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A Message of Hope from the Angels

A Message of Hope from the Angels

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by Lorna Byrne

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Author of the bestselling Angels in My Hair Lorna Byrne sees angels with as much clarity as the rest of us see people, and she speaks to them every day. In A Message of Hope from the Angels, Lorna gives you the comfort of knowing that, no matter how alone you might feel, you always have a guardian angel by your side to support you.

In this inspiring


Author of the bestselling Angels in My Hair Lorna Byrne sees angels with as much clarity as the rest of us see people, and she speaks to them every day. In A Message of Hope from the Angels, Lorna gives you the comfort of knowing that, no matter how alone you might feel, you always have a guardian angel by your side to support you.

In this inspiring and uplifting book, Lorna reveals how you can call on the help of your angels to carry you through the challenges that everyone inevitably faces, including loneliness, depression, stress, financial strain, heartbreak, the death of a loved one, or feeling inadequate as a parent. No matter what obstacles you face, you can call on this support to make your life happier and more fulfilling.

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From the Publisher
"Written with tenderness and simplicity, this book offers a message of hope for these troubled times. Filled with wise observations, personal experiences and practical help, Lorna guides us to many of the answers we seek.”—Joan Wester Anderson, author of New York Times bestseller Where Angels Walk

“Lorna Byrne's A Message of Hope from the Angels has a unique and particular message for each reader. Lorna's beautiful, inspiring missive imparts a timeless and spiritual message of love and peace in a mortal time of stress and uncertainty.” —Matthew E. Adams, New York Times Best Selling Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul of America

“This page-turner is filled with hope and optimism. Lorna Byrne lifts the veil from our eyes by connecting the reader to an unseen angelic realm. At a time when the world is witnessing confusion, A Message of Hope from the Angels is a testament to the Divine love and assistance that constantly surrounds us—even if we don’t always see or feel it." —Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, author of Moving the Mountain and CEO of Cordoba Initiative

A Message of Hope from the Angels, an instant #1 best seller in the UK, is an engaging sequel to Angels in My Hair by Lorna Byrne, the extraordinary author who has touched the lives of so many in Europe and America. Institutional religion and belief have been challenged and discredited by clergy scandals, “new atheists” and secularism, the growth of religious intolerance, and empty pews. Lorna Byrne’s A Message of Hope from the Angels offers a message of hope that speaks to the crises and everyday problems that many struggle with in today’s world. ” —John L. Esposito, University Professor at Georgetown University and author of The Future of Islam and What Everyone Needs to Know about Islam

Kirkus Reviews
An Irish mystic shares her transcendent ability to communicate with angels. In her internationally best-selling memoir Angels in My Hair (2009), Byrne (Stairways to Heaven, 2010, etc.) tapped into the universal appeal of celestial beings, detailing regular, influential contact with seraphs. Here, she continues onward with more inspiration. At 12, the author began speaking to the Angel of Hope, who appeared as a towering "masculine" apparition of flaming encouragement. Nearing 60, Byrne still beholds these billowy spirits of differing appearances and degrees of purpose (some are "unemployed"). Some angels teach and guide, she claims, while others encourage strength and the restorative power of prayer. A standout chapter features angels who pride themselves on procuring love and romance. The author unquestionably trusts distinct angels with healing abilities to appear when needed most, as when coping with a disabled child, a family death, financial troubles or debilitating depression. Yes, humans possess healing energies as well, she writes, but angels populate most of these uplifting and inspirational anecdotes--though a few, while imaginative, feel overly contrived. Perhaps Byrne's unwavering belief in angels stems from her own challenging trials when her husband's untimely death left her with four children to raise alone. Still, she hugs everyone she meets and believes angelic guardians unconditionally love and assist everyone through life, regardless of how that life has been lived. Though her writing style lacks depth and sophistication, Byrne's talent for sprinkling nonjudgmental religious sentiments and positive, compassionate prayers mostly makes up for it. Heavenly bliss for believers; hokum for skeptics.
Joan Wester Anderson
"Written with tenderness and simplicity, this book offers a message of hope for these troubled times. Filled with wise observations, personal experiences and practical help, Lorna guides us to many of the answers we seek."

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A Message of Hope from the Angels


    A message of hope for these challenging times

    “THE ANGEL OF HOPE IS A BEACON OF LIGHT IN all our lives. He helps to keep the light of hope burning inside all of us throughout our lives,” the angel told me. “Hope plays an enormous part in everyone’s life. Hope makes the impossible possible.”

    I was about twelve years old when an angel told me this.

