A Long Time Ago: Growing up with and out of Star Wars

A Long Time Ago: Growing up with and out of Star Wars

by Gib van Ert


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ISBN-13: 9780988118003
Publisher: Soi-disant press
Publication date: 09/03/2012
Pages: 156
Product dimensions: 5.06(w) x 7.81(h) x 0.33(d)

About the Author

Gib van Ert is a lawyer and father in Vancouver, British Columbia. His blog, This Sort of Thing: Star Wars For Men Old Enough To Know Better, is at http://thissortofthing.com.

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A Long Time Ago: Growing up with and out of Star Wars 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I started role-play October 1st, 2014. My cousin had got me a Nook Glowlight for my birthday and introduced me to her friends, basically her Nook family. I was amazed at how nice they were. I grew to make them my Nook family too. <p> I was reading a Warriors book and decided to check out the reviews. I saw 'Join ThrushClan' so I joined as med cat, IcePelt. <p> The Clan died the minute I joined, basically. Sadly, I thought I'd have to give up on role-play until my cousin gave me good news. <p> Her Nook RP character at GoldenClan, AmberPelt, had died. She told me it was active and I could make another cat. <p> I made Cindertail. I was introduced to a great friend, RavenFeather, and my mate StormClaw. I also met TigerStripe, SkyLeaf, PantherStar and her kits, and SunPelt, all amazing cats. I was happy to have found a good RP, and I RP there still. <p> I decided to get my evil side on. I joined BloodClan as Barricade, and it was impossible to talk to anyone. I usually ended up napping. I left BloodClan and joined Ethereal as Tito Nightfall, which I enjoy. <p> I decided to make an RP of my own, and I made the Call of Darkness, a dog pack. I am &star Dark. It's very successful. <p> I joined the Hunters of Artemis (I think that's what it was called) a while later, as Ashley. Riley was my friend The RP grew awfully inactive and I left. I also did the Hogwarts RP as Kendra, but it fell inactive as well. <p> I found Fle's chatroom while talking with my Nook friends. I added another friend, SLG. It was like a small town you come happily come home to. <p> I decided to write a fan-fic called JayWing's Adventure, which is a success. I also wrote Macnair, but it's not so popular. <p> A list of all my recent/past RPs: CinderTail of GoldenClan <p> &star Dark of the Call of Darkness <p> Tito Nightfall of Ethereal <p> Barricade of BloodClan <p> Kendra of the Hogwarts RP <p> Ashley from the Hunters of Artemis <p> *^_^* from my books <p> IcePelt of ThrushClan <p> Akira of the werewolves RP <p> That is all! *^_^*
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I discovered RP on July 7th, 2011. I was browsing my nook late at night, looking through the Erin Hunter books, when l stumbled upon the review section and saw ads. Fruits Basket rp. A shecat wanted people to rp her kits. I was instantly intregued by it and finally mustered up the courage to ask what rp was. Back then, the Erin Hunter books were active. Clans were active. A kindred spirit replied to me and explained the result system. You would not be able to understand the joy l felt then. All my life, l felt like the one not in on the inside jokes or part of something. Now, l felt like l was part of the club. I was invited to start a clan with someone, and we became best friends. I kept rping. My favorite time in rp was in 2012, when Klan Kaos was started. I loved that there was actually something going on. Raids. Fights. Clans were kept on edge. It was amazing! Nowadays, clans are inactive. Unrealistic. The number of roleplayers has dropped. So-called "evil" clans don't raid or fight or steal kits. They are chatrooms. The "Plz Join DuskClan!" ads in the Erin Hunter books are all but gone, replaced by, "Lana wants some se.xy fun. She is strapped to the bed with a gag on her mouth. Do what you want with her at 'zzz' first result." Seriously? Rp is on a downward spiral, people, and l'll be the first to admit it. But l will never forget my enemies, my friends, my mates, my clans, my best nook friends, my kits, all the people l've met on here, and the Golden Age of RP.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I think it was 2011 when I was reading "Outcast" and I clicked on the reviews section. I was pretty confuse at first, but just from reading the ads I figured out what was going on. And I liked it. I never realized that in my hands was the power of 2,000+ Warriors fans from all over the world playing as cats and making up clans! I wanted to post something though. I was /so/ scared when I clicked the post button. I thought it was vandalization or something to misuse the review sections. I was young back then. Don't judge. My post was something like 'Hi' and 'Hello'. Then I took it a step further to join a Clan. I joined a clan named... ugh, forgetting.... OtterClan? SeaClan? I think it was SeaClan. It was at 'sea otter'. Now 'sea otter' has been taken up by other role players and actual reviews. I chose the name Bramblefire because on the Warriors website, I did the servey and that was my name if I were a warrior cat. The only other cat in the clan was Jazzstar. Yes, SeaClan actually survived for a few months, even with only two cats. Then Jazzstar became inactive. I was so sad that my first ever Clan died because one cat became inactive. Yup. That's my story. -Reflections&#9830
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
My first rp was a clan called Grassclan my charter branchfall,my sister had recently told me that there were other clans so poked and pinched seeing all the other clans. I was hooked on Grassclan,sadly my mom found out and i stopped rp for about 3 months. Grassclan had died,so started two other rps one was a clan rp the clan was blazeclan(my charter flamenight) i had 2 main friends raintail and icetail/star. The other rp was a zombie apoc. ( sabergirl )i had a bestie {rae}and my sister {dire girl} was on it to. After 5 mounths i was caught again and my adventures with my two rps ended. The next year in that march i was able to reconnect with old friends an tie up old ends. Now through those mounths leading to today i was on and off (because my mom took away my nook at her house). I have joind Exrinction(mystery),bloodclan(mystery),warclan(not telling). -mia rowley { i have rped in ashclan and in horseclan }
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am Sandheart A.K.A. Dawn. I started rp Sep. 10, 2012. One day I accidentally hit the review section and saw a add that said,"Join TwilightClan med-cat needed!" I became med-cat and created my beloved name. I miss back when bacause there waa 0 f u c k adds and s e x stories or slaves. People were more nic then too. I sh it could change back to the wat I loved.