A Moment of Madness

A Moment of Madness

by Brooklyn Skye


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Sailor Carlson comes back to Boston to make amends with her dad, only to find he passed away, and his bar, the Alibi, now belongs to a bearded, grumpy hottie. Mr. Hottie liked her enough for a night of nameless sex on the kitchen counter, but he wants nothing to do with her now he knows who she is.

Ryan Edwards has been running the Alibi for seven years. Being in a bar night after night means he’s no stranger to one-night stands. But when the quirky, beautiful blonde he spent a hot night with shows up at his bar claiming it used to belong to her father, his guard goes right up.

Ryan’s desperate for a waitress, and Sailor wants a chance to work in the place that meant so much to her dad. If only the tenuous trust they establish were as strong as the pesky attraction simmering between them.

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ISBN-13: 9781682814598
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Publication date: 03/13/2017
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.55(d)

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A Moment of Madness

The Boston Alibi Series

By Brooklyn Skye, Heidi Shoham

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2017 Brooklyn Skye
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-63375-868-1


Truth #19: Houseplants don't make good dates.

A dim light above the Dirty Bird's door cast a sickly glow over it, bathing it in a jaundiced look. If she wasn't picking up her drunk cousin Marissa, Sailor wouldn't ever be walking into such a run-down-looking place. Not with the night air creeping down her neck or the loud music seeping out from the closed door. Especially the gigantic man half sitting, half standing on a stool in front of her, arms crossed and face expressionless.

"You can't bring that in here," the bouncer said, pointing to the potted peace lily Marissa had asked her to bring. For what reason? Well, that was for drunk Marissa to explain. All Sailor had gotten were a few belligerent texts from her cousin. Something about refusing to call for an Uber and bringing her urrPlant. Which Sailor had taken to mean the peace lily she was now lugging around.

Sailor hitched the ceramic pot higher on her hip, the plant's wilting leaves swaying in front of her face. "It's for my cousin," she explained to the wall of man. "Well, actually, it's for whoever she's adopted it out to. My thumb isn't that green, and she's always teased me for it, and apparently, she's found a better home for this little guy." Sailor cracked a smile and shrugged. "It's his lucky day."

Marissa lived only a few blocks from the Dirty Bird and often walked home after hanging out there, but since she'd barely been able to type out even a few basic sentences when asking Sailor to pick her up, Sailor knew her Thursday Netflix binge would have to wait so she could be an awesome cousin. In five minutes, she'd thrown on a ratty sweater and her favorite brown boots, grabbed the dying plant, and headed downtown.

The bouncer stared at her, unamused. "Are you twenty-one?"

"Four years ago." She held her smile and tried not to wince at the words, but something about them shuddered a wave of shameful prickles across her skin. Four years ago, she was still slumming in California with Jordan, her only friends the drug addicts who came over to get high before leaving with pockets full of enough cocaine to land them in jail for years.

Four years ago, her father was still lying buried in a small Boston cemetery without a daughter to leave flowers on his grave.

She shook the thought away. She was here now, in Boston, and ready to right her wrongs. Starting tomorrow, when she would enter the bar her father used to own, talk with the owner, and propose a deal to buy it for a reasonable, family-discounted price.

But first, she had to deal with Marissa — the only family member she had by her side these days. "I won't be long," she told the bouncer. "I just need to trade this plant for my cousin — finally we found someone who could take better care of it than me — and then we'll be on our way."

He assessed her up and down, toes to head to toes. "How much have you had to drink?"

Sailor laughed. "Well, I had some green tea when I left my shift at Above the Stem. It's the little flower shop downtown. I work there a few days a week. Then once I got home, I had some chocolate milk with my Hot Pocket. The pepperoni was so spicy and —"

The man held up his hand, stood, and swung open the door, and muggy, sour-stenched air wafted out from the small room. "Go ahead. Just ... don't make a scene with that plant. I need my job."

"I wouldn't think of it," she said and kissed one of the shriveled leaves. "I already feel bad enough for killing it." She ducked under his extended arm and stopped just inside the doorway to take in the crowded room — a mixture of college kids and older people crammed into every open space, the largest cluster hovering in front of the long bar counter. As she stood there, two things became glaringly obvious.

She was severely underdressed. The sweater that hung almost to her knees was frayed and looked like a cat had taken its claws along the sides ... right where the cluster of — What in heck's sake were those? Fuzz balls? Sheesh, could she have picked a shabbier top? And ...

Bringing a dying plant into a bar may not have been the greatest idea. Or even just a great idea. Everyone was staring.

