A Muted Imam: Narrative of a Naturalist Imam's Message

A Muted Imam: Narrative of a Naturalist Imam's Message

by Khalid A. Wasi


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One of the markers of globalization is that most Western societies have become diverse, and pluralism is the new challenge. With Islam and Muslims receiving so much media coverage, it begs the question of nativity and the evolution of Islam, as it should be interpreted from a Westerner's experience and perspective.

There are many mosques and communities filled with immigrant Muslims. Naturally, they have bought along their own culture and religious practices. We must contextualize the value of the immigrant experience.

The book Muted Imam, although speaking of events in Bermuda, sheds light on what should be an inherent right of expression in every part of the world. It speaks of Islam coming out of environments, as opposed to being parachuted in. This is the story of a man who climbs through isms and ideology to discover truth.

There are some axiomatic questions posed in the book that may help shed the notion of Islam as a cultural phenomenon, while placing man and human consciousness at the center of the universe and the purpose of being. The book emphasizes and re-emphasizes that attaining truth is the repository of the whole of humanity, and it dispels the notion of the Quran belonging to a sect, rather than to all of humanity.

Muted Imam strives to give young people the courage and inspiration needed to stand up with open hearts, without fear of tradition to face modern challenges and see the wisdom already imbedded in the Quran. This allows us to reach new heights living together in a pluralistic world.

Khalid A. Wasi grew up in Bermuda and currently spends considerable time in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He is a semi-retired businessman, working as a private business consultant.

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