A Light in Dark Places: The Book of Shadows

A Light in Dark Places: The Book of Shadows

by Daniel Sykes




The shadows drift in the light of the flames that enchant them. Images shift and are drawn by the light of their shapes and the silhouettes they cast. The stars are set within distant paths of the light they project, in the depths of the reflections from their past. Darkness sits on the inevitable breadth that eternal light is seen and is sighted through the vision of the life it evolves. In spectrums of the hosts it contains, flames of inspiration are forever revolving in the endless gifts interacting with the light they exhume, from the deepest souls that conception sets to sight. Spirit is entertained by the lengths we strive to exist, and existence is conceived through the entity of culmination. Life sits in the inevitable perception of variable incitement curiosity can inflame. Ghosts in the air of fortune are reflected by the reasons circumstance proceeds. Fate is enduring in the light of our destinations, and journeys extend to the reasons accessed upon labor of the roads we are bound. In questions that the light is cast, vision is stated upon the words that relieve its attraction. Flames dance upon the wick that incites connection to the light within. In circles of gravity, the atmosphere is bound by the hands of time, within energies of the environment contained. In conception to the image in their wake, shadows are posted within shapes of the silhouettes they’re cast and the objects in projection of their sight. In consistence to the shifting sands of our passing, motion is engaged within notice of the facts we arrive. Memory is contained within portion to the time of interaction and remains forever in the host’s understanding and upon the light we undertake. Answers proceed conception to the light of withdrawal and will always be host to the entertainment of our advice.

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ISBN-13: 9781543401882
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Publication date: 06/21/2017
Pages: 166
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