Heh-heh. Sailor pinched her lips together and scanned the room for a vibrant and cackling Marissa. Her cousin was a fun drunk. The type that drew attention from everyone in the bar. All Sailor needed to do was search for a group of —

There. A collection of broad shoulders and muscled arms circled around another body — this one smaller and on the bouncy side. It had to be her cousin. Marissa was gorgeous and single and always willing to "make friends." Sailor started toward them but stopped when the circle shifted — every chiseled face turning her way — and opened to reveal a girl who was most definitely not her cousin in the center.

Eyes. Look at all those eyes. Sailor's palms started to sweat. She glanced to the tuft of withered leaves on her left then back to the staring group. "Whoopsies. Wrong group." In an awkward dip-hop move, she adjusted the plant higher on her hip and turned away.

The bar — maybe her cousin would be there. "Where is she?" she asked softly, her voice a little too high. "Her red hair shouldn't be this hard to find."

She was speaking to a shriveled-up plant — this fact did not escape her — but at this point, did it really matter? She wouldn't ever see these people again.

Sailor squeezed and bumped her way to the back of the room where shelves of alcohol lined the walls and bellies lined the bar. She whispered to the plant, "Maybe I should've been feeding you beer all along. You're looking perkier in here." She ran her gaze over the bodies at the bar but stopped near the end where three girls about her age, dressed in short skirts and heels, stood. Who did Marissa say she was here with? People from the vet's office? Those girls looked the type Marissa would be friends with.

She hurried over and tapped one on the shoulder. The girl spun, obviously expecting some sort of male figure to be standing in front of her by the cat-like-slash-stripper ease to her movement. Oh man, was she going to be disappointed.

The girl looked her up and down. Sailor wiggled her fingers from the pot. "Um ... hi. Are you —"

"You're Sailor, right? Marissa's cousin?" Up close, the girl's eyes, heavily lined and shaded in black and gray, reminded Sailor of a raccoon. Was that look popular outside of a fashion magazine?

Sailor nodded and then made a show of glancing side to side. "She texted to come get her. Did she leave already?"

The girl giggled, and the other two smirked from behind their cocktail glasses. "She's still here," the middle one said. "But she's busy."


"Playing with Santa Claus."


"Showing him she's a naughty girl."

Sailor stared. "It's September ..."

The shorter girl on the end set her drink on the bar and pointed to the corner of the room with her long purple fingernail. "What Ash means is Marissa met someone. She's back by the bathrooms. What's with the dead plant?"

"Thanks." Sailor readjusted the pot then headed in the direction of the bathrooms, ignoring the girl's last question. Her cousin was too drunk to formulate a text, and now she'd met someone?

Sailor quickened her steps.

The leaves bounced and whacked her in the face.

The last time Marissa drunk-hooked-up with a guy, he'd left half-dollar-sized hickies from her chin to her collarbone, giving her a sort of leopard look that had lasted for weeks.

"Time to kick my best-cousin-ever status into overdrive."

Fewer people populated the area near the bathrooms, which was just as well because, Oh my God, this plant is getting heavy. Her boots thumped along the wooden floor, sticking every few steps to whatever random sugary drink had made its home there. She would definitely be leaving her shoes outside tonight.

Was that something she would have to do from tomorrow on? If her plan to take over her father's bar worked — the one he'd willed to someone else because she'd abandoned him without a single glance over her shoulder — would she be spending hours upon hours each day with her shoes sticking to the floors? Cleaning them, too?

She could only cross her fingers and hope. Because that bar was the last tie she had left to the father who'd died seven years ago. Well, that and the incessant guilt for leaving home at seventeen, disowning the only man who'd loved her, and trading him for Jordan and his messed-up world. What a stupid, stupid kid she'd been. So many years wasted, and never once had she thought to check on the man who'd raised her.

But for the last year and a half, she'd been saving up, stashing every penny she earned at Above the Stem, and tomorrow she'd approach the owner. Reason number one she needed to find Marissa pronto and get her home. Tomorrow would be the start of making everything right in her life.

Sailor turned down the hall that led to the bathrooms, and against the wall, just beside the entrance to the men's room, the backside of a woman dressed in a green flowy top — her cousin's signature color — over a short denim skirt caught her attention. Dark auburn hair lay in a flat blanket over her shoulder blades, sashaying side to side with the movement of her body against a larger one. A man whose palms were planted on Marissa's hips. Sailor couldn't see much else of him, only that his shoulders extended far past her cousin's, and Marissa's hands were busy near the guy's neck.