    I have been seeing and talking with angels since I was a little baby. I see angels every day and I see them physically as I see someone sitting in front of me. Angels are my friends and companions and I talk with them all the time, sometimes using words and sometimes without words. I have no idea why I should be able to see angels and you don’t. I’m just an ordinary person.

    I had seen the Angel of Hope previously, but this day when I was twelve was the first time that I learned who this particular angel was and how he helps us.

    The Angel of Hope doesn’t look like any other angel I have ever seen. He looks like a massive flame. Within this very bright flame, I am shown a faint human appearance, which is masculine, and a beautiful dazzling emerald green color, holding a torch—like an Olympic flame. The brightness of the Angel of Hope looks different to any other angel; I think this is because it’s a light within a light.

    The Angel of Hope is enormous, the height of a mature tree. When I see him, he always seems to be very far away from me. So he should then look small, but he’s always massive. It’s quite strange—it’s as if he’s very far away but right in front of me at the same time, hard as that is to explain.

    He seems to be forever moving, turning back constantly to encourage whoever he is leading at the time with a gentle smile. His expression is one of love and encouragement.

    Lately I have been seeing the Angel of Hope a lot more than I would have previously. I probably see him every day. People seem to be needing hope so much at this time.

    All those years ago, the angel showed me a vision of the Angel of Hope at work, so that I could understand more about him. I was shown the Angel of Hope guiding soldiers through a trench battlefield. I have no idea what nationality the soldiers were. I was shown one particular soldier crawling exhausted through the mud. I could see he was injured. The Angel of Hope was moving in front of him, constantly beckoning him forward. I was allowed to see through the soldier’s eyes. The soldier could not see the Angel of Hope, but he saw a light, and within this light the soldier could see those he loved—his wife and young children, his elderly parents. The Angel of Hope was giving him the strength to stay alive, encouraging him not to give up, by giving him hope of a reunion with the family he loved.

    “Do you understand, Lorna?” the angel said. “The Angel of Hope can’t stop the war, heal this soldier, or rescue him, but he can give him the strength to make it to where he can be rescued.” The angel smiled at me and continued. “That soldier died in his bed many years later.” I was so pleased with this news. The love that the young soldier had for his family was very beautiful.

    Whenever things have been difficult for me and my family I see the Angel of Hope there, trying to give me encouragement. This is in addition to my guardian angel and the other angels who will be around me helping.

    I remember one particular period—being very stressed and worried about whether my husband, Joe, would get a job. He had been sick for a long time and off work but was now well enough to work. This was the 1980s in Ireland, though: things were tough, and jobs were hard to find. We had three children to feed, and I used to worry desperately. I kept on seeing the Angel of Hope, in the distance, turning toward me and smiling in encouragement. He kept the hope burning inside of me that Joe would eventually be successful in getting one of the jobs that he had applied for. It was quite a while before he did, and I was almost despairing—but not quite. Seeing the Angel of Hope kept me going throughout this difficult period and helped me in giving encouragement and support to Joe. Joe was eventually successful in finding employment.

    The importance of hope should never be underestimated. With hope in our heart, we can do so much.

    • • •

    I know a family whose second child was born with severe genetic difficulties. The doctors had told the parents that there was only a small chance their little girl would walk. The first time I saw this child, she was about nine months old. As her parents chatted to me with her in her father’s arms, they were surrounded by angels who were very tall, a bright translucent, white and gave a female appearance. I could vaguely see wings. As with all angels, they were extremely beautiful. One of the angels told me, without words, that this family would not give up hope that this child would walk, no matter what the doctors said. As we talked, the father put the baby on the floor, and the angels around her encouraged her to move her legs and kick.

    The Angel of Hope appeared for one moment. His light was so bright, and it was as if everything disappeared except for the parents and the child. It was as if the parents could see the light of the Angel of Hope and could see his encouraging smile and were being filled with the light of hope. I know that every time they encountered a problem in relation to their daughter, the Angel of Hope would instill in them the courage to keep going.

    The Angel of Hope is one angel, but he is there to help everyone and can be in many places at once. In this he is like an archangel. He is there, briefly, whenever people need hope to lead them on and give them courage. Of course, other angels help to give us hope too.

    I see a guardian angel with everyone, regardless of their religion or nationality. I have never seen anyone, anywhere in the world, without a guardian angel. Your guardian angel is with you from before you are conceived until after your death and never leaves you even for one moment. It loves you unconditionally and will do everything possible to guide you through life and keep you filled with hope. Your guardian angel can let other angels in to help you too.

    A year or so later, I saw the child again. There were lots of adults there, and the child was being passed from one to another, the focus of everyone’s love and attention. The child looked so bright to me, and the angels told me it was because of the level of encouragement the whole family was giving to the child. They were clearly all listening to their guardian angels and playing their part. At one stage, the father put the little one standing beside him. It was beautiful to see the angels encircling the child to try and keep her wobbly little legs strong, to stop them from giving under her. She is now three and she is walking. Not only is she walking, but they had brought her to the beach recently, and she had started to run—if not very steadily.

