A Naive

A Naive "HAVE" & Some "HAVE-NOT"s

by Mary Onnis Waid


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A Naive "HAVE" & Some "HAVE-NOT"s

By Mary Onnis Waid

Growing up as a 'socially protected' preacher's kid in small Southern communities in the 1940s and '50s resulted in Mary being extremely naïve. Her graduate school advisor finally insisted she must learn, first hand, about 'ordinary life' for non-privileged/non-protected/regular folks if she is to succeed as a behavioral scientist. To do so, Mary moved to Miami to be a waitress and secretly live as a lower-class person with only a high school education. Her 'totally-new' experiences in doing so there and in further adventures greatly impacted her emotionally in both bad and good ways.

Several unusual professions plus living in eight States with a wide variety of people over many years gave Mary the 'ordinary' experiences and wisdom needed for both her professional and private lives. Various noteworthy -- and often intense -- interactions provided these deeper understandings while also greatly expanding her life.

Mary's story is unusual, entertaining and inspiring... one that will leave you uplifted.


Why am I feeling so nervous? This shouldn't be scary; it's a vacation in Miami! Well, okay, a 'learning' vacation - sort of.

Oh dear! I'm about to blow this whole thing!

"If you cause trouble, the manager will simply call the police and have you hauled away on a morals charge. Is that what you want?"

I look back toward the beach and see it is slowing as it heads directly towards me. I jump up, ready to run for my life.

My life here has been almost unbearable.

As he says it, his hand reaches under the driver's seat and gets a large pistol.

I wanted different and educational experiences, and boy, I sure got them!

Whatever this terrible secret is, it sure makes life very difficult for them.

I'm an official adult and I have the money, time and determination to do what I want.

Tears of anger and fear flood my face. I punch my pillow, scream into it and sob...

I feelan overwhelming rage. Yet a new, very troubling reality soon emerges.

"I can't call the police...youarethe police! They're your buddies here."

I notice his face is like a mask and that he wrings his hands...

At a low point in my life, I am definitely unhappy.

Oh, Mary! Dear, dear Mary! What - have - you - done?

"...you make a legal commitment to permit outside control of your life."

We all realize each day may be our last one alive.

Of all possible "have not" situations....seems like the very worst.

"We are surprised he is still alive. I must warn you to not get your hopes up."

I will stay until he is able to run me off -- if that is his choice.

"We were considered to be one of the "Haves" in our area. But I felt like the lowest, least desirable, 'have not' person anywhere."

"This may be truly devastating for you, Mary. To be specific, I must tell you that I seriously fear for your happiness."

It makes me very sad and also angry; no child should ever have to endure that!

When the train enters Germany, some Russian border policemen get on board.

I also realize a growing awareness and distress from taking to heart what Daddy had told me...

" You have no obligation or legal tie to him and no reason to forfeit your life for him. It would be a waste."

...he seems like a caged bird who has been profoundly abused all its life...

© Copyright 2015 - Mary Onnis Waid - All Rights Reserved.

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About the Author

Mary Waid's interesting life is as noted in this book: A preacher's kid in small Alabama towns went on to become a graduate student for a total of four years in four subjects (social work, education, sociology and human development). Her work included being: a child welfare worker, an assistant dean of women and the assistant sociology professor at two universities, a U. S. Naval officer in charge of top secret documents, a wife and mother of two, and -- for her last eighteen years -- a social science research analyst. Mary has traveled in twenty-four countries and lived in eight states. She now resides in a small Wyoming community where both her children also have homes.

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