A Mystery Man Wishes to Run for United States President 2012

A Mystery Man Wishes to Run for United States President 2012

by 7 Michaels


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ISBN-13: 9781452075600
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 10/07/2010
Pages: 52
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.12(d)

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A Mystery Man Wishes to Run for United States President 2012

By 7 Michaels


Copyright © 2010 7 Michaels
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4520-7560-0

Chapter One

Hello everyone.

I welcome you all this day. Thank you for purchasing this book. I will assure you it will be inspirational, knowledgeable and needed at this point in time. For many years we have elected presidents in the United States of America, and I am sure you have noticed we never know anything about them. All we ever know about them is that there is a man or women running for office. That's about it. I thought I would change this; I am going to write about myself, I am going to share with all of you, all about me. My name is 7 Michaels.

First and foremost, I was born July, 1968 in the northern mountains of Vermont. I have two older sisters. I have a mother and a father. We lived in St. Albans, Vermont. I will have to elaborate where we lived in St. Albans, Vermont because we lived deep within the canopy of the mountains, and I do mean deep; very deep within the mountains. We didn't have any neighbors, and very rarely did we even see a car drive by. I just want to be honest with all of you.

I came from a poor family; we never had anything fancy or special. I can remember what it was like for me growing up. Trust me when I say, I grew up with two older sisters. And yes, all their hand me downs came to me. Yes, everything. If my mother could get away with putting me in a dress to wear, she would have done it, but she never did. For example, how many male children do you know growing up, wore shoes that went up past their knees? Yes, these were the shoes I had to wear, and I wore them proudly because of our circumstances. Although, amusing my shoes never fit me.

I didn't have many toys to play with, so I wandered around the forest to amuse and entertain myself. I can remember when I was about six years old, I found a stream near my home, where I use to go and play with frogs. I thought it was the most amazing stream. I use to carry the frogs back and forth to my home in a shoebox. They were the closest thing to a friend I ever had to play with. I could have played with my sisters, however, getting tied up with rope and being left alone in the forest all day was not my idea of fun.

I can remember one magical day in my life; my parents went out and purchased a brand new refrigerator. I must say it wasn't the refrigerator that was magical to me. It was the box the refrigerator came in that was magical. I was allowed to have the box. I was so excited. I vigorously dragged the refrigerator box into the forest. I passionately covered the box with plastic-garbage bags. Then I carefully fastened down the garbage bags with duct tape, and there it was. I had my own, "little home away from home."

There was a small black and white television in our garage. I carried the television out to my new home made from the box. Then I got a bunch of electrical cords, and I dragged them out to my new home. Once I got everything plugged in from the house to my new little home, I got my new television turned on. I will never forget how long it took me to adjust the antenna on the television; I was only able to get two channels to work and that was enough for me. This was a very magical day for me. I turned it on and began watching a big yellow bird on television. The bird was teaching others how to read and write. I had no paper and pencils; however, I managed to find a stick outside by my new home and used the ground to practice these new reading and writing skills. I was learning. Each day I would watch this big yellow bird on television, and each day I continued to learn more and more.

A few years passed by, my parents told us we were moving, we moved approximately 150 miles away, we moved to a small town in New York State. My parents went out and got me registered to go to school. I admit I was excited to be able to go to school. I enjoyed learning on my own. A few days passed and my parents bought me a lunch box, paper, and pencils.

Another magical day came to me, it was my first day off school, I will never forget that day. The teacher brought me inside and introduced me to the other children in the classroom. I could not figure out why she was doing that? All the students were laughing at me. I eventually found out why they were laughing. They were laughing at my clothes I was wearing. This was the day, I found out my mother had given me my sister's clothes as hand me downs to wear. Yes I found out this day my mother gave me girl's clothes to wear. I didn't know. I couldn't wait to go home that day. Something didn't seem right.

Growing up as a child I always thought something wasn't right. I always knew that I was different. Other children enjoyed playing football, basketball, baseball and other various sports and activities. I had no interest in them at all. I enjoy hiking and exploring deep in the mountains. I enjoy the outdoors; nature.

