A Mother- Her Heart

A Mother- Her Heart

by Dr. Sunny Oby Maduka


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A Mother- Her Heart by Dr. Sunny Oby Maduka

The greatest gift to humanity is having a Mother who will lead her children into greatness through living a life of honesty and dignity even in the face of problems. 'A Mother- Her Heart' reveals the mystery of a woman who stood not only as a wife but as a solid rock towards making her only son, John, a light in the midst of the present Dark Age

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ISBN-13: 9781482825428
Publisher: Partridge Africa
Publication date: 01/13/2016
Pages: 164
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.38(d)

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A Mother-Her Heart

By Sunny Oby Maduka

Partridge Africa

Copyright © 2016 Sunny Maduka
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4828-2542-8


Life Lessons

'Every step in the earth has a footprint of lessons'

"I am sorry Fred. Please I never pushed you down intentionally" I apologized as I was helping Fred to dust off the dirt on his shirt. Fred stood up and without a word he started walking towards their house. I looked at Fred dejectedly; a feeling of guilt came over me as I watch my best friend walk out on me.

"Fred ... Please ... I am really sorry". I pleaded in a raised voice. But Fred didn't look back. I stood there rooted and gradually, I felt the drops of tears on my cheeks.

"John ... John ... John ..." My mother's voice echoed and I started running down to my house, cleaning my tears with my bare hands.

"Where is Fred?" My mother asked as I ran towards her.

"He has gone home"

"Ah! Ah.., I have dished your food together. I hope there is nothing amiss?"

When I did not answer, my mother looked at me all over and asked with a motherly voice.

"John what happened?"

"We were playing and I mistakenly tackled him from behind and he fell down"

"What kind of play?"

I was transfixed as my mother had warned us to desist from rough plays. But she is my mother who abhorred lies. My mother will not beat you if you are honest no matter what your offence is. But on the contrary, any lie will be a nightmare to you. So it pays to tell the truth all times.

"What kind of play?" She repeated calmly but this time with a harsh tone.

"Wrestling mama". I answered, my face looking down in guilt. She regarded me and feigned as if she didn't hear me.

"What did you say?"

My voice was choked and I started crying.

"I am sorry mama. I won't do it again"

"Is that a promise?"

"Yes mama". I assured, nodding in affirmation.

She embraced me and we started to the door.

"Mama, Fred was angry with me to the extent that he ignored all my pleadings"

"But you are sincere in your apologies?"

"Yes mama". I responded, clinging to my mother's right hand.

"Don't worry, he will accept your pleas by tomorrow"

"Are you sure mama?" I asked happily.

"Yes my dear. But you must say the sorry with a contrite heart position"

"How can I do that mama?"

"You can kneel down and not fake your plea to him"

"Mama, I thought that I can only kneel down for the elders as I used to do for daddy and God?"

"Yes my dear but there is nothing wrong to kneel down to your mate if you truly meant it and want a true reconciliation. There's no humiliation amongst friends who truly understand the importance of love. It's very vital and anything that helps us to maintain our relationship should be done as soon as we can. So in this your case, you must apologise to Fred with accurate heart posture and true repentance"

"I will apologise to Fred tomorrow at school. He is my best friend who relates with me with love mama"

"That's my boy". She said, smiling and tickling me, she finalized, "Whoever you offend in the process of achieving your vision in life won't remember the offence anymore when you have arrived at your buoyant destination with humility and credible heart posture. In this case, your buoyant destination is reconciliation and restoration of your relationship with Fred".

I nodded and suddenly asked,

"What's vision mama?" She looked at me intently and calmly stooped down still gazing at me, she tried to ascertain if I could understand the accurate meaning of vision. She hesitated and motioned that we sit down by the frontage of our house. We sat down on a bench; she looked at me and started gently.

"I will start like this; the greatest obstacle to success is no more ignorance but lack of vision. I appreciate your ever inquisitive mindset"

"Thank you mama" I responded smiling. She patted my shoulder jokingly and continued.

"Do you know why the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer?"

I nodded negatively but eager to hear from my mother.

