A Nation Destroyed: A Nation Restored: Inspirations from the book of Nehemiah And Comparisons to the Rebirth of a Godly Modern Day America

A Nation Destroyed: A Nation Restored: Inspirations from the book of Nehemiah And Comparisons to the Rebirth of a Godly Modern Day America

by Arthur Allen Dean


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We find ourselves in the United States in a similar situation to what Nehemiah and the Israelites, from the Old Testament, found themselves in. There were individuals who opposed Nehemiah's efforts of restoring what the Israelites once had as a nation. These enemies tried many methods of undermining Nehemiah. They did not want Nehemiah to restore the customs or traditions that reminded the Israelites of their heritage.

This book takes a look at the servant leadership that characterized Nehemiah's work of rebuilding their national character. It describes the people and obstacles he faced. Similarities to the difficulties the United States face today are made as we are attempting to restore our national heritage.

Thought-provoking questions are included at the end of the book as a resource for small discussion groups. The author includes his personal story that tells how he and his family have been impacted by today's cultural changes. He also briefly tells how he is re-inventing himself to meet the challenges of today's changing American from the traditional Judeo-Christian heritage to a socialistic, humanistic and progressive society.

It is hoped that through individual reading and small discussion groups much prayer, thought and brainstorming will be given to how we can reclaim the Judeo-Christian heritage our founding fathers intended.

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About the Author

Mr. Dean's past experience in financial services has exposed him to an understanding of the struggles individuals, families, churches and small businesses face in difficult times.

His voluntary work has included working with churches throughout the Midwest as well as helping with a church plant team in Kiev, Ukraine.

He has a keen interest in stage drama from a Christian perspective. His volunteer work in this arena has included writing, directing, acting, set design, camera, technical sound and lighting, musical composition and performance. Another book released in December, 2012 is a short Christian based novel based on Star Trek. It can be found at www.createspace.com/4072973.

Mr. Dean is currently working on a new novel entitled "A Wounded Warrior's Journey: A Day of Remembrance". It tells the story of a soldier wounded in Afghanistan and his journey of faith as he seeks to adjust to his new normal life of disability. In this story Ethan O'Donnell goes back to the farm where he grew up, recalls his childhood memories, the faith of those in his family tree and the history of the community where he grew up. Those recollections help him find new hope as he goes through his recovery process. Although the characters in the story are fictitious, the setting is based on historical events in Eastern Ohio from the early 1800's to present day.

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