A Last Day Study

A Last Day Study


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A Last Day Study by Roger Dale Wallace

And, it is given, that Israel, may truly come into the evening light of God, that is called Jesus Christ, forever, And, in these eternal, true days, forever. I (God) Am considerate of Israel, and I (God) will help, Israel, forever.

7 For, Thus saith the Lord of heaven and earth (August 3, 2006). I do see the current turmoil that has been placed upon my people of the nation of Israel.

8 And thou O Israel, thou art my chosen, holy people. And this, current, evil terrorism that has came thy way (the current war Israel is in). Shall soon have an expected, eternal, living true end, forever, and will be found in most heavenly true righteousness, that is called God, forever.

9 And, as a result. Israel shall come into the direction for obtaining all Biblical true land, that I (God) have given to Israel, under the sworn oath, that is found of me (God), that has been recorded by me, through out the days of old.

10 And I (God) shall fight thy enemies, O Israel. For my mighty, ever lasting, great eternal true name. It is, most surely, found in Israel, in these days of this transgressing, unrepentiful, fallen, beastly, Antichrist, true earth, forever.

11 Yet with all certainty, thou O Israel. Thou shalt most surely, see upon, all of thy enemies, forever. My (God) eternal, living, forever and ever, true hand, that is called recompense unto all that hate thee unjustly forever. And my hand, is mighty in both, judgment and most eternal, living forever, true power.

12 And my (God) given, righteous, Holy, just judgments. They shall always be upon all of the nations, that chose to be thy everlasting true enemies, unjustly forever.

13 And they are found, forever true. In this fallen, unrepentiful, transgressing, beastly imaged in most sin, old as a garment, true earth.

14 And unto those ungodly true nations, that hate thee unjustly , O Israel. They (ungodly nations) shall be clean dissolved by me (God) in Christ Jesus forever.

15 And those fallen, unrepentiful, ungodly, beastly true nations. They shall reel to fro, under my, great, eternal, living forever, Godly True righteous, forever and ever, true name.

16 And again, these ungodly true nations, that are unjustly against thee, forever, O Israel (Israel). They shall, most surely, be removed, as a cottage, forever.

17 Therefore, all ungodly nations, that are of the entire true earth, that do within themselves, hate thee unjustly, forever. They are all-unjust, and are, unrepentiful true nations.

18 And those nations, they are also considered by me, as being unholy and unjust, forever true nations. And they are seen forever true, by me, as being unrepentiful and ungodly, unrighteous true nations, forever.

19 They are, most certainly, unrepentiful, ungodly true nations. And are by their own personal choices, without Christ forever and ever true in themselves, forever.

20 And they are seen by me (God), in their fallen, unrepentiful, ungodly true shape, forever. And they are seen, by me, forever true. As concerning the unrepentiful true sinfulness, that is found eternally forever true, within themselves, as being forever true and forever more.

21 And I (God) shall, and I do forever, see those ungodly true nations, that will not ever accept thee, O Israel, forever, and they are many,

22 And those many, non-Christian, ungodly, true nations. They are without Christ. And they are called by me (God), as unholy true nations, forever. And they are most certainly, found forever true, by me (God), forever,

23 And they are found, by me, as being forever seen, as being ungodly true nations. As they are seen, as being, true beasts of the earth, that are called: unrepentiful true men, forever.

24 And they are unrighteous true nations, that are found and seen, as being, without the heavenly true salvation, forever,

25 That salvation, it is called: "Christ In The Earth, Forever And Ever True Of Me (God), I Am eternally forever and ever true"

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ISBN-13: 9781441411129
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/15/2013
Pages: 114
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About the Author

Roger Wallace is called of God to minister The Word of Truth in an unprecedented way, to minister end time prophesying interpretations that have and do come only from God Himself through Jesus our Lord and Savior. Roger has been given unsealed and unclosed prophecy's that are now in our day; forever truly opened from The Holy Bible and his vision is because of the openness of God's True Word. Roger has spent much time in the preparations of these testifying prophesying Holy Bible writings that are found open in today's world. And as being a true servant of God... Roger has from sunrise to sunset or even in the darkness of night, given of himself to God... to write these True Truths of God's open True Word, forever. Roger is a Dad and Grand-Dad. He has seen life as many have, and yet God speaks to him to always help all to understand the love of Christ-forever.

For information contact THE VILLAGE CARPENTER WORLD WIDE MINISTRIES, PUBLISHING HOUSE and BIBLE SCHOOL, PO Box 133, Lakeview, Ohio 43331 USA or see TheVillageCarpenter.info

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