At first glance, the two looked like they were kissing — enjoying each other's company. But as Sailor neared, a few things registered. One, they were, in fact, not locking lips. Her face was just really, really close to his. Two, his hands were not simply resting on her hips, but rather holding her up, or trying to push her off him. That distinction was tough to tell. Three, Marissa's hands were not at the guy's neck but buried in his beard. A thick, black one.

Not white ... He looked nothing like Santa.

And four, based on her slurring words that echoed into the hallway, Marissa was wasted. "I've beena naughty girl thissss year," Sailor heard her say to the guy. "You're gonna hafta put me on yur naughty list, Mr. Sexy Clauuuus."

Uh oh, this may be worse than I thought. Sailor rushed forward. "Whoa there, Mrs. Claus." At the sound of Sailor's voice, Marissa pushed off the guy's chest and whirled around with a wide grin stretched from cheek to cheek.

"Cousinnnn!" If there was a poster child for how not to look while drinking at a bar, Marissa would've been it — shirt askew, hair teased up on one side, and a smudge of red lipstick on her cheek. Oh, dear. Arms extended out, she lurched for Sailor. "You shoulda come out." Her weight collapsed onto Sailor, and Sailor quickly circled her arm around Ms. Boozy, planting her feet on the sticky floor and her hip against her wobbly cousin.

"Did ya see muh new frrrriend?"

Over Marissa's shoulder, Sailor met the guy's assessing gaze. Oh. Oh. Were eyes allowed to be that blue-green? That crystal-like? They were so pretty, like two little pieces of polished sea glass. And that face — that beard. This was no disgusting, scruffy bird's nest. Nothing like the burly, biker-man images that popped into her head with the word "beard." The sides were neatly trimmed, as were his eyebrows, giving him the look of a guy on a GQ cover.

That area just below her collarbone started to tingle. "You don't look anything like Santa Claus."

He stared at her for a brief second, narrowing his eyes. "Please don't say I'm more the elf type. That might bruise my ego."

"Heh-heh. Yeah ..." Did gorgeous guy suddenly equal a lack of stranger etiquette? Apparently so. She shook her head. "Never mind." She tightened her arm around Marissa. "Time to say 'bye' to your friend, Riss."

Marissa ignored her and dropped her head onto Sailor's shoulder. "Why did ya bring yur plant, cuzzz?"

"Because you told me to."

Marissa's head rocked back and forth. "I said pantsss. My legs were cold."

Pants. Plant. Jesus. Sailor sighed. "Next time you decide to get this drunk, you're only allowed to text me with emojis." With the coordination of a tightrope walker, Sailor carefully set the plant on a small table near the bathroom door — it was dying and pathetic-looking and not something she wanted anyway. Maybe someone would feel sorry for it and take it home. "Come on. It's time to go."

"Wait." Marissa straightened, her face smashing into Sailor's cheek. "You can't leave the plannnnt here."

"Riss, I almost killed the stupid thing. I think it's safe to say it'll be better off here."

Marissa shook her head. "I want the plant."


She nodded.

"Fine." Using the dead weight of her cousin on her left to stay steady, Sailor reached for the plant and cradled it in her arm once again. The shift in weight sent Marissa's body crashing against her — front side to hip — and pinned Sailor to the edge of the table. The plant smacked her in the face. "Riss," she snapped out, clawing her fingers into the fabric of Marissa's top. "You need to —"

Marissa tried to brace herself but landed a hand on Sailor's boob.

"Just —"

The legs beside Sailor dipped, swinging the combined weight of them like a pendulum in the opposite direction. Sailor gripped her cousin tighter, and dirt from the plant spilled onto the floor.

"Dang it, Marissa. If we're going to get home, you need to move your freaking legs —"

All of a sudden, a very large — very strong — hand reached between Sailor and her cousin. "While this is quite entertaining to watch," the bearded guy said, "I'm actually starting to feel bad for you." He wrapped his hand around Marissa's biceps and straightened her, relieving the weight from Sailor's body.

Thank you, Jesus. Sailor pushed off the table and released a giggle. It was more of a titter. God, how annoying was she?

Those blue-green eyes watched her, one eyebrow bowing up as if someone was pinching its ends. The rest of his face didn't move — at least not that she could see. That beard sure hid a lot.

He was still staring, giving her an are-you-laughing-at-me look.

