A Lifetime of Laughing and Loving with Autism: New and Revisited Stories that Will Warm and Inspire You

A Lifetime of Laughing and Loving with Autism: New and Revisited Stories that Will Warm and Inspire You

by R Wayne Gilpin


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This book will warm your heart! A compilation of the first three Laughing and Loving with Autism books, this "best of" book contains all of your favorite stories, plus some new ones.

The concept for Laughing and Loving came when R. Wayne Gilpin realized how much people enjoyed the stories about his son, Alex, and his unique view of the world. Not only did people love his stories, they usually chimed in with a few of their own. This light view of autism contrasted sharply with all the technical manuals or doom-and-gloom stories that were in print at the time, so Wayne decided that this view of autism needed to be shared.

As a publisher, he printed up 500 copies and hoped he could sell them within a few years. He took them to the National Autism Society of America meeting in 1993, and all 500 were gone within two days. The world needed this kind of book, and it still does.

This book will warm your heart while it opens up to everyone all the great qualities our folks with autism bring to us.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781935274643
Publisher: Future Horizons, Inc.
Publication date: 11/05/2012
Pages: 200
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Wayne Gilpin founded the Future Horizons publishing company in 1996. Before that, he was publishing car repair guides and law books. But his son’s diagnosis of autism rerouted his career path. He joined the Autism Society of America and was voted president in 1987. Collecting as much information on autism as he could, Wayne was saddened by the fact that all of the resources at the time were very negative and offered little hope for his son. But his experience told a different story. His son Alex was a gentle, honest, and intelligent person, and Wayne was confident that Alex would overcome his obstacles and defy the odds. To bring a little light into the autism community, he compiled and published a book called Laughing and Loving with Autism. It contained humorous and touching stories from parents of children with autism. It was the first book to really capture the positive aspects of these kids, and it gave other parents hope.

Table of Contents

Introduction vii

Chapter 1 Logic 1

Chapter 2 Music 27

Chapter 3 Family 31

Chapter 4 Religion 41

Chapter 5 School 49

Chapter 6 Home 73

Chapter 7 Out into the "Real" World 87

Chapter 8 Sexual and/or "Improper" Language 119

Chapter 9 The Workplace 129

Chapter 10 Humor 145

Chapter 11 Alex's E-mails 149

Chapter 12 Poignant 167

About the Author 189

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From the Publisher

“It educated me on autism more than any clinical book I’ve read.  I laughed and cried while learning."—Psychologist “I’d almost swear that you were reading through my case files—I loved the book."—Pediatrician

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