A Mother's New World Order (NWO) Handbook: How to survive the Illuminati and other dangers

A Mother's New World Order (NWO) Handbook: How to survive the Illuminati and other dangers

by E. Lane Keller


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Do you want to take blue pill, or do you want to survive?

This is the book that will help you separate truth from the lies.

Sadie Timpson, a holistic therapist, is at a beach house with family members celebrating her daughter's college graduation, when an argument erupts over whether or not a global force known as the NWO, or the Illuminati, controls their lives. The disagreement centers on whether it is best to remain happy and ignorant, or knowledgeable and prepared. Sadie's children insist on the former point of view, leaving her unable to share the things she knows with them.

After they've dispersed, Sadie gathers her response in a letter. As her thoughts on how our health, political system, and religions have been tampered with, and what to do about this, pours forth, the letter grows, and becomes not a treatise with footnotes and indexes, but a missive of love from a mother's heart.

A Mother's New World Order (NWO) Handbook is a wake-up call to all the world's children and their parents and is to be used as a jumpstart to learning.

"Every part of society is filled with lies and deceit and most of us follow without question," reviewer, Luvs2Read

Joel MacIntosh, Pre-Market Reviews: "E. Lane Keller has mastered the art of 'faction,' bending the lines of fiction with reality , offering in a 'Mother's Guide to the New World order' a treatise that serves as an enjoyable handbook or informative read."

From the Publisher, Truth in 10 Books: "Cutting edge information is offered in clear prose free of dogma and fear, providing direction on how to survive, and flourish, in our current debilitating state."

"One of those rarities that seamlessly blend fact and fiction. The result is a deeply seductive read that will drop your jaws," reviewer, Meghan

Topics include: What constitutes organic food?; Pharmaceuticals; Protecting yourself from disease; Vaccinations; Lobbyists; GMO's; The FDA; the Fluoridation of water; Heavy metals; Chemtrails; Whom to believe; Allergens; Environmental Toxins; Sugar; Immune Killers; Fear; Federal Reserve; EMF Protection; Orgonite; The nature of Takedowns; Vitamins & Supplements; Sunscreens & Vitamin D; ADD, ADHD & The Drugging of Schoolchildren; Rising use of psychotropics; Disruptive behavior; Modes of learning; Homeopathy; Conforming; Health freedoms; The world's wealth; Duplicitous leaders; Conferring immunity; Mass Hypnosis; The loss of idealism; Division as a form of control; The state of Politics; The IMF; CIA; Illuminati Timeline; Creating War; Non-humans; Consumerism; Television; Crumbling Values; Over-sexualization of Children; Religion as a tool of war; The nature of divinity; Selecting mates

"You cannot help but discern the love and care of a mother at heart that just want(s) to offer insight and guidance to those who will receive it," reviewer, K. Pertoci

"The author explores topics that are important not only for mothers to explore, but perhaps bigger questions that our society should be asking about our future," reviewer, Jacks

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Learn how to separate truth from lies, and help your family today.

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ISBN-13: 9781941117002
Publisher: Brooklyn Indie Press
Publication date: 12/31/2013
Pages: 60
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