"Oh, um" — she adjusted the plant, dusting the dirt off the side of the pot — "in my head, I just referred to you as Jesus. You don't look like him. I mean, not unless the guy went to a really talented barber ... and the gym, like every day." What in the world was she saying? And why was she now pointing to his muscles? They were ridiculously huge, stretching against the sleeves in a way that had her worried for the seams, but ...

She tucked her hand behind her back. "Okay, heh-heh. I don't normally sound like I inhaled a handful of crazy pills for dinner."

"Yessss, you do," Marissa mumbled and rolled her head toward the guy. "Sailor's pretty, isn't she?"

The guy cocked his head to the side. "Crazy pills?"

She was sounding smarter and smarter, wasn't she? Shaking away the flush of heat working its way between her ribs, she pointed at Marissa's limp body. "I need to get her home."

"I'll walk her to your car."

"You don't have to." She reached for Marissa, but he stopped her with a hand on her arm.

"Based on what I saw a minute ago, you don't have many other choices. Not unless you want to drag her across the bar floor."

Sailor scrunched up her nose. He was right. She could barely hold Marissa up. How would she walk her all the way across the room? She resigned with a nod and gestured to his beard — the side of it that had been pushed up with her cousin's fingers. "If we're walking out there, you might want to fix that. You don't seem like the type to be going for the homeless look."

With a flattened palm, he tried to smooth his beard, but after a few strokes, the side hair was still sticking up.

"Um, here. Let me get it." She stepped close enough to smell the scent of his cologne. It wasn't strong, and not really a scent she'd smelled on a guy before. More ... sweet like vanilla than the generic spicy musk she was used to.

With the tips of her fingers, she patted the stray hairs, and when that didn't do much to tame them, she combed her fingers knuckle deep into them. Only half a foot separated their faces, and he watched her with what she could guess was amusement.

"Better?" He grinned, and even though the entire lower half of his face was covered with hair, something told her that he had the most beautiful smile she'd ever seen.