She coughed and on clearing her throat, she began.

"Now listen attentively my dear. For trying to know, I will open your inner-self to know certain mysteries of life journey processes. First of all, let's start with my definition of vision and I will tell you why the gap between the rich and the poor never closes up"

"Thank you mama". I appreciated modestly and eagerly.

"Vision is what you are now by the reason of what your inner man or self is seeing today. Anything that you are seeing today that will not affect your future's attitude today is an illusion."

"I don't understand mama" I quipped. She nodded and asked:

"John, what would you like to be in future?"

"Me! Mama?" I asked bewildered.

"Yes, you John my dear". She responded looking directly at me. I stayed silently, analyzing how I could tell my mother that I want to be a pilot when there's nothing within to show its actualization. Who will bear the cost and I was about saying a 'tailor' when she suddenly interrupted me.

"John, don't use the present situation to judge your future. Poverty is not how much money we have or affluence we exhibit but an enclosure of mind to see the brightness of life. When John the Baptist was named John, all the family members couldn't understand because there was no one in the family with such a name. They lived in the history of genealogy and became obsolete to the emerging great man in the family. Don't worry about how you will become or actualize your vision however hard it feels. It's only God who brings the manifestation of our dreams or visions into reality. Whatever you ask God and believe Him honestly, He will grant you the grace to become. Let me give you this analogy, many times you have asked either your father or I certain things and if what you have asked will make you a better person in life, we go extra miles to avail your request positively. We are struggling to pay your school fees not only because we are sacrificing to pay but because you are willing to be educated. Don't ever see study as a rigour or duty, but rather, see learning as an enviable opportunity of self – liberation. We also pay joyously and through profitable process to ensure that yourself, family, community, nation and the world at large to which you will later work in will benefit immensely. That's the principle of life. There is certain push that God will activate but running the race is exclusively a decisive decision by each individual depending on the grace endowed within. If you can see the picture of your vision, you will not only reach your destination but you will surely become the vision. If you can see it, you will have it. Now with this new understanding, what's your vision or put it mildly, what would you like to become?"

I gazed at my mother and she nodded that I should spill it out.

"When I grow up mama, I will like to be a pilot" I said boldly.

"That's great. You will now start virtualizing and thinking like a pilot. That means that you will be studious and ensure that you master all your science subjects when you are in secondary school. Pilot has become you and your earthly journeying business. You must expunge the 'I will like to be' and put in its place 'I am a pilot'. It's like planting a seed and now you have to ensure that the seed germinates and grows well by constant watering the seed and the plant. The watering process is your journeying focus and responsibilities towards actualizing your vision. Do you understand?".

"Yes mama". I responded happily and I can feel a new sense of who I am. I am not to be defined by any situation or environment but by God alone. She regarded me and silence prevailed. It's like she was allowing me to sink in our discussion. After few minutes, she began again, this time calmly.

"God started the process of vision as whatever He virtualizes, He brings it into fruition. All creation started with a vision but just assume that creation didn't materialize in concrete terms, vision could have been an illusion. God can change strategy but not His vision. When He created Adam, He had a vision of relationship but when man failed, God's vision didn't change as He went ahead to recreate relationship through allowing His son Jesus Christ to come down to the earth in human form in order to go through life formation processes. So you can see here that God only changed His strategy and not His vision. As humans, we must not lose sight of our visions in life otherwise we won't create as our Heavenly Father did. There may be many obstacles in the pursuit of our visions but we must hold tenaciously our vision but probably the change may come through our strategies to achieving those visions. Vision is who we really are, as images in our visions are transformable and tangible to conform to the original frames existing in our subconscious selves" She stopped and asked suddenly.

"I hope that you are comprehending?" I nodded as I was wrapped up with this life lesson coming from my gem mother. My mother likes to speak in philosophical ways and often times she believes that I should be able to understand her high standard grammar. She has this pinch of believing in my ability to comprehend her words. I enjoyed this because it has helped in my vocabulary that even at school, I am always coming first in English language in my class. I have also gained much because my level of understanding issues and other subjects increased tremendously. I started reading novels and newspapers at the age of four. My mother was a readerholic and a disciplinarian. Every morning before I take my bath for school, I must sweep the room, dust the windows and door and wash the dishes if any. It's a daily routine and I grew up with it. On Saturday and Sunday mornings, I will sweep the vast compound after my domestic chores. Mama Lawal had one day accosted my mother.

