A Man of Some Repute

A Man of Some Repute

by Elizabeth Edmondson


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Truth is rarely pure and never simple…

Selchester Castle in 1953 sits quiet and near-empty, its corridors echoing with glories of the past.

Or so it seems to intelligence officer Hugo Hawksworth, wounded on a secret mission and now reluctantly assuming an altogether less perilous role at Selchester.

The Castle’s faded grandeur hides a web of secrets and scandals—the Earl has been missing for seven years, lost without a trace since the night he left his guests and walked out into a blizzard.

When a skeleton is uncovered beneath the flagstones of the Old Chapel, the police produce a suspect and declare the case closed.

Hugo is not convinced. With the help of the spirited Freya Wryton, the Earl’s niece, he is drawn back into active service, and the ancient town of Selchester is dragged into the intrigues and conspiracies of the Cold War era.

With a touch of Downton Abbey, a whisper of Agatha Christie and a nod to Le Carré, A Man of Some Repute is the first book in this delightfully classic and witty murder mystery series.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781477829349
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 07/01/2015
Series: A Very English Mystery Series , #1
Pages: 293
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Elizabeth Edmondson was born in Chile, brought up in Calcutta, and educated at Oxford. She is the author of eight novels, including The Villa in Italy, The Villa on the Riviera, Voyage of Innocence, and The Frozen Lake, which have been translated into several languages. She has a particular fascination for the Cold War era and the mysteries it suggests to her as a novelist; above all she has a desire to enchant and entertain. Elizabeth lives in Oxford, where she writes, rings church bells, and enjoys vigorous walks in the University Parks avoiding lacrosse balls and Quidditch players on their broomsticks.

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A Man of Some Repute 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Cynthia181 More than 1 year ago
A wonderful story about murder, intrique and some blackmailing. Written in a small town in England right after WWII. The Lord of the Castle has gone missing on a very stormy winter night and no one knows where he has gone. But his body has shown up in the castle under some flagstones by some repair men. The niece of the Lord has been working on the family history and the son was killed during WWII, and the only heir was his daughter who wants to sell the castle now that the body has been found. But they tried to blame the dead son and the niece because they were close, they were trying to push it under the rug, a man working for the government is being housed there with his sister, and they have a wonderful cook/housekeeper since they keep a very limited staff. You go through all the people from the past, the future and find out who is really the killer. A hope they were will be more so this storyline, because I want to know what happens to the characters and hope that the castle doesn't get sold.
DKStevens119 More than 1 year ago
Selchester Castle in 1953, within it's faded grandeur it hides a web of secrets and scandals. Secret intelligence officer Hugo Hawksworth has been reassigned to a desk job in Selchester because of an injury. Before he arrives he is told there are no apartments available and that his place of residence will be at Selchecter Castle. Hugo overseas some repair work that is being done and The Earl of Selchester Castle is found buried in the Old Chapel. Hugo decides he needs to investigate. Hugo learns that the Earl had left a dinner party 7 years earlier and was thought to have walked out into a blizzard and disappeared. The mysterious reappearance solves the mysterious disappearance but now it seems there was a killer in the Castle that night and may very possibly still be residing at Selchester Castle. Mystery, intrigue and conspiracies made this an enjoyable Very English Mystery and it did remind me some of Agatha Christie. I found it a gentle relaxing read and I enjoyed the interaction of characters, they were very real with interesting personalities. I was gifted a copy by the author through NetGalley for my honest opinion which I have given.