A Matter of Size

A Matter of Size

by Robert W. Birch

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ISBN-13: 9781554046645
Publisher: Carnal Desires Publishing
Publication date: 04/06/2009
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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Chapter One

The sun was just beginning to peek over the rusting tin roof of the barn on their small Ohio farm when Rusty Thompson, a twenty-eight-year-old sheriff's deputy, rolled over and gently poked his wife.

Sharon groaned. "Did you forget to set the alarm again?" She rubbed her eyes and yawned.

"Hey, woman, that's your job." Rusty said playfully. "I set the coffee timer. You set the alarm clock." The clock's digital numbers, visible from where Rusty lay, read 6:45 AM.

She ruffled her husband's short red hair. "But you're the one who turns it off each morning. Why not just reset it then?"

"Maybe it's because the rooster will wake us anyway, or maybe it's because I just like giving you a hard time in the morning."

"What else can you give me that's hard, this AM?" She snuggled her nude, five-foot-two body up against her husband's muscular six-foot frame. The Thompsons, who were in the habit of sleeping naked, loved cuddling in the morning.

Rusty blew very gently on the side of Sharon's neck. "What did you have in mind, my Sleeping Beauty?" he whispered.

"Well, is that your service revolver you're pressing against my leg, or are you the mind-reading prince who's here to kiss the maiden and wake her up?"

"It's my weapon, which is fully loaded and ready for service. I'm pretty sure it'll wake you up, or at least get your attention."

Reaching down under the sheet that covered them, Sharon let her hand circle the hard shaft of Rusty's morning erection. "Nice weapon, Deputy Thompson. Am I under arrest?"

"On your stomach, hands on your head, woman." When Sharon complied with the order, Rusty slid the sheet down over her firmbuttocks. Having brushed her long auburn hair to one side, he began kissing the back of her neck. Slowly, he worked his way down to the small of her back. There, his kisses turned to licks, and his licking continued down over her smooth buns.

Sharon turned over. "I'll feel better if we shower first, but you'll lose that beautiful hard-on." Having stroked it with finger tips, she circled the shaft of Rusty's firm erection with her hand and squeezed. "You're so wonderfully hard right now."

"I'm sure if I lose this hard-on, you'll get it back for me."

"Then let's freshen up our bodies so everything's on limits."

"We've got lots of time. I'm working ten AM to six PM, this week."

Back during his junior year of high school, Rusty had decided that he wanted to go into law enforcement. Following graduation, he had enlisted in the army on the condition that he would be assigned to the military police. After his three years of service, he returned to his Pennsylvania hometown and enrolled in the two-year Law Enforcement program at the county's community college. It was there that he met Sharon, an Ohio girl who was enrolled in the Business Management program while living with an aunt. She dropped out after her first year to marry Rusty and return to her home state, where he had found a job with the sheriff's department of a rural county.

Sharon Thompson, beautiful twenty-three year old farm girl, adjusted the temperature of the shower water while Rusty brushed his teeth. She stepped into the stall first and began shampooing her auburn hair. Rusty stepped in behind her. Having soaped his hands, he took full advantage of her raised arms. Reaching around, he caressed her firm breasts. As her sensitive nipples responded, he circled each with soapy fingertips. His cock hardened with its upward angle, and he pressed it between the soft cheeks of her shapely ass.

"I surrender," Sharon teased. "Take me prisoner and search my body cavities." Rusty's hands slid from her breasts down over her firm stomach, and then onto her freshly waxed pubic bone.

"Okay, woman. What are you hiding in this box?" Sliding his fingers down onto her clitoris, he rubbed gently. His fingers slid slowly between her delicate pink lips and circled her vaginal opening. He had not thought that his erection could possibly have hardened any more, but it did, when he discovered how wet his wife of five years had become.

"Mmmm," she purred as her pelvis reflexively twitched in response to a wave of excitement. "Go back to my clit," she softly instructed.

Rusty slid his fingers back up the valley between her pussy lips and onto her firm little button. "Mmmm," he moaned. He loved feeling this small, smooth pearl. Once more, he moved up to her hairless pelvic bone. "Perfect," he said. In the past, when she had shaved, he often found stubble, so he was very supportive of her waxing habit.

Sharon frequently spoke of her luck in finding a shop where they waxed pubic areas. A beautician had opened a beauty salon and had gone years before adding facial waxing. Then, to the dismay of many in the small conservative town, she hired a woman who specialized in pussy waxing. At the bottom of the shop's sign there is a line reading 'Bald is Beautiful.'

It was Sharon's turn to give. She faced Rusty, and with both of her hands, she lovingly soaped his cock and balls. "Very nice," she commented. She loved sliding her hand up the shaft of his erection and encountering the rim of its swollen head. There her fingers circled this sensitive ridge that took on a hint of red when Rusty was highly aroused. "Let's hurry and get rinsed. I want to get you in bed and give you the best blow job of your life."