"Alice, this boy is too young for cleaning this compound"

"Ma, he must start this early to learn the tediousness of the earthly journeying processes. He will cope, Ma". My mother responded. With this assertion, Mama Lawal made it compulsory for every child to join me at weekends in making sure every area of the compound is kept clean. It became fun as we are allowed freedom to play football for few hours in the compound after sweeping on Saturdays. My mother loves cleanliness and tidiness. Despite the absurdity of our one room apartment, my mother ensures that everything was well arranged. By our bed side, there was a book shelf, suspended on the wall and filled with all sorts of books. In the room, the shelf was the tidiest asset of my parents and hardly a week will pass without a new book. Pasted by the side of the shelf was a stanza of Abraham Lincoln letter to the son's teacher.

"In the school teach him that
it is far honourable to fail
than to cheat ..."

My mother always made me to recite those three-line stanzas every morning after our morning devotion. And she would then elaborate that,

"Success is never final and failure is not fatal but a propeller to greatness. The greatest evidence of greatness is humility gotten with honesty and exhibited either in victory or defeat"

Those words sharpened me to frown at anything that will bring disrepute to my family and I never cheated in school. Those lines became my guiding light into living straight even in the face of discomfort. Physically, I may feel out of context by what the world was turning into in terms of embracing wrongs in place of right. But internally, I am the best human living with a heart of gratitude to my mother and a personal conviction in contentment.

"John, those three lines phrase is a summation of life cycle well spend. It's a three line stanza but powerful in accurate life moulding. Don't forget those lines, not only in your academic pursuit but all life embrace."

My mother will educate and it became a routine and well-rehearsed routine.

"I appreciate mama and thank you the best mother in the whole wide world". I will respond, smiling and nodding in agreement to her timely nurturing advice. She would smile back at me and parting my shoulder, she would continue.

"I love you my dear and don't forget that you are a generation and you must guide your generation with truth and love. These two words are infallible although not easily accessible in this present world. Remember that you may live in this world of imperfection but deliberately resort in your heart to live a life of perfection or near perfection. It's a tough decision but achievable". I nodded without a word, allowing the words to sink right inside of me. I will then go for my morning chores with those words vibrating inside of my heart and soul.

My father too reads but not as my mother. She started teaching me at a very early age. My parents couldn't afford the private school's exorbitant school fees for crèche education. So my mother took it upon herself and indeed, I benefitted immensely from her method of teaching. It was a period of rigour and it became the foundation of my educational career. I am always the favourite of every of my English teachers.

My mother yawned and continued.

"Hearing is the bodily ability to observe sound but listening is your mental capacity to recall what you are hearing. Your ear hears and your mind converts what you heard into a picture. Until that picture is formed in your mind, you can't bring to actuality that image into fruition. This is the strategy of the rich people. The greatest asset of the rich people is that they are visionaries, readable, teachable and coachable. But a poor man does not read; he is unteachable and uncoachable. They are limited to self- illusions and assumptions. In fact, a poor man is a colossal disappointment to humanity because he is wasting God's endowed resources. He believed in the equation of Labour is equal to Money. He lacks self-worth and living an enclosed lifestyle"

"But mama, we are poor judging from our house". I interjected. My mother smiled and shaking negatively corrected.

"Poverty is not how much money or where you live but a mind enclosure that refused to see the brighter side of life as I have earlier said. That is why I am talking to you now because I see a star in you. You are born to excel and you have to think beyond our environment here. Think globally and have a vision for your life".

"Thank you mama and I promise to make you proud". I said convincingly.