My very first job in this world was a paper route; I delivered ninety six (96) newspapers every morning before school. I earned approximately $34.00 a week delivering newspapers six (6) days a week. While having this job, I was able to buy a bicycle, clothes, camping and hiking supplies, and many other items. I had to buy things on my own because my family survived on one income. I lost my father when I was young. He was involved in an accident.

If I wanted a nice pair of pants to wear to school, I had to buy them myself. I was very proud of my mother; she worked very hard to make ends meet. My family struggled financially.

My second job in this world, at first, was a dream come true. I worked on a dairy farm five (5) days a week. I was in charge of taking care of the animals on the farm. I fed and took care of the farm animals, and I earned $4.50 an hour. I worked there for many years. One day I went to work, and I found out during the night one of the cows gave birth to a beautiful male cow. The people on the farm called the little cow, "Spot" because he was born with a little white spot on his forehead. He was such a cute little cow. All the farm help loved him. I took care of this young male cow for approximately four (4) weeks. He was the most beautiful thing you would ever see. Sadly, one day my employer told me he had sold him to another farmer. I had to get him ready for this new owner because the other farmer was going to be picking him up later that day. A few hours had passed by, and the other farmer arrived to pick him up. I assisted the other farmer loading him onto his trailer. I will never forget as long as I live as to what happened next. This farmer destroyed him in front of my eyes and my employer's eyes. The farmer picked up a pressurized nail gun from the back of his truck and placed it on the little cow's head and pushed a button and drove a nail right through his head. Unknown to the farmer, the young baby male cow had a name. I couldn't' believe what I saw. I took care of this baby cow, and he was my friend. I have a confession. I had to quit that day. Although, I know in farming this happens behind the scenes and not always seen, but I just happened to be there at the time. My heart will NOT be a part of it; not this type of activity. I had to quit I couldn't bear seeing something like this happen again.

I graduated from high school in 1989. After high school, I spent a few years wandering around the Adirondack Mountains. Once I returned home from the mountains, I browsed the newspapers looking for a job. I needed a job and had to have a job so I took the fastest job I could get. I took a job working as a wash boy for a local car dealership. I washed cars for approximately three (3) months. Then one day the owner of the company asked me if I would like to try selling the cars I washed. I agreed to try selling automobiles to customers. I have to admit to all of you, I couldn't believe I was getting paid to talk to people. I met many interesting people selling automobiles. I enjoyed all the conversations we would have together. Over a time period of approximately ten (10) years, I went from car salesmen, to a used car manager, to a new car manager, to a finance manager, and then to the general business manager. I can remember when I was the general business manager; Bill Clinton was the United States President.

Here is a message to Mr. Clinton ...

"When you were the United States President, our economy was strong, people had jobs, property, and people had money to buy automobiles. Then I watched shortly after your campaign as the United States President. I watched the economy begin to change. I watched the economy begin falling. I would be honored to speak with you behind closed doors; I would like to ask you a question. I have a question here and now."

Here is a question for every leader in the world today ...

"Are you trying to destroy this world?"

Here is a message for every leader in the world today ...

"I am going to write a few names, for you to read. Each name wanted the same as you. They wanted to walk, to play. To be loved. However with global warming, they paid the ultimate price, with their lives, they are now extinct. "

Here is a list of those names that wanted the same as you:

Arabian gazelle, Barbados raccoon, Barbuda rice-rat, Basalt plains mouse, Bavarian pine vole, Big-eared hopping mouse, Black-footed ferret, Blue buck, Blunt-toothed mouse, Brazilian three-banded armadillo, Broad-faced poltroon, Buhler's rat, Bulldog rat, Canary mouse, Cayman Brach hut, Cayman Bract, Cayman nutria, Central hare wallaby, Central rock rat, Columbian nutria, Coronal rat, Corsican shrew, Crescent nail tail, Cuban spider monkey, Curacao giant rice rat, Curacao sloth, Curio's giant rat, Dark flying fox, Darling Downs, hopping mouse, Darwin's Galapagos mouse, Desert bandicoot, Desert rat-kangaroo, Dusky flying fox, Eastern hare wallaby, Emperor rat, Falkland Islands dog, Fernandina Galapagos mouse, Field's mouse, Flat-headed mycosis, Flores cave rat, Flores long nosed rat, Florida naked tailed rat, Giant deer mouse, Goliath white toothed shrew, Grand Cayman nutria, Atlantic gray whale, Great hopping mouse, Great key mouse, Grooved toothed forest mouse, Guadalcanal rat, Guam flying fox, Gulf of California wood rat, Gull Island vole, Hairy eared dwarf, lemur Haitian edible rat, Hensley's field mouse, Ilion bushy tailed cloud rat, Imposter nutria, Indefatigable Galapagos mouse, Attila grebe, Auckland Island merganser, Black mambo, Black-fronted parakeet, Boning Grosbeak, Boning Wood pigeon, Brawny great moa, Burley lesser, moa Canadian black oystercatcher, Carolina parakeet, Chatham Island banded rail, Chatham Island rail, Chatham Island swan, Columbian grebe, Crested she drake, Cuban red maw caw, Dodo Four colored, flower pecker, Guadalupe caracara, Guadalupe storm, petrel Gauchos, macaw, Grand Cayman, thrush, Great auk, Great elephant bird, Greater 'apache, Greater Koa finch Hawaii, 'koala Hawaiian mama, Hawaiian rail, Himalayan mountain quail, Hollandaise pigeon, Hula Jamaican least, parquet, Kangaroo Island black emus, Kuna grosbeak, Koreas crake, Koreas Mountain starling, Labrador duck Lanai, Kailua Lanai creeper, Lanai krill, Lanai thrush, Lays an honeycreeper, Layman, miller bird, Layman rail, Layman rail Lesser, Koa finch Lord, Howe purple gallinule, Lord Howe, white eye Macarena coot, Macarena parrot, Maturation duck, Maturation she duck, Mauritius gray parrot, Mauritius night heron, Mauritius parrot, Mysterious starling, New Caledonia lorikeet, New Caledonia wood rail, New Caledonian owlet frogmouth, New Zealand bush wren, New Zealand little bittern, New Zealand quail, Norfolk Island kaka, Norfolk Island starling, Oahu 'kappa, Oahu 'koala, Oahu Oyo, Oahu thrush Passenger pigeon, Pink headed duck, New Zealand thrush, Phonier Mountain starling, Aristae parakeet, Red rail, Red mustached fruit dove. Reunion dodo, Reunion flightless ibis, Rodriguez night heron, Snail eating coca, speckled cormorant, Reunion Island starling, Rodriguez Island starling, Rodriguez little owl, Rodriguez parrot,

Rodriguez pigeon, Rodriguez rail, Rodriguez ring-necked parakeet, Rodriguez solitaire, Yucky kingfisher, Ryukyu wood pigeon, Samoan wooden, Seychelles Alexandrine parrot, Slender billed grackle, Solomon Island crowned pigeon, Stephen Island wren, Tahiti sandpiper, Townsend's finch Trysting, moorhen Insular cave rat, Jamaica rice rat, Jamaican monkey, Jamaican pallid flower bat, Large Corsican field, vole large funnel eared bat, Large Ghost faced bat. Large Palau. Large sloth, lemur large eared tenure, Lava mouse, Lemke's nutria, Lesser bilgy, Lesser tick nest rat, Lesser yellow bat, Long tailed hopping mouse, long nosed potato, Lord Howe Island bat, MacLean's rat, Madagascan pygmy hippopotamus; common Malagasy hippo, Malagasy dwarf hippopotamus, Marcelo's sole Odon, Mariana's flying fox, Martinique giant rice rat, Miller's mitosis, Montana nutria, Mummy shrew, Negroes naked backed fruit bat, Nelson's rice rat, Nunda tube nosed fruit bat, New Guinea big eared bat, New Zealand greater short tailed bat, Old fig eating bat, Maltese cottontail, Oriento cave rat, Osborn's key mouse, Pemberton's deer fruit bat, bandicoot Poesy's pallid flower bat, Pristine mustached bat, Puerto Rican flower bat, Puerto Rican nutria, Puerto Rican ate toothed mouse, Puerto Rican sloth, Queen of Sheba's gazelle, Rabid a Galapagos mouse, Red fruit bat, Red gazelle, Red hairy tailed bat, Santiago Galapagos Mouse, Sardinian pica, Saudi gazelle, Schaumburg's deer, Sea mink, Short horned alter buffalo, Short-tailed hopping mouse, Small key mouse, Southeastern pocket gopher, St. Lucia giant rice rat, St. Vincent pygmy rice rat, Standing's hippo, Stealer's sea cow, Island nutria, Tanzania woolly bat, Tasmanian bet tong, Tasmanian wolf, Tool ache wallaby, Torte's cave rat, stucco's rat, Vietnam warty pig, West Indian monk seal, West Indian porcupine, Western palm squirrel, Alvord cutthroat trout, Amerce shiner, Amstrad gambeson, Ash meadows killifish, Ash Meadows pool fish, Bahamian Banff long nose dace, Boolean Biting, Black Kewanee, Black fin Cisco, Blue Pike Anchorite, de Charka Palma, Cyprinid, Deepwater ciscoes, Dais Duck billed bunting, Durango shiner Dwarf, sturgeon Endothecia, dace Feta, Granulites cameo Ginger pearl fish, Graceful propeller Grass Valley speckled dace, Graven he Grease fish, Harelip sucker, Independence Valley tub, chub June sucker, stickleback Leach snow trout, Lake Ontario kiwis, Lake Tatiana obesities, least silverside Lemma chub, Long jaw ciscoes, Manama Mara villas red shiner, Mexican dace Miller, Lake Lamprey Monkey Spring pupfish, New Zealand grayling Opal, allodia, Orkney char, Patronage spine dace, Pahrump Ranch Pool fish, Parkas pupfish, Predicate Paring, Phantom shiner Plateau dace, Rio Grande blunt nose shiner, and Sal ado shiner.