Excerpted from A Moment of Madness by Brooklyn Skye, Heidi Shoham. Copyright © 2017 Brooklyn Skye. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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A Moment of Madness 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
aprilrenee1976 More than 1 year ago
A Moment of Clarity in all the Madness Redemption and love are the running themes in this book by Brooklyn Skye. Sailor Carlson comes back to Boston to fix the issues she has with her parent only to find he passed away, and his bar, the Alibi, now belongs to this hot , sexy yet super grumpy character named Ryan. Ryan met Sailor in a passion-filled night yet in the light of the day, Ryan wants nothing to do with Sailor when the truth comes out who she is and who she is related to. Boy did he temper flared BIG TIME. Their first meeting is still something they both remember and can’t bring up for it is still pretty prevalent in their minds. Ryan and Sailor made great characters as I got to know them in this story- their fears, their dreams and their thoughts on one another. It was like watching two chess players at work during this story. There was laughter, there was tears, and most of all, discovery. That they could fall in love and give their My rating: 4.2 stars **** "I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review***
IreneC More than 1 year ago
4 stars A Moment of Madness was a quick, fun and steamy read. I really enjoyed it. The storyline was well written, the plot held my interest all throughout the book and the characters were likable and very entertaining. Ryan and Sailor were great characters, I enjoyed getting to know them. They made me laugh, they touched my heart with their stories, they frustrated me a little and they made me swoon. I loved them together and after everything they've been through they totally deserved their happily ever after. Overall, A Moment of Madness was a beautifully written, heartwarming, steamy read with characters you can easily connect with and I highly recommend it.
LynnB888 More than 1 year ago
3 1/2 STARS! A story of regret and redemption. It was a fun read, and the characters are pretty likable ... my one pet peeve, and it might just be me, but the constant "Heh-heh" of the heroine was like nails on a chalkboard ... so irritating! Overall I enjoyed it, but didn't fall in love with it. Sailor Carlson made a boat load of mistakes in her life that she only wishes she could have the chance to atone for. Her biggest regret is how she treated her father, but sadly, he died before she made the effort to come back home and make up with him. She lives with that guilt on her shoulders every day, and thinks if she could somehow feel close to him again, she could be more at peace. Ryan Edwards meets Sailor one night at a bar and has a sexy night with her, but the next day his eyes are opened when she comes into his bar and makes it plain that she thinks it should be hers. He was left the bar by a man who was like a father to him in his teenage years, and has been running it ever since. It's certainly not his fault Sailor disowned her father all those years ago! As they let down their guard and get to know each other, will they figure out they actually like each other? And as Sailor works side-by-side at the bar with Ryan, will it make her feel a part of her father that she's missed all these years?
TammyS32 More than 1 year ago
This was an okay read for me. Ryan was a bit annoying. The story is fast paced and held my interest. An entertaining read. Looking forward to the next one in the series.
Lori-Gonzo More than 1 year ago
Sailor, a unique name for a very unique person. I loved her. She was hilarious in her inner dialogues. Heh heh. She was a commendable woman who learned from her mistakes after being lost for so long. She asked for forgiveness and wanted to redeem herself. And she didn't settle when push came to shove. She stood up to Ryan and it was perfect. Ryan was a love/dislike character. When he was good, he was really really good. But when he had any inkling of doubt, he was vicious and mean. I did love the proverbial light bulb moment and the following how can I make it better. Their behaviors in that moment were absolutely perfect. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher through Netgalley.
Nicolerko More than 1 year ago
I loved this one because of the characters. Sailor was delightfully quirky. The way she blurts out what she's thinking made things pretty entertaining between her and Ryan. Sailor and Ryan's first meeting is quite memorable. Sailor's one night stand turns out to be a surprise of a lifetime when she learns who exactly he is. Sailor's past could lead someone like Ryan to judge her, but once you learn about her and how she has turned her life around you can't help but admire her. It's going to be tough to make amends Sailor knows this, but it doesn't make it any less hard. Watching Ryan and her get to know one another was a wonderful thing to read. I laughed quite often while reading this, but it tugged at my heart at the same time.
etoile1996 More than 1 year ago
in a moment of madness, sailor carlson has returned to boston after a long absence to make amends. she'd abandoned her father, married a drug addict, was a drug addict, and now that she's gotten her life together, she wants to reclaim her father's bar and somehow earn his forgiveness. or at least feel that she's earned his forgiveness, given that he passed away before she got her life back on track. she meets ryan edwards one night and the heat between them just burns. she's never felt like this, never done anything like this before. neither has ryan. and the last thing he expects is to see his hot one night stand hanging out at his bar. but when she inadvertently lets slip that she's the estranged daughter of the man who saved him, he is less than pleased. sailor has a tough road ahead of her, because ryan is going to make her work super hard to make those amends. the problem is that he finds it hard to stay away from her. so they keep sleeping together and he wants to trust her. wants to trust that what they have is something real, that she's not going to screw him over like she did her dad. but he's got trust issues. and she is so naïve at times. but she is trying, she is better. and eventually ryan and sailor figure it all out. it's a pretty emotional story, about trust, about loss, about recovery. but in each other, ryan and sailor find something unexpected. love. happiness. good things for once. **a moment of madness will publish on march 20, 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/entangled publishing (brazen) in exchange for my honest review.
Alyssa75 More than 1 year ago
