A Merry ZOMBIE Christmas: The red Barn

A Merry ZOMBIE Christmas: The red Barn

by Mr Divad Thims


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The book contains a story, puzzles that have a hidden message and some colouring-in ZOMBIE pages. The hidden message will help you find prizes to be won. Unleash your creativity. Have FUN!

The first story in the series begins with Divad, age 9 telling his story. Divad is a ZOMBIE lover and lives with his mother and stepdad. Christmas has certain traditions that need to be kept up. Divad does not want to lose the memory of his departed Dad.

The story will get the kid's imagination and creativity flowing. Read it to your child, and you might just find the both of you checking the wardrobes for any stray ZOMBIES, that might have escaped from the story.

ZOMBIE Contents
Log 1 Dads Story (P. 6)
Log 2 The Red Barn (P. 12)
Log 3 My Wee Reindeer (P. 17)
Log 4 Grounded (P. 19)
Log 5 Farting and more Farting (P. 22)
Log 6 Don't tell Santa (P, 25)
Log 7 My Dad (P. 27)
Log 8 Pesky Zombies (P. 29)
Log 9 Bloodcurdling (P. 31)
Log 10 Christmas Eve (P. 33)
Log 11 Christmas Day (P. 35)
Log 12 Skinflints Arrival (P. 38)
Log 13 Mums Dinner (P. 41)
Log 14 Feeding Time (P. 44)
Log 15 Boxing Day (P. 47)
Log 16 Doctor Iron Man (P. 49)

Log 17 Peek at the Next Book in the Series
(P. 53)

Colouring-In (P. 56)
Hidden Message Rules (P. 68)
Hidden Message Prize (P. 69)
Hidden Messages (P. 70)

"Up to your horror Pranks again?" he groaned while getting up from the floor. "Time to go home Tarmina, before Santa's ghouls get you, quick RUN, there's a VAMPIRE chasing you." Dad ran after her munching and grinding his false teeth, so embarrassing, but deep down we loved him. My dad was 'Bae'.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781912039678
Publisher: 3ZombieDogs
Publication date: 12/04/2016
Pages: 88
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.21(d)

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