"I know my dear but don't scheme or be a fool in life but have wisdom because wisdom simplifies complicated things whereas, foolishness complicates simple things. Rich men negotiate, middle men bargain and poor men beg. When you beg, you become valueless and always getting the least of what is valuable. If you can't change your friends positively, then change yourself. Equally, if your friends do not believe in your divine endowment, quit from their company. The rich men believe in networking while the poor men believe in contact.

Always be proud of who you are with a posture of sonship devoid of slave hood or servant hood mentality. If you have money without credibility, relationship, character and skill, you are a rogue. A rich man amongst ten poor men is the eleventh poor man. People will listen to you because of your experience but they will trust you more because of your character. In greatness, be humble. Humility is a check to your wildlife attitude. It controls and helps to maintain your context with inner joy irrespective of situations. Humility allows you to accept issues with a heart of gratitude and thanksgiving. It's a spiritual dose that keeps your heart humble in the midst of all things. Finally, when you bow down with your head, heart, soul and body to any human or thing; what other respect is left for God? Any worship outside God is idol worship"

I was transfixed and she stood up and motioned me to follow her. Gently I stood up and followed my mother proudly.

*A solid foundation safeguarts untimely disaster*


MY Beautiful Mother

'Every woman has an inherent beauty but not every woman is beautiful'

We got into the room and placed on the dilapidated centre table was a plate of boiled yam and palm oil.

"You take the ones that will fill your stomach and put back the rest in the pot. I thought that Fred will be coming with you". Pointing to the pot and continued. "Don't forget to say your prayer before eating". My mother advised.

"Yes mama". I responded happily. I sat down, drew the table carefully towards me and calmly, I closed my eyes to pray.

"God, I thank You for giving me a wonderful mother and a great father. Thank You for always providing and protecting us. Please don't let anything happen to us both in good times and in bad times. Help me to know You more and be an obedient child to my parents, teachers and my kingdom community network pastor. God please change my father and protect him always. Yes God be the strength of my mother and bless her with your divine induced mother's heart. Bring customers from everywhere and bless her beyond money. Finally God. .... emm ... emm ... may your presence never depart from our home as You graciously grant us Your peace, wisdom and favour round about our earthly journeying processes. Before I forget God, touch Fred's heart to forgive me tomorrow. You know that he is my best friend and please forgive me too for hurting him. Amen".


Excerpted from A Mother-Her Heart by Sunny Oby Maduka. Copyright © 2016 Sunny Maduka. Excerpted by permission of Partridge Africa.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Preface, vii,
Dedication, xi,
Acknowledgement, xiii,
Take away, xv,
Tribute to My Dear Mother, xvii,
Chapter 1 Life Lessons, 1,
Chapter 2 MY Beautiful Mother, 9,
Chapter 3 MY Father's Clip, 15,
Chapter 4 Sharing and Pains, 20,
Chapter 5 Where Is My Mother?, 24,
Chapter 6 Near Slip., 26,
Chapter 7 The Other Sides, 33,
Chapter 8 Survival Search, 39,
Chapter 9 My Permit, 47,
Chapter 10 The First Seed, 52,
Chapter 11 The Starting Point, 53,
Chapter 12 Actions, 57,
Chapter 13 It Can't Be True, 59,
Chapter 14 My Tale, 62,
Chapter 15 Slumbering, 65,
Chapter 16 The Decision, 66,
Chapter 17 Confusions, 68,
Chapter 18 Where am I?, 70,
Chapter 19 Decency, 72,
Chapter 20 Ade's Journey, 74,
Chapter 21 The Openings, 78,
Chapter 22 Introduction, 81,
Chapter 23 Adoption Offset, 89,
Chapter 24 An Additional Brother, 92,
Chapter 25 The Switch, 96,
Chapter 26 One Feeling, 98,
Chapter 27 Contentment, 102,
Chapter 28 Vision Alert, 103,
Chapter 29 My Dream, 110,
Chapter 30 The Determinant, 118,
Chapter 31 Home Again, 120,
Chapter 32 A Mother-Her Heart, 122,
Chapter 33 A New Beginning, 125,
The Whispering Voice Book {Hollywood Treatment}, 129,

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