A Monograph of Codonopsis and Allied Genera (Campanulaceae)

A Monograph of Codonopsis and Allied Genera (Campanulaceae)

by De-Yuan Hong

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Codonopsis and its allied genera, are a group of plants which are important in economy and horticulture. A Monograph of Codonopsis and Allied Genera (Campanulaceae s. str.) offers its audience comprehensive knowledge of these plants including palynology, cytology, population biology, morphological description, geographical distribution with vouchers cited, excellent ink illustrations, and color photos, and keys to genera and to species.

This excellent work will facilitate identification of relevant plants, use of plant resources, assessment of endangered states, the development of conservation strategies, and will promote systematic and evolutionary research of this group.

  • Provides comprehensive descriptions and classifications of Codonopsis and allied genera
  • Richly illustrated with line drawings and high-quality color photographs
  • Delineates and clarifies the relationships of Codonopsis and its allied groups based on the analyses using data from external morphology, pollen morphology, chromosomes, and molecular biology

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ISBN-13: 9780128019412
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Publication date: 09/16/2015
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About the Author

Hong De-Yuan graduated from Institute of Botany, CAS in 1966. He is currently a professor of Institute of Botany, CAS, elected as member of CAS in 1991 and member of Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) in 2001. He is Vice-Chairman of the Botanical Society of China, Correspondent member of the Botanical Society of America, Correspondent member of the Botanical Society of Japan, and Director of the Department of Life Sciences, National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC).

Professor Hong has been working on systematics and evolution of plants (Campanulaceae, Paeoniaceae, Scrophulariaceae) more than 45 years, found 8 new genera and more than 50 new species. He published 260 papers and 15 books, including 4 English titles. He is the vice co-chair of the editorial committee, Flora of China.

Table of Contents


1. Introduction: History of taxonomic studies and questions to be addressed

1.1 Discoveries in Codonopsis and allied genera

1.2 Circumscription of Codonopsis

1.3 Systematic position of Codonopsis and allied genera

1.4 Codonopsis and Allied Genera, Taxonomic History and Controversies

2. Biology

2.1 External morphology

2.2 Seed morphology

2.3 Pollen morphology

2.4 Chromosomes

3. Phylogeny and new system of classification

3.1 Circumscription of Codonopsis and relationships with allied genera

3.2 Three subfamilial system of Campanulaceae s. str., and systematic position of Codonopsis and allied genera

3.3 Evolution and biogeography of Platycodonoideae

4. Taxonomic Revision of Codonopsis and allied genera

4.1 Codonopsis

4.2 Himalacodon

4.3 Pankycodon

4.4 Pseudocodon

4.5 Cyclocodon


Index to botanical names and synonyms in Codonopsis and allied genera

Index to specimens cited

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