A Less Complex Commercial Science Book

A Less Complex Commercial Science Book

by Peet (P.S.J.) Schutte


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This book presents an over all view about my work and the discovery of how the four cosmic principles or laws generate gravity. The working and applying of the four cosmic laws namely the Roche limit, the Titius Bode law, the Lagrangian points and the Coanda effect generate gravity. Gravity is generated same as electricity that I prove. As long as everybody thinks science is more perfect than God Almighty (and I am not trying to be sacrilegious but just truthful because that is the image science portrays) there is no need for the work I present since there then is no need to scrutinise, that which is perfect. As long as everybody goes around with the concept that science is beyond reproach and is as truthful as religion should be no one will take note about the need or indeed the urgency that my work present but science is in dyer need of reforming very serious mistakes. If Science can't show by physics is. Where science declares that there is not a God that created the cosmos then it is put forward that there is no God Almighty because Science is unable to prove a God. With science regarded as everything that is flawless and absolutely correct there is never even given a thought that it is Science that is too feeble and incorrect to prove the existence of a God or Creator and science with the corruption it is formed by, has not the ability to prove God Almighty. No, the existence of God Almighty comes into question and the question is never brought to the door of the accuracy or the ability of Science. This book is about how incorrect the basis of science is and how nature proves Newton's misconceptions. Science hides Newton's flaws by ignoring and disregarding such flaws
However science cannot ignore the Titius Bode law, which I prove, and which forms the solar system!
This book does precisely what the title says. This book shows how the principles that nature applies at present and throughout time completely destroy all integrity Newton's principles on science claim to have concerning validity or claim there may be on accuracy or any other form of factuality it may have thought to carry.

The idea science put forward that nature and Newton fit hand in glove is a myth carried on by mainstream science by never mentioning the differences between nature and Newton. Newton's views and claims on physics and what nature applies do not even share a Universe in comparison. I prove science is deliberately ignoring nature. Science presents nature as a joke.

I broke free from incorrect science by proving nature holds validity in spite of science trying to diminish and nullify nature or the ultimate role nature plays. Mainstream publishers on science blocks all my attempts because my work destroys Newtonian science. For the first time in human history I manage to prove nature and the way nature applies gravity. In this book I prove a principle called the Titius Bode law. In more complex books I prove the other three as well. The Titius Bode law is the way nature forms the solar system and this principle and the way nature applies the principle annihilates everything Newton ever said about cosmology. The truth about what gravity is shows the Universe in a total new revealing light. When applying physics in accordance with nature and the four principles nature uses to form the solar system, the entire concept becomes new and the entire concept forming cosmology gets a clarity it never had, regarding not only the physics aspect but also the entire picture of how the cosmos forms that is rewritten. I base everything on the findings of Johannes Kepler and the way Johannes Kepler formulated the solar system. Newton in complete ignorance of what science is made such a hash of Kepler in the way Newton raped Kepler's work that read as Newton corrupted Kepler's work it is completely laughable.

This I prove in many books.

This is what this book brings; it brings the new concept that introduces the new clarity concerning cosmology.

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