    The parents and all of the family kept the light of hope burning for this child. They helped her to walk and are now hoping she will learn to talk properly too. This child is a beacon of hope, and the light of this hope has lit up the family, filling them and giving them hope in other areas of their lives. And it’s not just the immediate family—the wider family and neighbors have been inspired and filled with hope as a result of this example.

    I see a lot of angels holding lights
    in front of people, helping
    to encourage them.

    I see angels all of the time working hard to give us hope. I was sitting in a hotel reception recently, waiting for a journalist to arrive. The angels with me told me to get up and go and sit in the lounge. There was a man sitting at a low table by the window. On the table in front of him were some papers and a laptop. There were four angels sitting surrounding him. One of the angels was holding a bright light, about the size of a marble, in front of the man at chest height. When I see an angel holding a light in front of someone, I know that the person is having a tough time and that the angel is holding the light to help to give them hope and the courage to keep on going.

    • • •

    One of the angels told me without words that the man was extremely worried and stressed over his business. I have no idea what his business was. The angels were encouraging him to see a solution, and they told me there was a solution somewhere within the papers, but he was too anxious to see it. One of the angels was trying to calm him down while one of the others kept reaching out and pointing to one particular sheet of paper. When he did this, the man would reach out to the sheet of paper but didn’t seem to be seeing the solution. All of the time he was writing notes and crossing things out on his writing pad. At times, the light would get brighter for a moment and, without the angels telling me, I knew that was him seeing a glimpse of a solution, a glimpse of hope, a way out of his business difficulties. I sat there for about twenty minutes, as the journalist was late. I prayed for the businessman to find the solution. My heart went out to him. He looked so stressed and concerned. As I left, I asked the four angels around the table if he would see the solution before the day was out, and I was told that he mightn’t see the whole solution but that he would at least have the idea, and over the next few days he would find a solution to the problem.

    These days I see a lot of angels holding lights in front of people, helping to encourage them. I see angels helping to kindle hope in us all the time—hope at an individual, a community, a national, or a global level.

    Hope often starts with the little initiatives. One evening a few weeks ago, I came across a group of neighbors cleaning up a green near where I live. It’s an area which has looked grubby and neglected for a long time. As they worked, they were surrounded by angels, who were whispering in their ears, encouraging them. As I walked past one, the angel said to me, “Can you see the hope that is stirred up in these people?” I smiled and the angel continued: “Through small steps like this they can make their world a better place.”

    The following day, I walked past the green again. I was amazed at how different it was. They had picked up the litter, cut the grass, and tidied up the flowerbed. The entire place felt so much brighter. One of the angels who was there called my attention to a little blackbird that was able to find a worm in the soil they had loosened. I had seen no birds there the day before.

    Hope brings a community together to make things better, and when it does, I see people get brighter, shine more, and then they can go on to achieve greater things. People who believe things can be changed for the better are beacons of light for us—and need to be supported.

    Hope can be given to others. It gives strength and courage, and then hope grows. We all have a part to play in growing hope. In the past, people looked to leaders of churches, communities, businesses, countries to provide a vision of hope for the future, but now many of our leaders are struggling. They are failing to see the hope that is in front of them. They are failing to see all the ways in which we can make our world a better place to live.

    The angels have told me so much about hope and how much we have to be hopeful about, and have showed me so many different ways in which they help to give us hope.

    Everything I share with you in this book is from God and his angels. This book is a message of hope that has been given to me to share with each and every one of you, to help grow the light of hope within you.

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    Meet the Author

    Born in Ireland, Lorna Byrne is the author of international bestsellers A Message of Hope from the Angels and her autobiography Angels in My Hair, which has been translated into twenty-six languages and sold in more than fifty countries. For more information, visit LornaByrne.com.

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    A Message of Hope from the Angels 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
    Chariot7 More than 1 year ago
    Whether a person believes in Angels or not, you will after you read this book. Angels walk with us each day, they are always by our side. A Message of Hope from the Angels is a gentle reminder to US that no matter what we are going through in life HOPE is always with US and Believe~
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago
    Simple honesty goes a long way with me and this auhor obviously speaks directly from her heart! Telling what was for years some of her most treasured experiences as well as secrets, Lorna makes you feel so happy by sharing these special gifts with you through her writings! Im grayeful she has written her books and I look forwatd to more of her stories as they evolve! A must read for strengthening your faith and uplifting your soul!
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago