A Medallion Sundered: Darian's Story

A Medallion Sundered: Darian's Story

by Vickie Briscoe


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Fantasy writer Vickie M. Briscoe builds on the enchantment of her debut novel, A Legacy Arcane, and lifts the young, enigmatic character of Darian to epic ranks in A Medallion Sundered, her second book set in a majestic world of mortals, magic folk, and sorcerers. An adventure of mythic proportions, this much-anticipated, second young adult fantasy novel offers majestic incarnations and an unforgettable story of friendship. Here she offers adventure, romance, and a mythic tale of revenge and sacrifice.
From the very beginning of this fast-moving, fantasy thriller, readers are thrown into an ongoing tussle between a sorcerer bent on revenge and a father and son's search for justice. Dramatic and masterfully crafted, A Medallion Sundered offers unforgettable mortals and creatures and brilliant forays into the worlds of adventure and romance.

Finally, his vision cleared, and he gazed around the moonlit meadow. Where was he? Why was he lying in the grass? He bounded to his feet, but his body felt massive as he steadied himself on four legs-not two. Glancing down, he saw that the nightmare was a reality. The mist had been real. The sorcerer Garrette's mist had taken his human form away. This was Garrette's revenge against Darian's father. The great black stallion neighed furiously into the wind, rearing and angrily lashing out at the air with his hoofs. With a great lunge, he galloped up the side of the mountain, running furiously until his strength was spent.

He stood on the edge of a cliff, gasping for breath, a man trapped in a stallion's body-an equestrian prison. He gave another loud, mournful cry into the night...

Darian, youngest son of Lord Arlyn, has been trapped in the body of a black stallion by the sorcerer Garrette's spell. To break the enchantment, he must locate and retrieve the seven pieces of a broken (sundered) medallion that Garrette has concealed throughout the King of Takkarrai before it is too late. Until these pieces are found and the medallion made whole again, Darian will remain trapped in his equestrian prison. Darian is helped in his quest not only by the seven master sorcerers in the kingdom, but also by woodland fairies, sea and water nymphs, snow fairies, shape-shifters, whirlwinds, dwarfs, and a Pooka, but Garrette proves to be a worthy and heartless opponent. Darian's search will take him throughout the kingdom, from the Finian Mountains to the Shelmerdyne Sea to the Land of Desolation. He will battle against the elements, water sprites, a fierce eagle, poisonous mists and venomous briars. During the course of his adventure, Darian will learn the value of friendships and the difference between justice and revenge. In the midst of all this nightmare-ish mayhem, he will also meet Mendiana, a young woman with her own legacy to achieve-a young woman to love.

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ISBN-13: 9781456381233
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/17/2011
Pages: 372
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.77(d)

About the Author

Vickie M. Briscoe holds a master's in English from Northern Arizona University and completed post-graduate work in writing at the University of California, Berkeley. After teaching English and theatre in Oregon, she moved to Japan with the Department of Defense Dependent Schools and taught English, theatre, humanities, and music for twenty-six years. In the past, she has played piano professionally, and, while overseas, helped found an import business that brought her in contact with many Japanese artisans and craftsmen throughout the Japanese prefectures. Upon her retirement, she returned to her home state of Arizona. She and her two cats, Tanoshii and Monozuki, live in Mesa. She is the author of A Legacy Arcane and A Medallion Sundered, and is presently completing her third novel, The Miscreant's Infamy, which will be available in the summer of 2011

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