A Memoir: Reflections of a Pakistani Woman

A Memoir: Reflections of a Pakistani Woman

by Shireen Maqsood


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Shireen Maqsood is a diariest and writer living in Karachi, Pakistan. This is a collection of her writings compiled for the first time in her search for a book. A journey that started on a vacation to New York City, at the turn of the century, on the cusp of her 50th birthday, and continues to this day...

Shireen, my cousin, is fondly called Tillo. Her cousin and late husband, Raja, was also my cousin and a very dear friend. I am married to Raja's sister, Immo, my wife (and cousin) and also Tillo's cousin and sister-in-law. Let's not forget that Tillo is my sister-in-law, too. Are you beginning to see what an interesting book this is already becoming...?

- Anwar Maqsood, Writer, TV Personality & Painter

Shireen obviously has a passion inside which has burnt for a long time. Her love for both words and language shine through. This is more than a love affair. She is baring her soul, revealing the innermost thoughts so many of us have, yet dare not speak of.

- Ian Clark, Author & Publisher

Shireen Maqsood is a multi-talented woman: She has acted in television dramas as an actress, conducted interviews of different artists across different genres, and has also anchored her own talk shows. So I am not at all surprised that she has now proven herself as an author - with a memoir that promises to be as interesting as the woman herself.

- Nahid Raza, Artist

I can't believe it has been so many years since I have known Shireen, who reminds me of all my beautiful childhood memories. I can still recollect her passion for life and the energy she exuded in everything - be it dramatics or debates. I am so grateful that our paths met. Shireen is one of those valuables you call "dear, old dependable friends." I wish her all the success. I can't wait to buy my first copy.

- Shaista Pervaiz, Politician

Since I have known Shireen Maqsood and her renowned family, she has always come across as a simple and grounded woman. Her passion for the arts and literature has motivated many to come forward and express their talents in the industry. I am thrilled that her book is being launched on an international platform and I am sure that readers everywhere will find this portrait of an ordinary Pakistani woman quite extraordinary.

- Jimmy Engineer, Artist, Author & Philanthropist

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