A Moment in Time: A Korean P. O. W. Survivor's Story

A Moment in Time: A Korean P. O. W. Survivor's Story




These are the words of Bill Smith, a young soldier captured in Korea in 1950. Miraculously saved by the misfiring of an enemy's gun, Bill was forced to march along with many of his buddies north to a camp near the Manchurian border. There they endured terrible torture when the Chinese tried to get them to sign a confession and swear allegiance to Communism.

The P.O.W.s quickly found out that the only way to survive such harsh treatment was to depend on one another and know who was not on their side. Relegated to solitary confinement at times, a soldier would die unless a friend took his life into his own hands to bring his fellow soldier food and water. Throughout it all, the captured soldiers grew closer than brothers to each other and to this day consider each othe to be like family.

They learned how precious life was and how important prayer was to their survival. As Bill says, "Whenever I gave control of the situation to God, I was eased in my mind and they could not defeat me. I was always able to endure the torture, the brainwashing, and everything they could do to me and survive."

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ISBN-13: 9781581692723
Publisher: Genesis Communications, Incorporated
Publication date: 07/01/2008
Pages: 160
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Table of Contents

Dedication     v
Special Thanks     vi
Acknowledgments     vii
Introduction     ix
Letter to My Granddaughters     x
In the Beginning     1
A New Nightmare Begun     10
The March Continued     17
Camp Life     30
Punishments     39
Some Days Were Better...     49
Brainwashing     62
Fellow Soldiers     67
The Winter Is Past...Or Was It?     73
The Temple     79
Never Going Home?     88
Peace Talks     96
The Beginning of Freedom     111
At Home     119
Family At Last     131
Afterword     139
Endnotes     141
Bibliography     142

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