PLEASE tell me, this is not, what you wanted for them, because this is only the beginning. If we don't work together to stop global warming, the species names, I write next, will pay the ultimate price, with their lives. They are as follows:

Polar bear, American bald eagle, African elephant, African wild Dog, Alorton gentle lemur, Amoroso vole, Amour leopard, Amour tiger, and Sumatran tiger, Anastasia Island beach mouse, ANOVA Arabian Oryx, Asian elephant, Asian lion, Asian wild ass, Barbarous Bunting, Bighorn sheep, Black lemur, Black rhinoceros, Black-footed cat, Black-footed ferret, Blue whale, Bonbon Bottle-nosed dolphin, Bowhead whale, Bush dog, Caribbean monk seal, Carolina northern flying squirrel, Cheetah, Clouded leopard, Colombian Spider Monkey, Columbian white-tailed deer, Councilor gibbon's Cotton-topped tamarind, Dame gazelle Delmarva, Peninsula fox squirrel, dour langue Drill Eastern bongo, Emperor tamari European bison, European mink, European otter, Finback whale, Fishing cat, Florida salt marsh vole, Fosse Fresno kangaroo rat, Gaur Gelada baboon Geoffrey's cat. Giant anteater. Giant kangaroo rat, Giraffe, Geode's monkey Golden lion, tamarind Golden-headed lion, tamarind Gray bat, Gray wolf, Gravy's zebra, Guadalupe fur seal, Guenons Gulf Coast jaguarondi, Hartman's mountain zebra, Hawaiian hoary bat, Hawaiian monk seal, Hialeah Mexican vole, Humpback whale, Iberian wolf, Indian rhinoceros, Indiana bat, Jaguar, Java gray gibbon, Key deer, Key Largo cotton mouse, Key Largo woo drat, Kowari Lesser long-nosed bat, Lesser Malayan mouse, Little Mariana fruit bat, Lower Keys marsh rabbit, Malayan tapir, Manned wolf, Margay Mariana fruit bat, Mesopotamian fallow deer, Mexican long-nosed bat, Mongoose, Lemur, Moro Bay kangaroo rat, Mount Graham red squirrel, Musk ox, Nile lecher, Ocelot Okapi, Orangutan Ozark big-eared bat, Pacific pocket mouse, Panther, Florida Per dido Key beach mouse, Persian leopard, Pied tamarind, Pleated gibbon, Point Arena mountain beaver, Pronghorn, Sonorant Puma, Pygmy hippopotamus, Pygmy rabbit, Pygmy Slow Loris, Red panda bear,


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