***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog*** A Moment of Madness by Brooklyn Skye Book Two of the Boston Alibi series Publisher: Entangled Brazen Publication Date: March 20, 2017 Rating: 4 stars Source: eARC from NetGalley ***Warning: this is an adult book, and for the eyes of mature readers*** Summary (from Goodreads): Sailor Carlson comes back to Boston to make amends with her dad, only to find he passed away, and his bar, the Alibi, now belongs to a bearded, grumpy hottie. Mr. Hottie liked her enough for a night of nameless sex on the kitchen counter, but he wants nothing to do with her now he knows who she is. Ryan Edwards has been running the Alibi for seven years. Being in a bar night after night means he's no stranger to one-night stands. But when the quirky, beautiful blonde he spent a hot night with shows up at his bar claiming it used to belong to her father, his guard goes right up. Ryan's desperate for a waitress, and Sailor wants a chance to work in the place that meant so much to her dad. If only the tenuous trust they establish were as strong as the pesky attraction simmering between them. What I Liked: This book was surprisingly very, very good! It took me by surprise, how much I enjoyed it. I read A Moment of Weakness two years ago and I didn't love it, but didn't hate it. This book was quite an improvement and it had some depth that the first book did not. Though I will say, I think I like A Moment of Weakness now more than I did then. The book grew on me! This novel features Ryan, who appeared in A Moment of Weakness. He is the Alibi's owner, and has been for the last seven years (though jointly with Micah, who only recently sold his share to Ryan, after moving to be with Laurel). While checking out a new bar, he helps a woman take her drunk cousin home safely. Sailor Carlson comes back to Boston to fix things with her dad - only to find that he died years ago, and left his bar to someone else. One night, she has to bring a drunk Marissa home... and finds herself bringing home a sexy man from the bar too. Little do they know that he is the Alibi's owner, and she is looking to take the bar from the Alibi's owner. When he finds out the next day, Ryan is furious. But he gives her a job at the bar. After their steamy night together, he doesn't stay mad forever... can he forgive the cute, awkward woman who walked out on her father years ago? Can Sailor find forgiveness in this man who took care of her father for years? I wasn't expecting to adore both the male and female leads so much. Usually, with romance novels, I like one more than I like the other (and sometimes there are unlikely cases when I hate the female). I usually love the male and this book's male was no exception, but I also loved the female. Sailor is awkward, cute, and so relatable. I don't consider myself nearly as awkward as her, but at the same time, it's refreshing to see such a cute female protagonist in a romance novel. She isn't a bold, brazen, feisty independent woman. Don't get me wrong, she's plenty strong and stands up for herself, but she isn't an alpha female, and I love that about her. She is so sweet. Ryan, on the other hand, is an alpha but not in an arrogant way. He goes after what he wants (Sailor) and doesn't play any games. When he finds out who she is, he is pissed (and reasonably so). Read the rest of my review on my blog, The Eater of Books! - eaterofbooks DOT blogspot DOT com :)
Crystal_Yawn More than 1 year ago
3 Stars because i liked the general story plot and loved the ending. Sailor is a very strong woman who has rebuilt her self after a lot of teenage mistakes. I really liked her character. Things i don't like 1. Ryan is a douchy jerk. He doesn't treat Sailor very well even when he is leading her on. He leads her on and also accuses her of things from her past. I'm not a fan of his character. 2.Heh-Heh.... really made me want to throw the book. it's an annoying phrase that should be replaced with "she giggled" 3. The real reason- the sex scenes.. As i was reading the first sex scene, i was really getting into it and it was making me hot. Then she starts thinking non sex things and it's like dumping cold water on yourself. it breaks up the scene and makes it go from Hot to just ticks me off. I really wanted to skip the whole scene because it kept happening. Then i thought maybe it's just the first one, Nope it continues through each sex scene. If you don't mind broken sex scenes, you may love this book, for me, I'm glad it's over
Sara_Sue More than 1 year ago
I liked Sailor… her inner dialogue was so funny. I think we all have these random thoughts at inconvenient times. She was really struggling with her mistakes and pushing to redeem herself, but not only in the eyes of others but mostly within herself. She wants to come back to her father’s legacy, his bar… queue in Ryan. Ryan is who I struggled with… normally if I fall for the guy than the book is golden. This was completely backwards for me. Ryan… well I wanted to trip him head first into a keg. Grouchy butt!!He was such a jerk through most of this book I can see that he felt he was honoring a man that stood in for him. Doing the best he could do. I didn’t see any reason’s he needed to treat Sailor as he did… but guys can be jerks!! He disliked Sailor all growing up… imagine his surprise after he had amazingly hot sex with her! Ha… in yo face, man! I totally fell for Sailor! She was just so stand up… she knew and accepted her mistakes. She takes this lowly job where Ryan is an even bigger butthead and makes her work unpleasant. I think he was just upset with himself for being into her. I think what I really liked about Sailor is that she made so many mistakes but she didn’t make excuses she just tackled them head on. It’s commendable! I really enjoyed this book. I felt like Brooklyn Skye really excelled at this storyline. She was able to pull all the heart strings and make you want to chuck your Kindle… a few times! Ryan you’ll want to scalp most of the time. But Sailor is amazing. Skye really excelled with these characters… love them or hate them you WILL feel!! I received an ARC of this book with the hope that I will leave an Unbiased Opinion. I was not required to leave a review, positive or otherwise, and my opinions are just that... my opinions.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
Ryan may be the strong, silent type, but his bedroom manner has Sailor's body singing. Unfortunately, that melodic feeling quickly loses it's charm when Sailor drops a bomb. Mr. Strong, Sexy and Silent becomes difficult, grudging and off limits. A Moment of Madness is a journey of redemption, temptation, forgiveness and compromise. Sailor made many mistakes that not only hurt the people she loved the most, but left her with regrets, guilt and pain on so many levels. Her quest to salve her heartache and honor her father while reconnecting with his spirit, is to obtain the place he valued in life and make it a success. There's just one problem. The bar of her dreams is now in the hands of the guy of her fantasies. Will Sailor learn to forgive herself? Can Ryan let go of anger and pride? Can they work together in tribute to a man they both loved? Who knew booze could mend fences and build bonds.