"Each time, you give me the best I've ever had."

"Oh man of many conquests, I know you have an extensive sample for comparison."

"As if I never had some stiff competition in your past, oh woman of vast experience."

Stepping out of the stall, Sharon grabbed a towel from the rack and threw it to Rusty. "I think we were just practicing for each other," she said as she took a towel for herself and began drying.

"It must be so, because we're really good together." Rusty used his towel to dry Sharon's back, and then he kissed her on the back of her neck.

They dried themselves quickly and headed for bed. The antique double bed, which featured a mahogany head and footboards, was the bed in which Sharon's deceased aunt and uncle had slept for over half a century. The level of the mattress was a little higher than modern beds, so Rusty had built steps allowing their aging cocker spaniel to join them at night.

"You get ready," Rusty said, "and I'll let Millie out for her morning run."

"She'll chase the ducks."

"She has yet to catch one. You climb in bed, and I'll be right back."


Rusty unlocked the screen door, and the old black-and-white cocker waddled out onto the front porch. She began barking. Having looked down the lane to see what had excited her, he saw one of the sheriff's black squad cars heading for the house. He ran back into the bedroom, declaring, "Someone's coming."


"Sorry, love. It's one of the department cars." Quickly, he pulled on a tee shirt, some underwear and a pair of jeans. He did not take time to put on shoes and socks, so he slipped hurriedly into his slippers. "I hope this won't take long. I have no idea what's going on, but I'd better go and see."

As Rusty walked out onto the porch, Sheriff Reynolds stepped out of the cruiser. "Morning, Deputy," he called out and then stooped to pet Millie.

"Good morning, Marty. What brings you out so early on a Wednesday morning?"

"I need to talk to you in private, off the record."

"Come and sit here on the porch. I'll get us some coffee. Yours is with cream, right?"

"Yeah. Millie and I will keep each other company."

Rusty went to the kitchen and poured three cups of coffee. He carried one back to the bedroom, where Sharon lay with the sheet up to her neck. "It's the sheriff. He wants to talk--God only knows about what."

Having kissed his wife, the deputy walked back to the kitchen to pick up the other two cups of coffee. He opened the screen door with his shoulder and stepped out onto the old planks of the front porch. "So, what's up?"

"I need your education and experience. No, I need your intelligence and your youth. We've had the first murder in our county since I was elected sheriff. A young woman named Karen Foster was found naked and strangled in her bed. You might recognize the last name, because Karen is the ex-wife of Officer Jack Foster, one of the town cops. She lived alone outside the city limits, so the homicide was in our jurisdiction."

"But why come to me? Why want to talk in private?"

"You probably know about the competition between the police chief and me. Besides, I'll be up for reelection again a year from this November. I want us to solve this case. The state police will support us, and their lab people will work with our county medical examiner. I'm hoping that they'll come up with some DNA and some fingerprint matches. I think you're the best man I've got, and want you to come help me this morning with the investigation."

"But most other deputies have been with the department much longer than I. This is only my fourth year here."

"Hey, just between you and me, Deputies Wilson and Jennings are great at rounding up cows that have strayed onto county roads, and they can stop speeders and occasional drunks, but they're not good thinkers. Stevens and Kelly are single, and they party with Officer Foster. I need your objectivity and power of deduction. I'm telling you--you're the brightest deputy I have, and I need you at the scene now. I didn't want to be overheard extending you this personal invitation, so I didn't call on the radio. I tried to reach you on my cell phone, but your line was busy."

"We took the phone off the hook."

"Oh, no. Have I interrupted something?"

"Sharon and I can easily pick up where we left off. I'll go and tell her that I have to leave, and it'll take me a few minutes to jump into uniform. Then I'll grab a breakfast bar, fill my thermos with coffee and be ready to go."

"Skip the uniform. Just say goodbye to your wife, get your coffee and put some shoes on your feet."

Rusty went back inside, and the sheriff sat down on the edge of the porch and allowed Millie to climb into his lap.

"What does the sheriff want?" Sharon asked as Rusty walked into the bedroom.

"I need to go with him to a crime scene. I don't know any details yet, so sit tight and I'll fill you in once I get home." Sitting on the edge of the bed, he pulled on his socks and shoes.

Sharon reached over and rubbed the strong back of her husband. "Is this anything dangerous? You know how I worry about you."

Rusty lay back, resting his head on Sharon's stomach. "No, love. The sheriff just wants me to help investigate a crime scene."

She ran her fingers through his hair. "Just don't forget where we left off, Deputy Thompson."

They kissed. Having grabbed the bar he intended to nibble for breakfast, Rusty joined the sheriff on the front porch. "Come, Millie. Go and keep your momma company in bed." After getting the dog back in the house, he turned to the sheriff. "Okay, let's investigate a murder."

* * * *

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