitious moment to elevate the conversation, at least for the vast majority of Americans who are tired of those who manipulate them through fear and anger?
  • Five Practices of a Peacemaker. What kind of conversation can lower the heat and increase the level of communication, especially where we hold significantly different views?
  • Operating in Shared Space. Our deeply held views do not have to be subjugated to cooperate with others; we only have to endeavor to make as much space for their views as we want for ours.

The end of each chapter includes three practical suggestions readers can use to practice the language of healing in their own day-to-day interactions.


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ISBN-13: 9781734015300
Publisher: Blue Sheep Media
Publication date: 11/19/2019
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 5.37(w) x 8.37(h) x (d)

About the Author

Wayne Jacobsen is a best-selling author (He Loves Me, Finding Church ,and co-author/publisher of The Shack). A former pastor, Wayne now hosts Lifestream.org, which provides resources for spiritual growth and a podcast at TheGodJourney.com both of which have inspired countless people to a more vibrant faith and a greater understanding of living in the church Jesus is building in the world. For over twenty-five years Wayne’s insight and humor have opened doors around the world whether it means resolving religious-liberty conflicts in public education, helping starving tribes in Kenya build a viable economy, or encouraging people to live more freely in the love and grace of God. He lives in Southern California with Sara, his wife of 44 years, where they both enjoy their adult children and grandchildren.

Arnita Willis Taylor is the founder of EIGHT Leadership Development Group, where she serves leaders by assisting individuals, teams, and organizations. She is a passionate communicator to enrich and empower others, and because she intentionally places herself in diversified settings she regularly teaches across racial, denominational, and gender lines. Arnita has a graduate degree in Leadership Development from Walden University. At home in Keller, Texas, she is the wife of 31 years to Michael and the proud and grateful mother of two sons, Evan and Nolan.

Robert L. “Bob” Prater is a former pastor and entertainment developer, as well as a lover of God and a lover of - and advocate for - people. With a background in business, media and ministry, he co-hosts the podcast, A Christian & A Muslim Walk into a Studio alongside American-Muslim leader, Emad Meerza.  Bob spends most of his time ministering among the poor, the LGBTQ community, Muslims, and others who are often marginalized in our culture. Bob and his wife, Danette, have three daughters, three sons-in-law and ten grandchildren and reside in Bakersfield, California.


Table of Contents

Section 1 An Opportune Moment

1 A Fork in the Road 25

2 What's in It for Me? 38

3 Pardon Me, Your Tribe Is Showing 49

4 The Symphony of Different 64

5 Staking Out the Common Ground 72

Section 2 Five Practices of a Peacemaker

6 Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin 89

7 Cultivating Compassion 100

8 Listen Up! 111

9 From My Good to Our Good 121

10 Willing to Be Disruptive 133

Section 3 Operating in Shared Space

11 Disarming the Binary Bomb 147

12 Bust Up Your Bias 158

13 Sharing the Table 170

14 Friendly Fire 180

15 Custodians of a Common Good 190

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