A Leader's Guide to Science Curriculum Topic Study / Edition 1

A Leader's Guide to Science Curriculum Topic Study / Edition 1

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A Leader's Guide to Science Curriculum Topic Study / Edition 1

From professional development designs to handouts and PowerPoint slides, this guide has everything science leaders need to facilitate CTS and improve science teaching in schools!

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ISBN-13: 9781412978170
Publisher: SAGE Publications
Publication date: 11/24/2009
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 1,290,187
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

Preface Acknowledgments About the Authors
1. Introduction to A Leader's Guide Advice for Using This Leader's Guide Underlying Beliefs The Need for a Common Professional Knowledge Base CTS Makes the Knowledge Base Accessible Building Professional Community Observations and Voices From the Field Professional Development Designs Are Enhanced Through CTS CTS Use by Collaborative School Teams CTS Use in Preservice Education CTS Enhances Science Education Leadership The Language of CTS
2. Introduction to Curriculum Topic Study for Leaders What Is CTS?
What CTS Is Not CTS and Science Literacy Key Points About Standards and Research on Learning Using CTS to Lead Professional Learning CTS Resources and Tools From Generic Tools to Content-Specific Tools
3. Considerations for Designing and Leading Curriculum Topic Study CTS and the Principles of Effective Professional Development CTS Learning Cycle Facilitation Tips and Strategies Acquiring and Managing Materials Developing Norms for Collaborative Work CTS Group Norms Options for Organizing and Discussing Readings CTS Recommended Reading and Summarizing Strategies Reporting Out Strategies Reflection on CTS Summarizing Findings Strategy for Addressing the Issue of Time and Difficulty Next Steps
4. Tools, Resources, and Designs for Leading Introductory Sessions on Curriculum Topic Study Make Your Own CTS Introductory Session Essential Facilitator Preparation Module A1: Introduction to CTS Using K-12 Snapshots, Facilitation Guide Module A2: Introduction to CTS Resource Scenarios-Models, Facilitation Guide Module A3: Full-Day Introduction to CTS Resource Scenarios and Snapshots, Facilitation Guide Options for Introducing the CTS Resource Books Developing Your Own Snapshots and Resource Scenarios Next Steps After CTS Introductions
5. Leading Full Topic Studies Introduction to Full Topic Studies Module B1: "Experimental Design" Facilitation Guide Module B2: "Evidence and Explanation" Facilitation Guide Module B3: "Earth, Moon, and Sun System" Facilitation Guide Module B4: "Conservation of Matter" Facilitation Guide Module B5: "Atoms and Molecules" Facilitation Guide Module B6: "Photosynthesis and Respiration" Facilitation Guide Module B7: "Life Cycles (K-4)" Facilitation Guide Additional Suggestions for Designing and Leading Full Topic Studies Developing Your Own Half-Day Topic Study Combining Topics Cautions and Next Steps
6. Using CTS in a Content, Curricular, Instructional, or Assessment Context Introduction to CTS Context Applications CTS and Science Content Knowledge CTS and Science Curriculum CTS and Science Instructions CTS and Science Assessment Module: Developing CTS Assessment Probes Performance Assessment Tasks CTS Performance Assessment Task Design and Teacher Learning A CTS Process for Developing Performance Tasks CTS Performance Task Development Tools Introducing the CTS Performance Assessment Task Application Developing Their Own Performance Task Other Examples of Context Applications of CTS
7. Embedding CTS Within Professional Development Strategies Why Use CTS Within Other Professional Development Strategies?
CTS and Professional Learning Communities CTS Professional Development Strategy Application 1: Study Groups CTS Professional Development Strategy Application 2: Collaborative Inquiry Into Examining Student Thinking (CIEST)
CTS Professional Development Strategy Application 3: CTS Video Demonstration Lesson (VDL)
CTS Professional Development Strategy Application 4: CTS Integrated Lesson Study CTS Professional Development Strategy Application 5: CTS Action Research CTS Professional Development Strategy Application 6: CTS Seminars CTS Professional Development Strategy Application 7: CTS Mentoring and Coaching A Final Word References Index

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