A Medieval Banquet

A Medieval Banquet

by St. George's Canzona


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Release Date: 09/20/1994
Label: Asv Living Era
UPC: 0743625613124
catalogNumber: 6131


  1. Salterello (14th century)
  2. Work(s): Flos florum / Ach, du Getruys Blut (Central Europe
  3. Work(s): Der May / Winder wie ist nu dein kraft?
  4. Douce dame jolie, virelai for voice
  5. Lidové Tance
  6. Bryd One Brere (Central Europe, 14th cent.)
  7. Sumer is icumen in (14th cent.)
  8. Dance Tune
  9. Anni Novi Novitas (Eastern European, 15th cent.?)
  10. Saltarello No. 1 (GB-LBl Add.29987)
  11. St Thomas Honour We (15th c.)
  12. Ghaetta (An Istampita) (14th cent.)
  13. Danse Royale I (13th cent.)
  14. Jezis, Nas Spasitel
  15. Questa fanciulla, Amor, ballata for 3 voices (also instrumental version), S. 116
  16. La Sexte Estampie Real
  17. Se je souspir parfondement, virelai for 2 voices
  18. Gabriel, Fram Evene King Sent (Angelus ad Virginem) (13th cent.)
  19. Gran pianto a gli ochi, ballata for 3 voices, S. 128
  20. Danse Royale II (13th cent.)
  21. A La Fontenella (Trouvère song, 13th cent.)
  22. Robin Hood and the Tanner
  23. Folk Song (Trad. Eastern European)
  24. Janoshka (Recruiting song & czárdás) (Trad. Eastern European)
  25. Drmes (Balkan)
  26. Polorum Regina

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